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Living in Kolkata, West Bengal:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

208 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Kolkata, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 208 people living in Kolkata what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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The city is regaining its mojo, with businesses re-emergiing, improving healthcare and educational systems, huge improvement in transport infrastructure, along with improving civic amenities like water supply and drainage networks.

Biswarup B Karmakar, says: 2024

Kolkata still offers all the facilities of a big city at much lower cost of living than other tier 1 cities in India.

Siddharth, says: 2024

As everyone knows, Kolkata is still the cheapest place to live in. Rent is around Rs.5000/- ($ 61) per month for 1 BHK. Food and travelling another Rs.5000/- ($ 61). Although rent depends on the area you decide to live in but in general it’s that much only.

Gaurav, says: 2023

A must visit city of India, connected to the rest of the world by air, rail & busses. Victoria Memorial, Indian Museum, Zoo, Academy of Fine Arts, Race Course, Parade Ground, Kali Temple at kalighat & Dakshineswar, Birla Platoroum, Science City and Eco park will amuse you.

Biswajit, says: 2023

Kolkata has a variety of economical accommodation options in a variety of categories. So whether one desires a smaller apartment or a house with a rear yard, Kolkata is sure to pamper anyone with a variety of options. Some of the most luxurious apartments one can think of are situated in the center of the city. A person might even choose an apartment in a gated neighborhood that has a playground and a pool. However, Smart City, Rajarhat, is definitely the right destination for someone who would be seeking his or her own space away from the busy crowd and urban turmoil. This collection of high-rise buildings in Kolkata offers the benefit of a gated and guarded community and all the facilities of international standards.

Priyanko, says: 2023

Most people are informal but can be aggressive. All kinds of food is available. Medical infra is good. Traffic is bad and the city is crowded unless one moves to the outskirts. Weather from April to Oct is very hot and humid. Live in Kolkata if you like to see people around you all the time and enjoy good food without burning your pocket.

Cost of living is up to one’s pocket and friendly atmosphere.

Sanjoy, says: 2022

Anyone considering moving to my city i.e. Kolkata must know that this city is also called the City of Joy. Kolkata stands for its rich heritage, book-lovers, Nobel Laureates, Swami Vivekananda, and Mother Teresa. Kolkata people are very welcoming and love to explore food and places.

Amandeep, says: 2020

Kolkata is a very beautiful city. It’s remarkably cheap and the cost of living is low compared to other metropolitans. While Kolkata is easy on new comers, I would advise you to choose Ola or Uber over the yellow taxi. People are quite helpful so you can ask for help without hesitation.

The name “City of Joy” itself says a lot. People from all walks of life can survive here with minimal expenditures. Food is affordable and tasty. If you want to know someone better you just offer biryani.

Know the common language that is Bengali or at least be able to speak Hindi. Kolkata is also known as the city of joy and is majorly famous for its street food. So anyone visiting Kolkata should know the famous sweets that is sandesh and rasgulla. Also puchka as a street food is very famous which is similar to golgappa or pani puri.

Hameed, says: 2020

The basic culture of the city as it is resided by different communities. The market areas, the kind of transport that one could avail. There are sometimes different routes for one destination. So people must choose to correct route to travel faster. People must also know the particular areas for work and relaxation.

Pritpal, says: 2020

One must learn the local language as it will help him/her to communicate with local people as well as with small vendors. Also it will help one to understand the language of the people who are only comfortable with the local language only.

Kolkata is an extremely humid city. The heat is almost unbearable during summer. One must wear light, cotton clothes at all times. One should also carry an umbrella when outdoors. Hats and sunglasses also come handy. Carrying a bottle of water, while commuting, is an absolute must.

Farhan, says: 2020

Kolkata is the city of joy, and as the very name suggests it is a place to be in for those who love the hanging Howrah bridge over the sprawling Ganges river or the Victoria Memorial and the National Library. It has an old world charm with a newness sprinkled over. The people are very friendly and the chit chat in local trains and buses are a must for the daily commuters. Festivals and celebrations are always on the go along with serious studies and dedicated workers. The Durga Puja marks the city with its vivacity and joyousness. One would definitely fall in love with the city once they visit it.

Beaulin, says: 2020

Kolkata is a city of Colours and Creativity. Being here, a person is in touch with their cultural roots as well their modern lifestyle progression. Kolkata is like a big family itself and people are kind to each other. This city has different kinds of people from any social background closely knit together with their common love for Durga Goddess.

Amanjot, says: 2020

The city of joy may not be the brightest, cleanest or most spectacular city out there, but it’s name is totally justified. The people are just a delight and the food is heavenly. Overall, if you are looking for an affordable metropolitan city, you and Kolkata are perfect for each other.

Pallavi, says: 2020

Kolkata is not the best city out there. Although you may find it rather filthy, don’t have any misgivings about the people. The guys here are a delight and the food is just amazing. Overall, if you are looking for the most affordable metropolitan city in the country, Kolkata and you are a match made in heaven.

Mayank, says: 2020

Kolkata is wonderful city in terms of its historical importance. Places to visit include, Victoria Memorial Hall, Indian Museum, Alipur Zoo and Botanical Garden. Food, specially street foods are also of great attraction. Visitors will also be able to taste a secular environment in the city which they can experience by visiting temples, mosques, gurdwara and establishments of different religions.

Kowsika, says: 2020

This is a very dirty place, grimy, yo can say that. Therefore, know that you wouldn’t have a really good experience. There are certainly good places to see, but the rest of the city is, well, not so good, anyway. ‘This one’s really polluted, and people don’t much actually care about their surroundings. Traffic is a problem, and if you want to see bad coordination, come here, and stay here for a week. There, this isn’t a bright picture, but reality, though.

Tanmoy, says: 2020

When someone decides to move to my city he or she must know about the amazing street food that it has to offer. You can’t be obsessed with the hygiene of it all if you want to enjoy it. You need to befriend a local and go on an adventure of challenging your palate with the array of spicy that the roads of my city have to gift you with. Carry a bottle of water to cool down that tongue once in a while and embark on the voyage to food heaven.

My city’s known for its friendliness, warm behavior towards strangers and it’s old temples. It’s a nice place with cold weather throughout the year, nice food, good restaurants and nice neighborhood. You will have a great time living here. Very few person who has stayed in my city has ever left it.

Purnima, says: 2020

Kolkata as it is know now was earlier called Calcutta. The City of Joy. This is one of the metropolitan cities in India and know for it; s cultural and historic heritage. The former capital of India during the British rule, it still maintains the glimpses of that era. A beautiful city with a great weather and lovely people.

Parminder, says: 2020

One doesn’t have to worry too much about finding affordable places to live in Kolkata, as there are affordable options for accommodation in the city. Transport in the city presents itself with an array of options ranging from buses, to the quintessential yellow taxis of Kolkata. Trams too, are a historically rich option.

Bhavana, says: 2020

Kolkata has a lot of history attached to it. It also has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine, ambience and nightlife. The people here are very friendly but also politically opinionated which makes up for some interesting conversations every time you step out of your hotels. Heat and humidity are two big issues which you would have to contend with though.

Kolkata, also known as the City of Joy, is a really beautiful city full of bridges, libraries, rivers and culture but as every place has its shortcomings, Kolkata can be a risky city for anyone who is used to a peaceful life as traffic tends to increase a lot on weekdays but that should not stop anyone from moving to this wonderful city as it is one of the safest cities of India.

Kolkata has one of the densest populations one will ever see in a metropolitan city, even by Indian standards. The older parts of the city still show many traces of Bengal’s colonial past. This colonial history has influenced much of the city’s vibrant culture and diverse cuisine. Some visitors might be shocked at the visible poverty, but no one can help noticing the wonderful crafts, textiles, music and the people’s sheer zest for living despite daily vicissitudes. This aspect of the city becomes most evident during the massive annual Durga Puja – originally a religious festival which has come to transcend transcend barriers of caste, creed and race and evolved into a model of community spirit and human harmony.

Pushpak, says: 2020

Kolkata is a city of joy and rightly so. People from all walks of life can stay here. It’s not meant for rich but also for relatively poor. Food is pretty delicious and cost effective. If you’ve a voracious appetite, this is the place. However, weather changes pretty frequently. That’s the only drawback.

Prasanna, says: 2020

Kolkata, the City of Joy, has a deep impact on first time visitors. The city, dubbed to have soul by many residents, can change your perception of life, love and living. The ancient facade of the Victoria Memorial, built in honor of the late Queen Victoria of England, takes you back to the time of the British rule. The city is a perfect concoction of the yesteryears and the contemporary world. The city that bleeds art through the works of Satyajit Ray and innumerable Bengali literary scholars is also not devoid of progress, with six Nobel Laureates directly affiliated to this major Indian Metropolis.

Harshit, says: 2020

It’s of immense historical significance, with rich heritage and culture. It thrives with life. People here are more than welcoming. The additional perk is the renowned bengali cuisine. All said, I will mention Rabindranath Tagore.I live in the city that once belonged to such literary stalwarts. And I’m proud.

Monika, says: 2020

Kolkata is a city of joy, a city full of life. It is a city of culture and heritage. It has the best street foods and here the accommodation is very cheap. All the festivals are celebrated in Kolkata. Anybody who will once come in Kolkata, will always feel Home and would carry a part of it to wherever they go and strew its tenderness and love and flavour all over.

Amareswar, says: 2020

If someone moves to Kolkata, he or she should be ready to embrace its beauty in all its glory as being one of the oldest cities of India, Kolkata is often misconstrued as a backward city. But this is certainly not the case. This city is a wonderful place with nice and cooperative people just like the rest of India. The weather may not be welcoming to some but once the person adapts to it, it is quite pleasant (specially during monsoon). There are many historical places to visit too – Victoria Memorial being the most prominent.

Kolkata is popularly known as the City of Joy. One can expect to receive immense joy and happiness from the moment he or she steps foot in this beautiful city which encompasses a blend of classic contemporary and traditional lifestyle. The citizens welcomes each guest with a lot of warmth and comfort. Kolkata is a city where there’s unity in the festivals celebrated to the sorrows shed among the diversified cultures and religions.

Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), is unique in its own way. Whatever it may be, the fact remains that it is cosmopolitan in its own exclusive way. It is home to a large number of immigrant communities, be it Chinese, Armenian, Jewish, and other immigrants. The city possesses all the characteristics to make anyone feel at home.

Kashish, says: 2020

Kolkata is known for the warmth of the citizens. One will expect a blend of contemporary and traditional lifestyle. There’s diversity in all the aspects of the city from people to cultures to ethnicity. Though a diverse city Kolkata is also known for its unity among the diversified cultures. It’s famously known to be the City of Joy. One won’t be disappoint – it’s a city you experience joy and happiness.

Abhishek, says: 2020

Kolkata is a very hot and humid city. One must always wear cotton clothes to beat the heat. Carrying a bottle of water while commuting is a must. Carrying an umbrella or wearing a cap is also advisable to avoid the scorching rays of the sun. Having a pair of sunglasses is also very helpful.

Abhinav, says: 2020

The third largest metropolis in the country, Kolkata was the capital of British India before Delhi assumed this position. Kolkata developed from a fishermen’s village to become one of the largest cities in the world. The city symbolises creativity and vibrance with all the modern amenities available. Kolkata has adapted to the modern trends and techniques of the world but has not shed the leisurely life style and the calm of its heydays. Kolkata has the country’s first Metro railway and some of its buildings are +100 years old. While Kolkata is a city of enduring charm.

Manideep, says: 2020

My city is called the ‘City of Joy’. Public transport is the lifeline of this city. There’s no death of historical monuments here. Starting from the Howrah Bridge to Victoria Memorial, the famous horse carriage rides, it has it all. The National Library situate here is the largest library in the country.

The victoria memorial which was built by Lord Dalhousie. The historical place of Barrackpore where Sepoy Mutiny was started in the year 1857 is considered the first freedom struggle in India. The cantilever bridge over the Hugli river is famous, was built by British Government. This famous cantilever bridge is Howrah bridge.

Priyanka, says: 2020

– Anyone moving to Kolkata must have working knowledge of either Bengali or Hindi, especially if they are to rely on public transport. Even otherwise, knowing either of these two languages is important to make it work here.
– Traffic in Kolkata may not be as bad as other metropolitans but traffic directions change at certain times of the day. For example, certain roads have only one-way traffic at certain times. Using online maps is particularly helpful for the newcomer.
– Sharing a cab with a bunch of strangers is not advisable. People have been mugged in the process.
– If someone is relocating from a different city, street food probably won’t pose a problem. But foreigners are warned to stay away from it. Not only can it be particularly tough on the digestive system, as many of my acquaintances have found out the hard way, hawkers have also been known to dupe customers who aren’t familiar with the tricks of their trade. Speaking of trade, anyone visiting New Market must be well-versed in the art of haggling. Prices can come down to as much as one-fourth, if negotiated the right way.
– Late night wandering in the city is not particularly safe. It is advisable to reach one’s destination by 10pm.

Srimathi, says: 2020

The city is the city of Joy in India. It was once known as “Calcutta”. It was the capital of India during British rule. One of the best sweets is available in the city. The city still has tram running through its streets. The city gave Nobel Laureates like Rabindranath Tagore.

Mausam, says: 2020

Kolkata is the city of love. While moving to the city, know about it’s grand festival Durga Puja. one has to know the importance of Ganga ghats to each and every Bangali. The city makes one nostalgic. It embraces people coming from outside the city with open arms. One has to know about its culture and heritage.

Susanne, says: 2020

Kolkata is called City of Joy; so after reading this you can get a vast idea about the diversity of my city. we have lots of spicy foods and our speciality in sweets. “Bengali Rasgulla” is famous among them. we have many festivals like Durga puja is most special of all. we all meet Durga maa ever year in different way.

know the important customs/festivals in our city. They should respect the culture and our traditions. They should not be necessarily knew the mother language but must have a good knowledge of communicative English. They must respect the common people aspiration. They overall must be adaptive to the cultural environment.

Kolkata is popularly known as the City of Joy and rightly so, as this city is full of life and the people here go out of their way to help others.

The best part about this city is the food. You can find the best cuisines at the most affordable price and the cost of living as well is well within reach and way below some of the other metropolitan cities in India.

Overall it’s the best place to settle down if you are looking for great food, friendly people and an amazing atmosphere.

Pratiksha, says: 2020

Be very specific with your words. Carry your confidence. Cultural knowledge must be very high. The most used language here is Bengali and you should be very well accustomed with it. The local foods especially fish should not be looked down at. Strategic mind should be very strong and deep.

Dhruvi, says: 2020

It is convenient to travel and communicate in the city for someone new moving here. People will help the person with food and lodging guidance. Metro bus and car services are available therefore for someone new travelling to required destination should not be an issue. On weekends you can easily move around for sightseeing in the city.

Suresh, says: 2020

Anyone who wants to visit Kolkata should take a stroll around the infamous College street. To inhale the essence of the very culture that makes Kolkata so special. Literature, fine arts and cultural festivals are the true root identity of this city. The ambiance, people’s enthusiasm, the food, the architecture has its own definitive factor that distinguishes it from any other city or place around the world.

Sarath, says: 2020

My city Kolkata is the city of joy. Many people from many backgrounds, many castes, many religion stay together here. One can easily get used to in here. There are many visiting places here. One will get amazed in this lovely city. Kolkata is our pride. We love Kolkata and its sentiments, cultures. One will get the thrill of Durga Puja here, a bengali ceremony. One will love it and I can bet on it.

Saravana, says: 2020

My city is known as the city of joy. If someone moves here they must understand that there is an amalgamation of various subcultures, food habits and people in this city. There is diversity in all areas however the city is safe and unique in terms of architecture and literature.

The cost of living in Kolkata is very cheap, compared to other metropolitan cities in India. The people here are very warm and intelligent. Bengali is the mother tongue of people of Kolkata. Bengali people are very strict about education. The city is rich in culture. Evening Adda in tea corners are like a daily ritual of Bengali people.

Samarth, says: 2020

Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta is a place where you will find peace and solace. The city strikes a perfect balance between modern culture and heritage. You will find a foodie and an avid reader in almost all the corners. But the primary reason why you should consider moving to Kolkata should be to experience how well we welcome diversity.

Safvan, says: 2020

Kolkata is the City of Joy. Here people welcome each newbie with much warmth; the visitor doesn’t always need to be formal about what he/she wants, just asking with a smile on face will get his/her job done. Kolkata still carries its heritage with beauty and grace and it is one of those rare places where you can easily survive even with limited budget.

Sanjana, says: 2020

Kolkata is a good place. As it’s weather is very pleasant. Overall here cost of living is low. one can save more money. And as it’s a metro city, it’s easy to travel from one place to another with metro, apart from that here the local train and bus services are great and cheap. Apart from that auto and taxi services are also quite cheap than other cities. Food is great and cheap. Lots of places to visit in weekends. Education system is great.

Amrinder, says: 2020

Kolkata is the city of Joy. It holds various kinds of festivals throughout the year. It is also a trade centre in India. There are different sightseeing spots you can visit. Some of the tourist spots are Indian Museum, Victoria Memorial, Hoogly Bridge, Howrah Bridge. It is also one of the busiest cities in India.

Shabbeer, says: 2020

Joy. Who does not want a little bit of joy in life? one will find that in abundant because it is the ‘City of Joy’. From the colonial monuments to the mouth-watering street foods – in Kolkata, one will catch a glimpse of the entire globe. The Muslims celebrate Durga Puja with equal excitement and the Hindus make merry on Eid. Kolkata is really the melting pot of cultures.

Harish, says: 2020

Anyone moving to Kolkata should know it’s indeed a city of joy only if you can survive the dirt and the garbage on the roads. Also, you don’t have to worry about the food. Kolkata is a home to delicious street foods which can satisfy your taste and hunger at a reasonable price. Living in this city is a lot easy and comforting with a lot of conveyance options to travel around the city, an affordable stay and a eas availability of all kinds of food.

Aleena, says: 2020

Kolkata is a city in West Bengal, India. Its rich of its heritage and culture. The native language of this city is Bengali. It is known as the city of joy due its culture. People here are concerned with politics, arts and science and technology. Kolkata is also famous for its food.

Surekha, says: 2020

Calcutta is more than brick and mortar building, it is about feelings. Calcutta is more humane, sociable, with the best food and people-friendly while getting more culturally active day by day. The city thrives on intellectualism and it is not easy to swim against this tide of thoughts and feelings. Once you are in Kolkata, wherever you go a part of Calcutta will always go with you.

The city is very warm and friendly. It is called the city of Joy. It is not expensive, people with modest means can comfortably live here. The transport system is very good. Good healthcare facilities are available. There are good malls, theater, park, playgrounds available. And oh! There are sufficient good educational institutes both schools and colleges for your children to study.

Kolkata is the cultural capital of India, with mouth-watering food, a very rich history, many amazing places to visit, and much more. It is much more than just a city it is filled with people from all walks of lives, and emotions bursting through the city. With so many places to visit and so many activities, you can never be a victim of boredom.

People needs to keep an open mind and accept broader concepts while moving here. This is important because the people in the city are acceptable and peaceful and always go on step forward to provide a space of mutual comfort and satisfaction. The second factor, which they should also consider is people in my city believe food is the way to their hearts. There are plenty of chances of spotting people consuming an insane amount of food and even making others do the same out of love.

Mohammed, says: 2020

Kolkata is known as The City of Joy. The city has earned the nickname ‘City of Joy’ for its soulful embodiment of culture, love, mystery, respect, enthusiasm and some amazing food and sweet delicacies. Kolkata is a a perfect juxtaposition of the old world and the modern one.

Before moving to Kolkata, one should know about the hot and humid weather of the city. If someone doesn’t like spicy food, know the street foods in Kolkata. Locals cook spicy foods and it’s normal for us.

Kolkata, or Calcutta, once the capital of British India, is known for its rich culture. The city advocates literature, arts, drama, and theatre with famous nobel laureates, such as Rabindranath Tagore, contributing to its culture immensely. Durga Puja, a five-day festival celebrated to honour the Goddess Durga, is a time when the city is decked up with lights and shrines (pandals) People from all over the country flock to Kolkata during this time to witness the decorations. Additionally, the city is a food hub and has the finest street food one can find in the country.

Shripad, says: 2020

The people here are kind and helpful as long as you have the same attitude towards them. Some people here are sweeter than “rosogollas” which is the most popular sweet here but you can’t ignore “mishti doi.” We are a happy community with a lot of festivals, the most important being Durga Puja. We are welcoming to people from all spheres of life.

Pranav, says: 2020

Kolkata is the City Of Joy. Someone moving here will find not a lot of money, but plenty of human touch and a sense of belonging and acceptance by the city. The city is vibrant and has many historic places to admire. You will feel like being transported back in time.

Nikitha, says: 2020

I suggest you should not move to my city. My city is very densely populated, prices of goods are very high and there is at least one beggar in every alley. This situation would demotivate you to the point that you cannot think of anything else except helping them.

Rajarshi, says: 2020

Kolkata is also called the City of Joy. There are historical sites present here like Dakshineshwar Temple, Victoria Memorial, and other famous spots. The people of Kolkata also very helpful and generous towards newcomers in the city. Kolkata is known for grandly holding Durga Puja yearly.

Nikhil, says: 2020

If moving to Kolkata, India then be aware that there is an abundance of public transportation options here so you do not need to plan on owning an automobile. you will be quite impressed with the cuisine and the wide range of restaurant and street food options available. Finally, Kolkata is a great jumping off point for traveling throughout south and southeast Asia. There are easy flights to Thailand, China, and other cities in India.

Mehala, says: 2020

Public transport is the major means of commuting to and from one place to another and while private cab services might seem to be a more viable and tempting option, the former is much more economical and convenient. The streets are crowded and one can lose ways easily if they are not well-versed with the directions. The climate is, for the most part, humid and arid with the mercury soaring high for the better part of the year, so one should always have a handy parasol and some water to keep yourself hydrated and healthy.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the city, Kolkata is a very busy city. Newcomers can easily get overwhelmed by the extreme traffic and overall chaotic nature of Kolkata. People who are not familiar with the busy urban lifestyle will face more issues. However, with the correct guidance and time, one can eventually adapt to the busy city.

Saravana, says: 2020

It is a beautiful place over all. It has its own pros and cons. Let me first tell you about the pros which are:
* Transportation is available 24/7.
* There are a lot of beautiful and fun places, where you can go with family.
* The rent not that much too.

Now the cons:
* The air here is not that great.
* There is a lot of traffic here at time.
* Overall a lot of place are just crowded a lot of time.

Darshan, says: 2020

Kolkata is a city of Joy. It is the capital of a state called West Bengal in India. Though the weather is hot and humid, you will enjoy the green surroundings. People here are extremely helpful and friendly. There are many historical monuments in this city.

Ravina, says: 2020

Kolkata is known as city of joy. Anyone moving to this city will come across nature’s beauty, diverse food culture and very helpful people. Places to visit in Kolkata are Victoria Memorial, General Post Office, and Shahid Minar. Bengali sweets are the most popular thing about Kolkata. One moving out here find only joy in the simple yet modern lifestyle.

Kolkata, known as The City Of Joy, is a source of happiness to 1,000s. With its rich culture and heritage, music and aura, it stands out from the rest of the cities. Kolkata is vibrant and equally contrasting, with vintage stores and luxurious shopping malls. With bustling streets and people of different backgrounds, it is a city one should consider moving to. However, one should keep in mind that Kolkata tends to be crowded, so he or she must be prepared to walk in large crowds where no one knows each other, but exchanges smiles.

Jayati, says: 2020

Kolkata is the City of Joy. It’s a metropolitan city in India. While other metropolitan cities in India may have better infrastructure, Kolkata is the perfect place to move if someone is seeking to find life in the concrete surrounding them. It’s a city full of life and nostalgia.

Apart from the basics about housing and food, they need to be tolerant about the laid back attitude of the people here. Be interested in having long conversations on any topics and sound knowledgeable too! If they are a foodie then all the more better because Bengalis love to eat and talk about it! andyo need to know about Rabindranath Tagore and his music too!

Kolkata is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Therefore, some nice scenery with not so cheap rate of usual things along with beauty of our motherland is more than enough for anyone who is even moving to my city. There are very few place in this world that you can actually call home, but when you call one, make sure to justify it. Trust me, my home and my city got everything you all need.

Fun to live if you know to lead life without complaining much about rules. Need not be wealthy to lead a good life. Need to drink a lot of fluids to keep you going. Good thing is that life here is not about money, only money. Nice people.

Dikshita, says: 2020

Kolkata is the city of joy. though it is a urban area, it has a calm aura. And people can find peace here. There are many attractions here like Howrah Bridge, Victoria Memorial and Princep Ghat.

Rishit, says: 2020

Know whether you can adjust to the hot and humid weather of the city. The best thing about the city is the food is very cheap with a good quality. if someone moves to this city and looking for pg accommodations then they need to do a bit research and run some errands before finalizing the place of stay. The magnificent Ganga, the beautiful blue sky, delicious hot rosogollas are enough to make you fall in love with city.

Someone moving to my city, must try out all the cuisines that my city offers. And never miss the Durga puja. And should try out Rosogollas! And be worried about the same looking streets all over the city. And know all the streets to save themselves from traffic jams!

Mitesh, says: 2020

Kolkata is “City of buildings”! Kolkata has the Kolkata International Airport and the Metro Rail. Kolkata pride itself for having historical monuments like Shahid Minar and the hanging Howrah bridge across the river Ganga built during the British period. Indian Museum and Victoria Memorial are among the top destinations in Kolkata. Kolkata is also the spiritual hub boasting of age old temples, churches, and mosques. Kolkata Biryani is one of the delicious dishes to try for someone new in the city.

Know about traffic during the rush hour. Also, how to communicate in local or native language as the locals might not understand what they are trying to say. Car honking is quite famous in our city, you can hear honking at all times of night and morning.

Kasturi, says: 2020

Kolkata is very good. You can visit the national museum or the Victoria Memorial or the national library. The place is also known for its trams which are only in this city of India. This is an amazing city. The people here are really great and well behaved.

Sahana, says: 2020

Kolkata is in India. It is a very hot and humid city, on the banks of river Ganges. The city is known for Victoria Memorial and street food. It is a metropolitan city so, it is very crowded. There is lot of traffic jam and it takes quite a long time to go from one place to another. In city transportation is rich with government and private buses, local trains, taxis, autos and metros.

Chanpreet, says: 2020

Kolkata is a confluence of traditions, modern art and culture. From many exciting places to visit to many foods to explore, Kolkata has surprises for you in every aspect of a joyful life. Street food and specialty joints are another great source attraction. how can one forget about the evolution of a vast variety of sweets in the city. Travelling is cheap and one can get houses at an affordable rate depending on the location. A strong education base is always evident from the national and international achievements this city has witnessed. In a nutshell, Kolkata has something unique and exciting for all groups of people.

Kolkata’s weather is humid. On the brighter side, Kolkata is the “city of joy”, so it has a lot of exciting things to offer. Kolkata is a great place to travel with sites such as Victoria Memorial, Science City, Eco Park, etc.

Someone moving to Kolkata must be aware of the relatively humid temperature which makes one sweat profusely three quarters of the year. On the other hand, the pleasant winters at the end of each year makes it quite worth the uncomfortable summers. It’s an even choice from my personal point of view.

Sruthi, says: 2020

Kolkata is a place resided by myriads of people. The food here is delicious and this city has in store a lot of things unknown and mysterious. Moving to this city is pocket-friendly too. There are a lot of historical places to look forward to. Last but not the least this city will never fail to surprise anyone.

Aaditya, says: 2020

Anyone moving to Kolkata must be aware of her glorious history, stunning British-Dutch architecture and an enriched cultural-art- heritage backdrop. Also, the crux of Kolkata is the life associated with the city. Kolkata is the queen of the cities and joy beholds here. From lowest living cost among the metropolitan cities to people with really kind hearts, Kolkata is has it all.

Kolkata is a wonderful city to settle. Kolkata is the name of my city and recently it is the ‘City of Literature’ also. It has lots of places to roam about and many of them are old buildings built during the British’s rule. It is an excellent city for street foods.

Kadiri, says: 2020

The first thing one should be aware of is Kolkata’s streets. It has streets and lanes spread throughout like labyrinths. One should make a thorough inspection of the neighbourhood they are moving to to make sure they know most of the alternative routes that lead to the locality. It is advisable to avoid the desolate ones as they might be dangerous to roam at night; some even during the day.

Prerna, says: 2020

The city that, I am currently residing in Kolkata. It is known as the city of lights. It has a great historical significance, as it was one of the capital of the British empire. The historical buildings from the British time are still prevalent. In this city also resides the biggest stadium of India, the Eden garden stadium. The people of this city love fish. Many renowned laureate and scholars are from this city like Rabindranath Tagore, Partho Chatterjee etc.

Farooq, says: 2020

Kolkata is the city of joy as they say. It is a city with plenty of opportunities in variety of fields. One of the cheapest cities where one can thrive with joyful people around. People around you are always willing to help. The transport system is very cheap. You will find soman delicious food to eat and people of welcoming nature.

Farhana, says: 2020

Kolkata is a great dwelling place for people who want to stay in a city which requires less expenses and a good, friendly environment around himself or herself. Kolkata has all kind of places ranging from amusement parks to snow parks. Kolkata has people from all backgrounds and is also a good place for people looking for jobs.

Preetha, says: 2020

Kolkata is the City of Joy. It is as aesthetically pleasing as it gets. Also, the proportion of food and art here could be found nowhere else. My city is rich in its culture; the people here are surprising. You will find faces of Tibet’s to the Kanyakumari’s. Very “mishti” – to put it all together.

People from all levels of society do find a suitable abode here. Nothing can match the vibrancy which dwells in every nook and corner of the city. People are very friendly and one shall find love and friendship everywhere. One can connect with people and earn and live in the best possible manner. There is something for everybody.

Jayati, says: 2020

Someone moving tomy city, Kolkata, should be prepared for a crowded public transport system and a rainy weather. However, there are many eateries offering delicious food and old heritage buildings to admire. My city was colonized by the British Raj and has also been heavily influenced by Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese and French culture, contributing to a beautiful blend of international and national culture.

Aayushi, says: 2020
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