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What are the shopping options like in Chennai, Tamil Nadu?

41 local experts

From buying a car to purchasing groceries to following the latest fashion trends, here's what 41 local experts had to say about shopping in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

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Chennai is a city of opportunities where one can thrive even starting from scratch. So, when one moves in seeking for career growth or starting a business, sky’s the limit! But the important thing to notice here is the resilience and consistency that one is willing to put. Besides, there are a number of spots to spend one’s leisure such as the Marina beach – second longest in the world, Government Museum, Birla Planetarium, Zoos and National Parks, numerous malls for shopping, so on and so forth. Have late night cravings, we’ve got that one covered too! There are numerous shops, let alone the pubs, to go to if one’s nocturnal.

Anuradha, says: 2020

It has a huge variety of temples, churches and places to visit like famous beaches. It as a huge variety of institutions, colleges and schools. Chennai has the famous IIT which is the third most in India rank wise. People come from different cities to work in IT companies. Chennai has a really good variety of shopping complexes like Phoenix Market City.

Vairaj, says: 2020

Chennai is a city in the south of India and is well known for its culture. brace yourself for the heat as it can be sultry throughout the year. Having said that, it is still a safe and wonderful city and it has different activities to do every season: surfing during summers, music festivals during winters are just some of them. The living expenses aren’t very high and you will manage to save as well. It’s fairly easy to commute within the city, so you don’t necessarily have to stay close to your office. However, most of the offices are on the outskirts and you can easily get an apartment in that side of the city. The city has the second largest beach, several malls, and parks to go to on the weekends; there is an active nightlife too. All in all, any age group will enjoy staying here as there is something to do for everyone.

Subbalakshmi, says: 2020

One has to check on the places. There are many places that entertain us here especially theaters, malls, beach and so on. We can’t skip visiting to zoos’ and museum. Most likely one must try the local foods here. I would just the delicious mouth – watering biryani.

Vaishnavi, says: 2020

Chennai city has many jobs for the new people who are all coming from various villages. Many entertainment places are available in Chennai to spend the time with their families and friends such as shopping malls, cinema theaters, amusement parks, etc.

Vishnu, says: 2020

Chennai is an extraordinary place where people from all over the state come for work. It’s a place that provides home and job to many people. Everything that one needs is easily available at low prices. This city has many cultural and historical value. Chennai has many airports and train stations. transportation is very easy here.

Shahnaz, says: 2020

If moving to Chennai, please be relaxed as the people here are extremely friendly and helpful. But It would definitely be an advantage to know the English language as majority of the local people here either understand and speak Tamil (the local spoken language) or English. To move around the city, the local auto rickshaw is good and extremely safe for transportation but please be aware to bargain with the local rickshaw drivers are they are famous to charge double rates for people who are new and unaware of the city’s landscape.

Nivetha, says: 2020

Chennai is the IT hub of Tamil Nadu. We have plenty of job opportunities over here. The important thing about Chennai is ECR road, where the highway road situated near the seashore. There are many places to visit in Chennai such as marina beach, Express Avenue mall, the Asia’s largest Phoenix mall and several other places to party.

Ruchika, says: 2020

Traffic is the great issue in Chennai. Always bargain for 50% of the suggested price because they charge way too much when they figure out you are not from Chennai. Shared autos are cheaper, but don’t take them in hurry. Chennai is a very hot climate; prepare accordingly.

Always bargain with the local taxis that you hire to go around places. Start early, so that you don’t get caught up in the morning traffic. Go around the city (by walk) to enjoy the street food and learn about the city. Neighbors gossip a lot.

Sudhanshu, says: 2020

Chennai is the most cosmopolitan city in India and it is one of the most competitive place in India to work. Have lot of fun places, shops and malls. People would like to work at Chennai. It industries are raising to develop their company here. Nowadays most people are travelling in cabs to go to their office such a development in Chennai for all IT people.

Prachi, says: 2020

Someone moving to Chennai should know that water facility is not that good here. He should have a vehicle because the provisions stores and other necessary shops are not available in the vicinity or else he must take public transport. He should not be allergic to dust because the air in my city is polluted because of the industries.

Jayita, says: 2020

The city is a place of diversity. It holds a lots of jobs and gives success to people who work hard to peruse it. It has huge number of hotels to stay comfortable in a reasonable price. Transport is something we can rely on like we have many modes of transport which is easily accessible. This is the place to hang around happily, place for foodies, and People of all religion.

Vikram, says: 2020

Chennai is a wonderful city which is always welcoming to everyone. It is one of the safest places in the country for women. Literacy is pretty high and the poverty rate is pretty low when compared to other places in India. We have a lot of malls where you can get anything you might need to make your life easier.

Chennai is a densely populated city compared to other cities in my country. There are water problems during summer. The shopping malls in my city are huge and luxurious. There are many places to hangout in my city. Marina beach, world’s second longest beach is in my city. During summer, the heat is unbearable. winter starts from December. Though my city is a densely populated place, there are lot o great places to visit and have fun.

Most people in our city speaks our native language which is Tamil. Hence I kindly request everyone considering to come to our city should learn Tamil to have a good lifestyle. our city is famous for temples and road side shops and hence don’t miss it. At last, One should not miss the view of the Marina beach in the early morning which is a gift to our eye to feel the real beauty of our nature.

Abhijeet, says: 2020

Chennai is one the fastest developing city of India. It is one of the big cities in India. It is the capital of the Tamil Nadu state. It has a huge population making it as a crowded city. The whole city looks busy all the time. It has some memorable and remarkable tourist spots. Many MNCs like to invest here as they will get a lot of consumers. But, other side of this huge city is really messy and dirty. A lot of poor people live in slums. They really don’t even afford their basic needs. Chennai looks really dirt because of so much littering and many irresponsible activities by the citizens living here. But atlast, it is good place for doing business and jobs.

Chennai is known for its rich culture background. Even though the temperature is pretty much high compared to other places in the State. You will like the historical places, beaches, shopping malls, you will be thrilled for street shopping and street food. The city has restaurants and hotels with all types of cuisines ranging from Indian to Continental food. When you get adapted to our cit, you will feel sad if you move out of the city.

Rishitha, says: 2020

Chennai is a city filled with people of different status. be sure of choosing your place of stay that meets your standard. You should go to the Marina beach to watch the sunrise and Elliot’s beach for the seafood snacks. Pondy bazaar is the go to place in Chennai for shopping accessories. Thiyagaraya Nagar is a place filled with clothing shops and Nungambakkam has a huge variety of cuisine to choose from. Beach resorts in the ECR area are the best weekend getaways.

Omprakash, says: 2020

Three things know when you relocate to Chennai:
1. Usually the weather is very hot during summer.
2. The language in Chennai is Tamil.
3. The autorickshaw drivers are very notorious. They charge high prices if they know you are a visitor.

Chennai, a metropolitan city, is the capital of Tamil Nadu state and thus a very busy city and highly populated beautiful place with all the amenities to lead a blissful life. With all big Medical center’s, Research centers, IT parks, Industrial parks, plaza’s, markets, parks, transport stations, entertainment theatres etc., – any man would find this city, one of the best place.

Anjali, says: 2020

Be prepared for the climate which is usually hot most of the time. Knowing Tamil will be of great help especially for shopping. Chennai is the cultural capital of India, so lovers of music, dance and other arts can really enjoy living in Chennai.

Kinvali, says: 2020

This city is well known for its vast culture and wide variety of choices available in every aspect of living. It has people of every Race, Religion, language, Culture living together in harmony. Being the state capital, This city has many incentives provided for everyone and it makes living easy for people. Chennai has so many vacation spots, tourist centers, shopping malls, hangout places to chill out. It also has many reputable educational institutions and various jobs for in different fields. It is a city where people can have their own lifestyle and can still easily fit in. On the whole, It is the best option for anyone and everyone when it comes to moving in.

Abhinav, says: 2020

Chennai is a beautiful city, with a log coastline, along the Marina beach. There are malls, cinema theaters, if you wish to hang out. What makes it stand out is its ancient Connemara library, the museum, the zoo and its famous theme parks. Chennai has reputed schools, colleges and deemed universities. Above all Chennai is filled with warm-hearted people. Whoever comes seeking a job, is given one. Long live the city of Chennai and Kudos to it’s undying spirit!

Bhavatharini, says: 2020

Chennai is a city like no other. With bustling wide streets to cut on traffic and widespread opportunities for both professionals and students with multiple industries and educational institutions, it is emerging as the next city of dreams. People from all over the country come here hoping to find a place for themselves to further their dreams. Learning to speak tamil (the city’s official language) helps with making the city home and navigating the place with it’s well connected buses.

While partying crowd might be tad disappointed, students can find a cheap discounts in various stores and find essentials at throwaway prices. Haggling is a prerequisite however. There have been incidents of flooding so a high rise building and insurance coverage here.

Harshvardhan, says: 2020

Chennai, the heart of Tamil Nadu has many tourist places. The most famous marina beach is in Chennai. There are many IT companies which is in OMR. There are multiplex theatres and shopping malls where you can spend time with family on weekends. There are fabulous restaurants, where you can feel the taste of Chinese, north Indian and south Indian foods.

Harshini, says: 2020

Chennai is on the coast and is mostly humid. Though it rains during winter, the city is mostly hot throughout the year. Public transport (buses/suburban trains) is most widely used to get around; however, people commute through private cabs and autos as well. Beaches and malls are popular getaways.

Shubham, says: 2020

Chennai is a beautiful city with almost anything under your doorstep. Also, it is a place for those who love to be relaxed in a perfect way as we have theatres, beaches, and huge malls. Chennai is not low key when it comes to religious places as well. We believe in secularism. In support of that, we have an equal number of Mosques, Temples, and Churches.

Gurpreet, says: 2020

Chennai is a good city and it provides many job seeking opportunity. It lies in the Coromandel coast of the Bay of Bengal. The Marina beach is one the good sightseeing places for the people who visit Chennai. There are also many famous temples and malls to hang out and enjoy with family.

Chennai is a city that welcomes everybody. From scenic beaches, historical attractions, vibrant culture, delightful food, shopping and other delights, the Gateway of South is among the must-visit places in India. The fourth-largest metropolis of the country, the city port is ranked among the busiest in India. The best thing about Chennai tours is that it brings together, the old and the new creating a unique mix which is heart-warming.

Hitesh, says: 2020

Know about Rajiv Gandhi government general hospitals, Stanley hospital, kilpauk Medical College, Express avenue, ampa skywalk, Sathyam cinemas, marina beach, industrial estate, Koyambedu wholesale vegetable market, flower market, parrys wholesale shops, chennai sea port, Koyambedu bus terminus for inside and outside our state, airport, Chief secretariat, Indian institute of technology, Anna university.

Gomathi, says: 2020

Chennai is known for best south Indian foods. When moving to a multicultural metropolitan city, one must know where to purchase the essential commodities needed for home and domestic purposes. Plenty of good vegetable and fruit markets are available to suit the needs of the population. Also, there are many hotels and restaurants which cater to the taste of the diverse Indian population. Thus, my city offers a good stay and living for outsiders.

Abu Dhabi is the capital of The United Arab Emirates. It is a gorgeous place with various and unique tourist spots. It has an amazing nightlife and has many Malls. It has a really cool vibe and many fun places. It’s home to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and Ferrari World. It’s also just 90 minutes from Dubai, home to the tallest building in the world, The Burj Khalifa.

Anjali, says: 2020

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu and it is famous as a tourist place which includes Temples, Churches, Mosques. It is popular for top education institute IIT and it’s a great place with IT hubs. One of world’s longest beach is at Chennai. Chennai holds a world-class medical facilities. It also has a large places for shopping and entertainment.

Neeraj, says: 2020

The climate of Chennai is hot, almost throughout the year, with temperatures crossing 40 degree Celsius during April and May. The city is a mix of modern and traditional. You can find grand old temples and you can find modern malls that cater to millennials.

Tarannum, says: 2020

Chennai, in Southern India, is a place of cultural and traditional values with a conservative outlook in the society. Availability of resources for both traditional and modern type of living are seen across the city. The cost of living is average and people are helpful and friendly. The weather here is quite tropical, warm and humid. Restaurants are plenty serving multi-cuisine fare. In the form of entertainment, we have one of the largest beaches and many resorts for weekend getaways. There are many shopping malls and multiplex cinemas. Chennai has many good hospitals with modern healthcare facilities. To sum up, Chennai is a great place.

Shreyas, says: 2020

It’s a great city to move on from the beach to the malls, Traffic jams to the cool breeze Chennai is one of the best cities to move over, With the history of many neighbourhoods of the city such as Mylapore, Triplicane, and Thiruvanmiyur antedating that of the city, the architecture of Chennai ranges in a wide chronology. The oldest buildings in the city dates from the 7th and 8th centuries CE, which include the Kapaleeshwarar Temple in Mylapore and the Parthasarathy Temple in Triplicane, built in the Dravidian architecture. This architecture includes various styles, such as those of the Pallavas, the Cholas, and the Vijayanagara empires. The associated Agraharam architecture, which consists of traditional row houses surrounding a temple, can still be seen in these areas. The heritage temples at Mamallapuram at the outskirts of the city are some of the examples of the Pallava architecture. Chennai ranks second to Kolkata of Indian heritage buildings.

Being a coastal city, it can get extremely humid during summers. The cost of living here is moderately high, so it is important to consider if their source of income can cover their expenses and leave some savings. There is no dearth of sources of entertainment what with a beach and malls and nice restaurants. Tamil is the local language, so knowledge of the same will make everyday life easier.

Yashaswini, says: 2020

Chennai has the best mingling people. People here, are always ready to help in many ways. This city has the amazing houses for cheap rent and for the sale too. Our city has beautiful temples, malls, parks etc nearby and those are considered to be wonderful. Our city is one of the most visited tourist place.

Deepika, says: 2020

Chennai is one of the developed cities in India. It has various beaches, malls and enormous places. Any thing or eatables can be bought instantly through online platform. There is a place called “Koyambedu”, where there is a huge market and a bus stand where there are various buses to various places in Tamil Nadu.

Prakruti, says: 2020

Chennai is a beautiful city popularly known for its IT Hub and spectacular beaches. Chennai can get quite hot and humid but a stroll along one of the beaches will cool you right off. We have the best malls, the best schools and the friendliest people. Real Estate thrives here so you will have an elaborate choice of houses to pick from. Chennai is a green city and is home to some of the oldest trees.

Preethi, says: 2020
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