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Living in Johannesburg, South Africa:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

451 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Johannesburg, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 451 people living in Johannesburg what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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451 comments on “Johannesburg”

Johannesburg is a city in South Africa. It is very beautiful and has a lot of places to visit, from museums to botanical gardens, zoos, and cultural food shops. The food is amazing and diverse, and there are 11 official languages spoken (English included). Though the city is beautiful, the crime rate is high, mainly gender-based violence. The streets are not safe to walk at night. The unemployment rate is also alarmingly high, so it is best to move when you have already secured a job. Johannesburg is a vibe! Noisy, with a lot of pubs/clubs for fun wild nights out.

innocentia, says: 2024

Someone moving to Johannesburg, South Africa, should be aware of the city’s vibrant culture, diverse population, and bustling urban lifestyle. It’s essential to familiarize oneself with safety precautions due to higher crime rates in certain areas and to stay informed about local customs and traditions. Additionally, Johannesburg offers a wide range of opportunities for work, leisure, and exploration, making it important to embrace the city’s dynamic energy and adaptability.

Tebogo, says: 2024

The gateway to the rest of South Africa, here you can acclimatise and then get to the amazing different parts of Africa.

It is dangerous, yet beautiful. It keeps you on your toes.

Valene, says: 2023

Johannesburg has lots of space. Our houses are big, our roads are big, our malls are large and our restaurants are large. People connect easily and this is where business takes place.

Hold your bag 🎒 close to your body at all times and don’t look nervous, relax, blend-in. If you want directions ask a security officer, never a passers-by.

Mofehlo Jacob, says: 2023

If you’re moving to Johannesburg, you need to have a good financial plan, there’s so much you can do and spend on. Which might not be a problem for others. There’s so much potential for growth here, it’s where everyone meets. Many across African countries start here to make a living. It is also ideal to stay in the safer areas, because of the crime. It is a beautiful city with many great activities and great food. People here hustle.

If you’re moving to Johannesburg, South Africa, you need to be very careful of places you go to. Don’t walk at night because it can be dangerous, they can rob you your money, cellphone and bank cards. Be aware that we have something called loadshedding which affects the whole country. Loadshedding is when electricity is off for a specific time. It can be off for two to 6 hours in a day. Make sure your phone laptop is always fully charged, and to have a power bank with you all the time.

Ntombifuthi, says: 2023

Nicknamed Gangsters Paradise and deserving of this motif. A vibrant, friendly city but you need to keep your wits about you. Best climate in the world.

If your’e moving to Johannesburg you will find amazing restaurants excellent private schools, shopping, vibrance, some places very tolerant of difference, nice places to live at a price. Also sadly crime, loadshedding…

It is dangerous. Crime is out of control. The police are corrupt.

dennis, says: 2022

Johannesburg is the capital city of South Africa. It is located in the Gauteng province. Fondly known as the city of gold because of the gold rush that happened in the early nineteen hundreds, Johannesburg is vibrant and alive with opportunities. The city is adorned by breathtaking architecture and landscape. It is home to Africans from all walks of life.

Sebastian, says: 2020

Always be careful and alert, because every person you meet could be trying to rob or scam you. Don’t talk to strangers. Other than that though, Johannesburg is a very beautiful city, full of cultural diversity and a fast-paced environment, there is a whole world of possibilities and opportunities.

Theodrine, says: 2020

Johannesburg is a busy city with a good vibe. A lot of people from all around South Africa call it ‘The city of gold’ because it has a lot of job opportunities. Most end up in the cold streets, some end up living in shacks and some are lucky enough to live a decent life.

Surprise, says: 2020

The difference in culture, which is an important aspect considering the level of diversity within the city. The type of weather changes experienced by the city, people should know what type of climate the city is within which affects how they live their day-to-day lives. The amount of crime within the city, people have to know how cautious they should always be within the city.

Rayhanna, says: 2020

Johannesburg, a city in South Africa, is an extremely beautiful city with so many pleasant sights and attractions. Anyone considering moving here should know the safest parts of the city, for example, Randburg and Sandton. They should be prepared for the high cost of living as it is a tourist destination. Some basic amenities, such as toiletries and gas, may be more expensive here compared to other parts of the country.

Noluthando, says: 2020

Johannesburg is very dangerous in certain crime filled areas. It is a city packed with opportunities for people from all backgrounds. The city is very vibrant and always active no matter what situation the country as a whole or the city is facing at the time .

Thando, says: 2020

The city is multicultural, it includes people of different racial and cultural backgrounds. It is also important to be vigilant at all times as it is full of crime. The most beautiful thing about it, it has many tourism attractions that cater for needs of different tourists.

When moving to Johannesburg, do expect to have fun activities at your reach. It is famous for bungee jumping and many options of restaurants. On the outskirts we have game resorts with the big five, meanwhile the city boasts itself with a modern day living. Though the city can be very busy during the day, at night you must be ready to put on your party shoes. The Nelson Mandela house is located beautifully on the south and it is open for tourists to go and view.

Siphosakhe, says: 2020

Th city of Johannesburg offers a very fast paced and interesting life. There are so many sites to explore and also many things or activities to engage in for example gold reef city theme park, the African museum and sci-bono if you are a person interested in maths and science. However, despite it having very interesting spots and activities, it is a very dangerous place which requires one to be very alert at all times.

Tebogo, says: 2020

Johannesburg is a big city in Gauteng. It is also known as the City of gold, this is because the largest gold mine was found in Johannesburg. This mine has now been changed into an amusement park known as Gold Reef City. Johannesburg is also known as the most richest city hence a lot of people move from rural areas to find jobs. Johannesburg has a lot of history especially about the apartheid. It has one of the biggest Townships known as Soweto. In Soweto there are places known as the Hector Peterson square.

Siboniso, says: 2020

Johannesburg is a wonderful city with a vibrant nightlife. It is not the safest place and requires one to be very vigilant. To view the many beautiful and historical sites Johannesburg has to offer, you can hop onto ac City Tours bus. There are also many adventurous activities available such as paintballing.

Joeanne, says: 2020

Anyone who is in the process of considering a move to Johannesburg, should be aware of the traffic congestion in the city as well as the high levels of air and sound pollution. Although, overpopulated, the city has a vibrant social atmosphere that would allow anyone to meet new people and fit in quickly.

Ziyanda, says: 2020

It is a city of opportunity and you can get acquainted with different kinds of people. The city is that full of excitement, fun and adventure, Johannesburg is known as the city to be when in South Africa for it offers you variety. It is well known for its beautiful weather and it’s reception for different kinds of ethnic groups.

Koketso, says: 2020

Johannesburg is the Heart of South Africa when it comes to economy and business. It is a city where you can easily bump into other nationalities and cultures. Even though it is known as one of the dangerous cities in the world, one can find beautiful places to enjoy and to expand talents and ambitions.

Prudence, says: 2020

There is a lot of crime but once you get used to the place it becomes normal. There are very nice restaurants that you try out. The city is always busy it never goes to sleep, life is very fast this side. There are also nice places where you can take out your kids to.

Johannesburg is a beautiful African city, with impressive infrastructure and food markets. It is the centre of development and home to different people around the world and a place where tourists are keen on visiting. Although it’s in the third world it is leading in development and highly industrialised and an influence to other African countries.

Sakumila, says: 2020

Johannesburg- although a lively city filled with many opportunities, is one to tread cautiously. You will always find what you are looking for, from eateries to endless hobby outlets. However, be alert towards taxi drivers, they have no regard for the rules of the road! Friendliness is a dish frequently served by all true South Africans. We are the rainbow nation.

Emilie, says: 2020

It is very busy and home to many businesses and companies. You will often find traffic in most parts of the city. You play as hard as you work. Almost everything is outdoors, not much to do indoors. It is a very diverse city and invites many different kinds of people. There is plenty of opportunity in this city, hence referred to as the city of gold.

Yandiswa, says: 2020

My city is full of nature. Beautiful, majestic waterfalls and mountains. We are known for our incredible fashion sense, however, the crime rate is high in most areas. On the bright side, though, we do have contagious music and dance moves. We are embedded in our South African culture and there will definitely be a lot to learn.

Mnguni, says: 2020

Johannesburg is a very fast paced city with high skyscrapers and I would describe it to be a concrete jungle with a lot of foreigners here to build their careers and goals in terms of school and work. Johannesburg is inland with rivers, farms and plenty of city entertainment. Most of the pop culture is derived from central Johannesburg, the best way to compare would be to Hollywood and New York City in one.

Gugulethu, says: 2020

Johannesburg, the city of queens and kings, is a beautiful city that is always lively and bursting with activity. The streets of my city are graced with modern and a few other stone buildings that serve as a reminder and remainder of what is our history. If you consider noise as a form of pollution then that will not be a problem in my city because the blends from the traffic, voices and and the occasional train bells is music to the ears.

Theodrine, says: 2020

It is considered to be the city of opportunities. Many people migrate to this city to look for better job opportunities. There are a lot of functions found in the city that other cities in South Africa do not have. Functions like health, education, etc. Lastly, people come to the city to look for better living conditions and improved service delivery.

Yasmin, says: 2020

It is famously known as the city of gold. I think it is the only city in the world with a population of more foreign nationals than native citizens. It is fast paced and depending on where you stay, accommodation will be pricey. It is vibrant. Johannesburg is situated in Gauteng, the smallest yet over populated province in the country.

Lesego, says: 2020

The city that I live in is referred to as the City of Gold as it has rich minerals and resources. We have the richest square mile in Africa called Sandton City. Johannesburg is one of the busiest cities and can often be seen as a city that has a high crime rate. It however has good tourist attractions and whoever that comes here knows that they are in for a good time. We have beautiful tourist attractions and how can one forget the big five?

Mpumelelo, says: 2020

There’s a lot of different cultures from all over the world. The most spoken language is Zulu which is one of the official languages in South Africa. There’s a lot of activities to do which includes going on a tour around the city, going to visit townships and also going to Soweto.

Kgaugelo, says: 2020

Johannesburg is a very fast paced city, thus you have to keep moving with it. It is full of life and activity. It is home to people from different parts of South Africa and the world making it a melting pot of cultures and religions. Because of the number of people who live in Johannesburg who mainly moved there to look for better opportunities, it is over crowded and crime is very high. Thi anyone considering moving to Johannesburg has to be vigilant. Despite all that, Johannesburg is a city still with opportunities and it is very welcoming to all.

Calvin, says: 2020

Someone considering moving to my city must know that it is very diverse; there are different people who speak different languages and are from different cultures. My city is a capital of South Africa and it is also known as the ‘city of gold’ because it has many opportunities especially for hustlers and handworkers. Johannesburg is known as a dangerous city due to high crime rates, therefore one must be careful when walking around the streets.

Joshua, says: 2020

Johannesburg is called the city of Gold in South Africa, my city is beautiful and there are a lot of places to visit while you are there. We have gold reef city, museum, Sandton beautiful malls, there are a lot to do in my city, a lot of people when they get in South Africa its where they land from other countries.

Jessica, says: 2020

Johannesburg’s most disappointing feature, or lack thereof is that it does not have an ocean. It is situated near Pretoria, one of the capital cities of South Africa. There are two universities in the city and both are in the top 5 best universities in Africa. The residents of the city are usually immigrants from other provinces and countries.

Michelle, says: 2020

Someone considering moving to our beautiful city of Johannesburg should consider buying a lot of T-shirts and shorts, because of the incredibly hot weather. We are fortunate enough to have sunny days throughout most of the year. Sunscreen lotion should be a part of your monthly grocery list if you do not want to constantly be recovering from sunburn.

My city has beautiful parks, buildings, activities to do and a huge shopping mall that has incredible restaurants, cinemas as well as clothing stores. My city has houses that make beautiful homes with wonderful gardens, it is safe environment with the best schools around the area. There are pine trees down the main road making the ride quite joyful.

The city is always busy. There are many opportunities that one could find. A lot of people prefer living or working there. One can meet people from different walks of life. It is a hub for many cultures and nationalities. I would say that it is a beautiful city that never sleeps.

Mantung, says: 2020

My city is dirty and overpopulated. They are a lot of vendors in my city, coming from different parts of Africa. There is also a lot of crime, considering the high unemployment rate. People are doing the best they can to survive and stay safe. Women in particular, have to be more vigilant since gender based violence is at a peek.

Sibongile, says: 2020

Johannesburg is an amazing city. It is vibrant, full of life and has many opportunities to offer. If you enjoy the busy city life then it is the perfect place for you to live in. There are some cons to living here such as crime and violence however, the good outweighs the bad.

Tsholofelo, says: 2020

Johannesburg is a multicultural city where all 11 South African official languages are spoken. People from all over South Africa usually move to Johannesburg because of work opportunities including people from all over Africa. It is one of the largest cities in South Africa and also the most vibrant and diverse. Johannesburg is the largest man-made forest in the world. This city is filled with beautiful scenery, vibrant colours and nice people.

Sayuri, says: 2020

I would like for someone considering moving to my city to know that Johannesburg could very well be one of the best cities in the world. It boasts rich and diverse cultures. Johannesburg is always buzzing with activity so there is hardly a dull moment. You can decide to either live it up in the fancy hotels or be one with the people by staying in a home-style bed and breakfast. Choosing the latter will ensure that you have a South African experience.

Tshidiso, says: 2020

Before moving to Johannesburg one should consider the following; the standard of living is high compared to other cities in South Africa, therefore it is advisable to only move to the city when you have a permanent well paying job. The city is very busy therefore if you are a person who prefers serene areas, Johannesburg is not for you.

Sibusisiwe, says: 2020

Johannesburg is a dangerous city. However, if you keep your wits about you it is also a wonderful, lively and colourful city. Chat with a local about which areas of the city will be safe options for you to move to.

Sanelisiwe, says: 2020

Johannesburg is known to many as the City of Gold. It is the city where people meet opportunities for business, employment and education. One important thing about this city is that one must always be vigilant, as it is known to also have one of the highest crime rates in the country. This, however, should not discourage anyone, but rather be a call to always be aware of the surroundings.

Johannesburg is a multicultural city, beautiful touring sites with a lot of history. Every person that walks the street of the city feels empowered by all the inspiration that lies within the city. A lot of great food and good people to meet. Local and international food all in one place.

Luyanda, says: 2020

Johannesburg is a vibrant city. Anyone and everyone can fit in perfectly with the lifestyle as it is very accommodative. There’s so much to see and so much to do. The food is amazing, the environment is clean and the people are friendly. It’s a multicultural city, which makes it even more interesting. The nightlife in Johannesburg is a buzz.

Cleopatra, says: 2020

Johannesburg is a cool and airy city with a lot of urban living and exciting places to visit. If you are looking for a fun and fast-paced environment then Johannesburg is for you, as it has great night clubs, restaurants, and historical sites with easy access to transport.

Patience, says: 2020

Johannesburg is prestigiously known as the “city of gold” because someone once found gold in the area around 1886. However, I have always referred to it as the “big apple” of South Africa because that is where dreams are made of. Furthermore, it’s a vibrant city full of all kinds of people from different types of ethnicities, with a great variety of tourists attraction like the famous Vilakazi Street in Soweto (where the Mandela house is), the gold reef city and shopping malls like Mall of Africa and Sandton city.

Johannesburg is very populated city with high levels of crimes hence one should be vigilant. However, there are still good things about my city. There is diversity because people from different provinces move to here for a broad base of job opportunities and further education. The standard of living is much better compared to other cities.

Azande, says: 2020

Johannesburg is a large economic hub in South Africa, this the cost of living in the city is high. This when moving to the city one should have sufficient income to sustain them during the duration of their stay in the city. However there are a variety of attractions and entertainment areas available.

Johannesburg is a beautiful city to tour around with a lot of tourist attractions such as the Neighborhood market, Farmer’s market to name a few. It has a very fast growing economy which has the potential of making it one of the most prestigious cities in the world as it is considered as the city of gold because of its rich soil with gold embedded under.

Refiloe, says: 2020

Johannesburg is a busy and vibrant city.If you are a person that enjoys the nightlife then you will definitely love my city, we have a lot of things to do around, for example going hiking, clubbing as well as going on picnics. If you are looking for a fun time, this is the place to be.

Charity, says: 2020

For those who might not know, Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa. This beautiful city is also known a the city of gold because of its beginnings as a gold-mining town. Apart from it’s minerals, Johannesburg has vast tourist attractions. What you will see a lot in my city is diversity in people, languages and even food. The culture in Johannesburg is unique, whether you are in the townships or the suburbs. There is so many platforms and opportunities in Johannesburg to learn more.

Hlompho, says: 2020

Johannesburg is a beautiful city, where everyone is kind to one another but if there’s something you should know about my city, that makes it stand out is that we’re known for having the best food in the country. I’d recommend you try a restaurant called Mike’s kitchen and you’ll have a full blown experience of how wonderful my city is.

Michelle, says: 2020

Johannesburg is the City of Gold, where all dreams are possible to achieve but beyond the beautiful city lights lies danger and thrill. The heart of the city where you will see that it’s a jungle and a battle to stay alive. Some people live below the breadline where as the rich and elite live lavishly at the expense of the poor.

Padmini, says: 2020

Johannesburg is quite big and very busy. You have to take some time and learn how to go around otherwise you’ll get lost often. It has many tall buildings, so it becomes very lit up at night, and that makes it beautiful. The downside of living in my city would be the fact that there’s quite a high crime rate.

Ayanda, says: 2020

Johannesburg is known as “the city that never sleeps”, due to the constant hustle that has become the norm to the city’s inhabitants. However, it is not all work sometimes we do play. If you are ever looking to have some fun, you might want to visit our famous amusement park, Gold Reef City.

Claudia, says: 2020

Anyone who is interested in moving to Johannesburg should know that they will always have something to do. It is a city teeming with young go getters trying to make their mark in the world. But, when the sun goes down, Johannesburg is the city that never sleeps and has an amazing nightlife.

Someone moving to my city, Johannesburg, should know that it is a beautiful and vibrant city with lots of tourist destinations to visit. It is rich in history and is known as the city of gold, as a big percentage of the countries wealth comes from Johannesburg. They should also know that it can be dangerous if they venture into more dangerous areas without a local guide, it is best advised to hire a tour guide when visiting if the person is from abroad.

The city is called the “place of gold.” Everything is found in this city. There are many things for leisure, such as Game Reserves. This is a place where most of people consider for vacation purposes. Everything that you need or want is available to your eyes. There are nice and long building.

Gcobani, says: 2020

They need to be vigilant as pickpocketing is rife in the city center. This city has different people from different areas who all speak different languages. It is a wonderful place to experience the different cultures of the country. Knowing a bit of IsiZulu is a good way to survive when in trouble or lost.

Chantal, says: 2020

This city is made up of South African citizens from all over the country and the the continent. Don’t be surprised when people communicate in different languages, there is no universal language here. There is no beach because Johannesburg is not along the coast. Never ask for directions from strangers, always use your GPS.

Lubanzi, says: 2020

My city is a beauty, from the people to the huge buildings. It’s a central business kind of a city, where most people form outside the province come for a lot of opportunities. It’s a city filled with opportunities and hustlers. It is also called Jozi, or Gauteng Maboneng.

Melanie, says: 2020

Johannesburg is a remarkable city with a vibrant lifestyle. It caters to a wide variety of people of all ages. The city also offers a great deal of recreational activities and festivities to indulge in. Lastly, it’s a beautiful mosaic with the most open minded and multi-cultured people in the whole world.

Johannesburg could be an exceptionally huge city. It is the monetary and mechanical city of South Africa, built on a wealthy history of gold mining. The city is quickly advancing from a tense safari stopover to a dynamic center for expressions and culture. More than half of the cargo that arrives through the ports of Durban and Cape Town arrives at the holder terminal at City Profound.

Vhonani, says: 2020

Johannesburg, also known as City of Gold, is a fast paced city. It harbors a great variety of races, cultures and ethnic groups. There are world class universities such as The University of the Witwatersrand and The University of Johannesburg. When in the Johannesburg Central Business District however, you should be careful with your belongings as the crime rate is quite high.

The crime rate in my city is quite high compared to other cities but it is a beautiful city nonetheless. There are lots of things to explore like the crazy dance culture we have going on. Most people are actually blown away by the indigenous but addictive music we produce.

Nelisiwe, says: 2020

Johannesburg is a very dangerous place. A large portion of it is poverty stricken and as a result it is full of gang related crimes. A new resident should always have someone (that knows the city very well) to show them around and teach them how to keep safe. This is essential to be able to avoid gang activity within the city.

Londiwe, says: 2020

Johannesburg is a beautiful city but some places are dangerous, if you are considering moving to Johannesburg you might wanna avoid moving to places to like Eldorado Park and Hillbrow. Avoid walking in the streets midnight time. Eskom also switches of the lights 2-3 times a week.

Elaine, says: 2020

The city of Johannesburg, has the richest square-mile in Africa. The city, is diverse in the number of cultures and languages, you can find, and it is, also the most populous city, in the country. Johannesburg is unique in the sense that, it has two Nobel prize winners, who previously lived in the same street, at the same time.

Martin, says: 2020

Johannesburg is a very busy city it can be too busy at times and so one should be very careful during those busy times because it can get unsafe and security is usually scarce in this city. There are a lot of beggars on the streets and many of the lm are usually desperate and so be careful not to be manipulated by them and get mugged or scammed.

Tiisetso, says: 2020

The city is very busy but has a lot of potential in the business sector. Johannesburg as it is dabbed the city of gold and one that never sleeps, it has not failed to live up to its name. It is populated by small nuclear families, trying to make a living.

Johannesburg is a city filled with crime and traffic, if someone desires to move to joburg, they need to adapt to a strong security system and early mornings. However, when you are in joburg you will never to have to drive anywhere to get something. Everything is literally at your doorstep.

My city is known as city of gold. We have a rich history, it was a city known for mining gold in Africa. Johannesburg is one of the world class cities in the world for its technology and improving infrastructure. Many people in Africa and the whole world visit Johannesburg for its wonderful nature and tallest buildings in Africa.

Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa. It has one of the largest business districts in Africa and although it is messy, it still has a higher standard of living compared to other cities in Africa. What separate it from other cities is that it is diverse in terms of races and cultures.

Matshidiso, says: 2020

Someone considering moving to my city should know that the crime rate or high therefore it’s essential that they carry self-defense weapons. My city is also extremely beautiful, they should bring a camera to take pictures and make memories. There are many different languages. If they want to be able to communicate stick to speaking English.

Thulisile, says: 2020

My city is amazing. It is filled with adventure and many opportunities. The people here are full of humanity and the city as a whole is an absolute vibe. Many people who live in Johannesburg, do not even call it that. It’s called Jozi. Johannesburg is huge and overwhelming. Public transport is virtually nonexistent and driving is a tantamount to a nightmare for newcomers. Yes, Johannesburg does have it’s bad sides but despite all that, this still a remarkable city.

Amanda, says: 2020

It is a fast paced environment where one can get distracted if they aren’t focused. There are a lot of job opportunities available, but requires you to patient and persistent because it can take a while before finding something. The city center has a vibrant youth culture, and has a lot of clubs, restaurants and hang out spots.

Joline, says: 2020

They must consider investing in pepper spray because Johannesburg is not safe for women. I think that people should be open to meeting individuals from various backgrounds and countries. If one is moving to Johannesburg they need to ensure that they live in a community that would be considered safe, away from the townships. And lastly, I think that they should never walk in Johannesburg CBD because their belongings will be snatched.

Nicole, says: 2020

Johannesburg is very busy city. Everything happens really fast. There is a lot of crime so its better to always be alert of your surroundings and to not be too kind because often it leads to you being exposed to crime easily. So my advice is that stay vigilant. Although the crime rate should not stop you from enjoying the beautiful city.

Ephraim, says: 2020

Johannesburg is one of the capital cities of South Africa as well as being the biggest city too. The city is known and famous for its gold mining, where it earned the name the City of Gold, as well as our beautiful weather. Joburg is the name which the locals call it. The people who stay here are generally very friendly.

Marcia, says: 2020

My city is filled with so many different cultures to explore, which makes it Interesting to meet people as one can learn a new thing all the time. It has a great weather climate (always warm) for outdoor activities. We also have good food, western and traditional. A person can move Here for the great tourist attraction places which boosts the economy, meaning that job opportunities are so many.

Humbulani, says: 2020

If you are considering moving to my city you should know that there are very few malls in the area. If you require a wide range of shops you may want to consider moving elsewhere. Midrand is densely populated; however, the growth of the city is not as fast as the growth of the population.

Hopewell, says: 2020

Johannesburg is the city that is full of opportunities, however it also challenging to get exactly what you are looking for, because of the population the city have. Johannesburg city is the biggest city in South Africa and is also said to be the tidy city in South Africa, with almost 30 townships surrounding it.

It is a relatively unsafe city due to the amount of crime that occurs. These range from burglary to mugging, therefore, one has to be careful when walking in the streets and always exercise caution especially during the night and also, if you are a woman this makes you an easy target.

Nomali, says: 2020

When moving to Johannesburg, one must be aware that it is a city of many diverse, yet all native cultures. The cost of living in Johannesburg is higher than in the rest of South Africa. Unfortunately due to rampant political mismanagement and corruption, the country has a worrying unemployment rate and as such, one has to be wary of all the crime that unfortunately frequents big cities like Johannesburg.

Lebogang, says: 2020

Known as the fast-paced city, Johannesburg is known for its lively nature. From people that come from all sorts of backgrounds, to the mixtures of culture and languages. Johannesburg is a city where anyone can reside in, and be welcomed. Although, having the knowledge of English would be a good skill to have!

My city is an industrial place known as ‘the city of gold’. It is the biggest city in South Africa with many job opportunities, three brilliant universities, vibrant nightlife and top tourist attractions such as the Apartheid museum, Lion and Safari parks and Gold Reef city etc.

Ashley, says: 2020

Johannesburg city is the capital of Gauteng, in South Africa. It is known for its beautiful tall buildings, where dreams are fulfilled. Essentially, it is the city of gold! Soweto is one of the many townships found in Johannesburg, where I currently reside. The city is filled with a diverse society. It’s a lovely place to be.

Seipati, says: 2020

There are different people from different cultural backgrounds to meet. People in this side of the world are explorers and very adventurous and happy souls. It would really be fun for you to even try out the different food from around the country because in this city, we live on the edge.

Johannesburg is a vibrant, multicultural city with a rich history. There is a great sense of community, as the people here ascribe to the principles of “ubuntu” which means that “I am because you are”. While it has its own set of challenges, for example the high levels of crime, Johannesburg is still one of the cities that I think everyone should get to experience once in their lifetime.

Monique, says: 2020

Johannesburg is a the only place anyone in South African wants to see themselves at. It is a place full of great opportunities not forgetting entertainment too. Multilingual people from different provinces come here to explore the Joburg life but it often because challenging to communicate with one another though it’s not really a big factor; we are also open to learning other languages and their culture. We all just came to the city to live a happy life and get along with everyone. Jozi is the best place to be in the Country.

Wessel, says: 2020

It is a beautiful city, a lot of people move from different provinces to find work in Johannesburg. You find a lot of different languages, cultures and beliefs. It is the hub of mining, a lot of Gold mines are situated near this city… so you can imagine since South Africa makes a lot of money from the mines, the city attracts or lot of people who seek employment.

Blessing, says: 2020
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