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Diversity and Racism in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

23 local experts

Is Chennai diverse? Do people from different ethnic groups get along? Here's what 23 local experts had to say about diversity, inclusivity, and racism in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

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Anyone moving to our city should know the local language to get along with people in public places. Our city has a flare of street food, tourist attractions, beaches, and a multicultural crowd for an enriching experience that one can look forward to.

Anshul, says: 2020

One of the great cities in India and it has a very diverse population. One can really enjoy the city and the food. It is a city which provides livelihoods for people from many places and it has really great places to hang around. No matter if you’re single, with friends, a couple, or an aged person, everybody has a place to enjoy.

Nirupam, says: 2020

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu. It is a hub where diverse cultures and traditions from across the nation blend. The city has the second-largest beach, the Marina. The city is known for its traditions and emerging trends. Unlike the common myths, the city also has a nightlife. Chennai has a lot of world-renowned hospitals and technicians. It stands next only to Bangalore in the IT field. Chennai is a great place to start over a new leaf of life.

Tauquir, says: 2020

My city is a melting pot for all the cultures and people here are quite friendly. They are also known for their integrity. There are lot of cultural places to visit. It does provide you with cuisines that’s from many countries. The local food is appetizing to the palate. Affordable to live in for students and there are also good accommodations. You can also try the traditional sarees. The beach in here is the second largest in the world. The fried fish that is sourced directly is a delight to the palate.

As all know Chennai is a city that welcomes all people irrespective of language and gender. Someone moving to this city gets easily adapted and all they have to know is finding the right place. As there are areas with high living standards and cost of living as well. moving to Chennai city is preferable for working people as they have all modes of transportation to reach their workplace. A general suggestion would be, find a place nearby work area that have a decent living and a reasonable cost of living.

Yadati, says: 2020

Chennai is a great metropolitan city with a lot of diversity in culture and food. You can live on any level of income comfortably without compromising on quality. It has a lot of interesting places where you can spend your free time. it has varied sets of industries that increases the employability potential for an individual.

Shobha, says: 2020

The place I live in has a variety of food diversity and a lot of tourist places. The food here is on point and the people here make you feel like a fish in the water. The roads here are a little substandard. There is a big fallback on public toilet hygiene. Apart from that Chennai is an amazing place to make a livelihood with a lot of jobs.

Ayesha, says: 2020

Chennai is the best place, with the most favourable weather. It welcomes people from all ethnic groups and a safer place to work and live. A perfect place for those who love visiting beaches and religious sites. The cost of living is very decent and there are a lot of opportunities to earn a living.

The city is a place of diversity. It holds a lots of jobs and gives success to people who work hard to peruse it. It has huge number of hotels to stay comfortable in a reasonable price. Transport is something we can rely on like we have many modes of transport which is easily accessible. This is the place to hang around happily, place for foodies, and People of all religion.

Vikram, says: 2020

Chennai is a diverse, cultural city. People are very friendly and helpful. They are good in English and so tourists can feel safe. Food may be bit hot and oily for the foreigners but it is great that all cuisines are available. Traffic is heavy and undisciplined most of the time. Weather may be hot and sweaty for the general tourists. Plush living condos are available with a host of facilities.

Chennai is one of the busiest cities in India. The people are very friendly and will help you whenever you are last or just indeed of directions. Chennai is a melting pot of a variety of cultures, cuisines and religions. It is a bit polluted since almost 10% of the state’s population live here.

Harsha, says: 2020

The city is known for this sprawling greenery and old buildings. It has the right mix of Anglo and local cultures interwoven in it. The city has one of the biggest cricket stadiums and was one of the capital cities of old India. It also has a varied and diverse food culture ranging from traditional to the Persian cuisines.

Chennai in the south of India, is full of diversity in religions and cultures. all cuisine foods are available here. It is easy to find a job in this city for anyone considering the high amount of job vacancies in most of the well reputed companies.

Manohar, says: 2020

The Chennai city is the capital of state Tamil Nadu in India. The city has diverse educational system and multiple working sectors. The living conditions are spectacular. People are kind and helpful. It’s the perfect place to gain knowledge and experience for both students and workers alike, as this city provides wonderful opportunities with good quality.

Abirami, says: 2020

Chennai is colourful with lots of wonderful religions. You can rediscover yourself in my city. It has a wide diversity from which you can get an idea of how India actually is. My state Tamil Nadu is famous for its Temple Architecture which makes people fall for, easily.

Mubashshir, says: 2020

Chennai is known for best south Indian foods. When moving to a multicultural metropolitan city, one must know where to purchase the essential commodities needed for home and domestic purposes. Plenty of good vegetable and fruit markets are available to suit the needs of the population. Also, there are many hotels and restaurants which cater to the taste of the diverse Indian population. Thus, my city offers a good stay and living for outsiders.

Chennai is one of the metropolitan cities in India. It’s densely populated and diverse in culture. People speak tamil which is one of the oldest language in the world. It lies in the coast of Bay of Bengal and houses the second longest beach in the world.

Our city is diverse in nature by having mixed ethnic groups. Its very rich in culture and heritage. Several tourist places and affordable hotels. City has beautiful beach and it’s the second longest beach in world. It has several Information Technology companies employing nearly half million. It also has automobile manufacturing and assembly industries.

Arpita, says: 2020

More beautiful city to be explored. There are many memorial places in our city. In Chennai we welcome all kinds of people race, caste or country. We follow unity in diversity. Beach and Mahabalipuram are places that are to be visited for sure. We have lot of temples in our city.

Anurag, says: 2020

Chennai is a metro with a diverse culture. It has great food and music. With a long beach, weekends can be fun. The city is also home to many software and manufacturing companies. Hence, finding work will not be a problem. Also, there are a great number of museums and galleries for art lovers.

Mohamed, says: 2020

They must have a previous experience of living in a humid climate because the sun is always scorching hot. The food gives the sun a run for its money by fairly being hot and spicy as well. Although, the indigenous people from different backgrounds always treat you with the best hospitality.

The diversity in culture and variety of South Indian cuisines. The simplicity and authenticity among the people and it’s intriguing history. It is bestowed with beautiful beaches and glorious heritage encompassing art music and dance. Humility in people is heart touching and most importantly this city is relatively a safe place for women.

Amrita, says: 2020

Chennai is one of the biggest cities in India. It is resided by multicultural people from various regions across the state. The food culture is very southern based, but one can easily find his needs with the help of the city’s developed attractions. One would find it happier to live here.

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