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Living in Port Harcourt, Nigeria:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

72 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Port Harcourt, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 72 people living in Port Harcourt what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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72 comments on “Port Harcourt”

If you are moving to my city Port Harcourt, you need to consider power stability because the stability of power is poorly distributed in some areas. There are nice places where visitors can have fun in Port Harcourt. As a visitor, Port Harcourt is a very peaceful city with no form of threat to human life.

Adewale, says: 2024

It is a very enterprising town with a good entertainment life. However you need to be security conscious because some parts of the town are not very safe.

Henrietta, says: 2023

It is a thriving city with a blooming nightlife in certain areas. Pidgin English is the main mode of communication. The people are friendly and hospitable to visitors. There are amazing spots such as Pleasure park, Michael’s Garden, 24 on Herbert, Asiatown, Eden lounge, etc. and there are so many waterfronts but you should be ready to settle “area boys” with peanuts. Cost of living isn’t high and the cost of rent is pocket-friendly. It’s a good place if you’re considering to visit or relocate.

Harrison, says: 2023

If you are considering moving to Port Harcourt know that life in Port Harcourt is expensive.

Fidelia, says: 2022

Home of tourist with good environment, Good meal and fishers /River site, good people, representing of Africa, beautiful ladies, busy area, traffic, church minded individuals, people with Good heart, business tycoon, great government, non steady electricity, the treasure is, recreational center, university of port Harcourt, school of art and science.

Omolara, says: 2020

Port Harcourt is known as the “Garden City”. Although not all locations in it are admirable, there are beautiful place you should see. Try the markets in Port Harcourt. Organic foods are grown and sold. It may be dangerous, which is the same everywhere in the world, so, beware of the time to go out and where.

Joseph, says: 2020

My city has a lot of creeks surrounding it, and as such, is prone to having floods during the rainy season, which runs from April to October every year. This is actually a bit longer than other parts of the country.

Priscilla, says: 2020

Port Harcourt City is the capital of Rivers, a state located in the southern part of Nigeria. It comprises of people from different religions and ethnic groups. It is one of the biggest city in Nigeria. Because of its industrious nature, people in this city are mainly public workers, it is a good place for vacation because of its recreational activities.

Stanley, says: 2020

Port Harcourt is a city in Rivers State, Nigeria. It is the state capital and home to most of the residents of the state. Temperatures range between 20 to 35 degrees Celsius. It can be scorching during the dry season. The dry season is usually from November till March. The most common language here is pidgin English. If you’re a foreigner, you might take a while to understand this pidgin. The favourite food here is bole, a delicacy made with roast yam, plantain and a special kind of stew.

Ganiyu, says: 2020

Located in the Niger Delta region of region of Nigeria, it is an oil-rich city which had previously supported thriving aquatic life. Due to mismanagement, however, it is now beset with environmental problems which have substantially dwindled such growth.

In light of this, the federal government had taken such measures to tackle these concerns. These measures are yet to be fully implemented. Where they are, a return to the flourishing sea activity is predicted. This will boost volume of food production and supply in the state and surrounding localities.

Ukaegbu, says: 2020

Anyone considering moving to my city should be prepared to sit in traffic for longer than they expect, own a small-sized umbrella cause the weather might change anytime and also buy warmer clothes. One thing i forgot to add is that due to the ongoing road constructions, some distances have to be covered on foot.

Abiodun, says: 2020

Port Harcourt is a city bustling with life and swarming with opportunities especially for young people. Its weather is comfortable, however, the rains can be extreme sometimes. The language spoken is mostly pidgin and little bits of Igbo. The road network is relatively bad as you can spend hours on the road due to traffic jam.

Precious, says: 2020

My city is very busy. That’s the first thing you should know. The city is overpopulated, so jobs are very scarce. Access to good roads, food and health care is a constant competition. One will have to wake up early or else face an unprecedented traffic congestion. Yet the city is well respected as a business hub with numerous companies and businesses it is home to.

Ibebuogu, says: 2020

Port Harcourt sits at the heart of the Niger-delta, the oil rich region which sustains the economy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It has a population of about four million people and enjoys heavy rainfall for the most parts of the year. Nicknamed the garden City, Port Harcourt houses Obio-Akpor, the richest Local Government Area in West Africa.

Fajuyigbe, says: 2020

Port Harcourt is a big city. It is one of the major areas oil is gotten from in Nigeria and big oil companies such as Shell, Chevron etc. come to Port Harcourt to get oil. It is also the capital of Rivers State. It has sea ports where most companies carry out their import and export activities.

Someone moving here should know it is largely dominated by oil and gas firms, financial services firms, and civil service. The people of warm and hospitable. The person should also know that her safety and security is his/her responsibility notwithstanding the efforts of Government and security agencies.

Security instability, they should also consider the power shortage and should be willing to buy fuel daily to run their houses. Scammers, thieves, and cultists are another thing to worry about. But it’s still a nice place because of nice places to visit, caring people, etc.

Muhsin, says: 2020

The cost of living in Port Harcourt is quite high. Therefore, the person should be financially prepared to foot the very exorbitant prices of food, clothes and accommodation. He or she must also be aware that power supply in the city is not constant. Hence, he or she should factor in the cost of running backup generators into his or her expenses.

Port Harcourt is a pretty rowdy city, although calmer than most in my country. There is a lot to see and explore here if you’re one moving over with kids, or if you’re single or simply looking for fun. There are jobs in certain fields, depending on your qualification. In general, it is a nice city that I would comfortably advise one to move to.

Bukola, says: 2020

Port Harcourt is known for manufacturing of aluminum and glass. There is much rainfall because it’s actually a river side area, so some youth’s use that opportunity to take up a fisherman job due to the government policies on accepting much amount of fishermen monthly and pay them a reliable amount of money.

Temitayo, says: 2020

Anyone visiting my city, Port Harcourt in Nigeria, should be able to understand Basic English communication as English language is the lingua franca. Also, Pidgin English is widely spoken in the city. The currency used in my city is the Nigerian Naira. There are a good number of places where visitors can hangout to relax and enjoy themselves such as the ultra modern Pleasure Park, Spar, etc. There are also a good number of decent hotels such as Nicon Noga Hilton, Hotel Presidential – a five star facility in the heart of the city that has modern state-of-the art facilities. Transportation and communication/internet facilities are readily available.

Port Harcourt is called garden city. Beautiful with a lot of flowers and trees. The air smells like fresh chocolate because of the Cadbury factories in my city. It crowded with lots of visitors who come for tourist attractions. The locals in my city are happy people and willing to help tourists.

Oluwaseyi, says: 2020

Port Harcourt is the capital of Rivers State in Nigeria and the city is popularly known as the oil city.

Port Harcourt is a beautiful city and one of the most amazing things about this city is that it can host people of various social classes. Currently, a number of road construction projects are ongoing which has created a restraint in movement but altogether is aimed at the development of the state.

Port Harcourt is blessed with a lot of natural resources and the most lucrative currently is crude oil and this has attracted a lot of companies and encouraged the development of the state.

Adewale, says: 2020

Port Harcourt is a nice place with natural vegetations. It is in the South South location of Nigeria, Rivers State precisely. The people are accommodating and hospitable. We have diverse cultures. Port Harcourt which is my city is popularly known as the “the oil rich city” of Nigeria due to its crude oil exploration but it is ironic that the people live in abject poverty. Some people say that the crude oil is called the “cursed gold”.

Plangnan, says: 2020

Port Harcourt is a city in Nigeria and it is the capital of Rivers State. It is known for its different cuisines and ethnic groups such as the Kalabari and Ikwerre people. One of the popular dishes in Port Harcourt is isi ewu made by using a goat’s head. People who reside in Port Harcourt are known for their live of cultural displays and parties.

Port Harcourt is a city of diverse interests, it is difficult to say, the Ideals and manners are subject to interest-groups and the individual. Having an interest or a guide, in the maelstrom that is Port Harcourt, is best charted this way. When all is said and done, one could have a richly rewarding experience if one keeps their wits about them.

Oghenefejiro, says: 2020

Before moving to Port Harcourt, new residents should consider power as a very big challenge. The rate at which power is been distributed in my city is appalling. Therefore, aspiring new residents should think of other alternatives like generators, inverters for solar panels in generating electricity. The bad condition of major roads in my city is alarming and the government is not willing to do anything about it.

Before someone would think of moving to my city, firstly, power should be considered. The rate at which electricity is been distributed is very poor. Therefore, aspiring residents should think of other source of power generation like generators, inverters, solar panels, etc. The bad condition of the roads in my city is alarming. Easy transportation may be a very big problem to new residents.

Oluwafemi, says: 2020

Port Harcourt is the garden city in the south east of Nigeria. It is where majority of Nigeria’s crude oil is found. It is made up of river-rime people like Bonny people and okrika people and other people. it is a peaceful place.

Moving to Port Harcourt will require a person to be fluent in English. My city has very brooding weather and it rains for a good six months in a year. Living in the heart of my city means being able to tolerate all the noise from transportation, learning to walk faster and push harder, and above all learning to hustle.

The city is quite fun loving and full on different entertainment schemes, the governance in the state is commendable as well. It’s citizens are helpful and accomodating. But you also need to be aware of the high standard of living and cost of properties both residential and commercial. This could be an hindrance to low income earners who may not be able to afford the average comfort in this luxurious city.

Benjamin, says: 2020

Four things you must know before moving to Port Harcourt:
– The city has two major roads leading into it; Ikwerre and Aba roads.
– The government house is at the end of Ikwerre road.
– The name of the governor is His Excellency, Barr. Nyesom Ezenwo Wike.
– Look out for Rumuokoro junction, it’s about the most important in the city. From there, you can find your way to any part of the city.

Harrison, says: 2020

If you’re moving to Port Harcourt, you should brush up on your Pidgin English because that’s the lingua franca here. If you’re moving to Port Harcourt, you should get ready to be woken up in the morning by the sound of gunshots. Life in Port Harcourt is easy if you have a car and you’re a rough driver. Remember to avoid the police because they’re a special breed in these parts.

Victor, says: 2020

Port harcourt is the capital of Rivers and one of the most popular cities in Nigeria. It is in the south of Nigeria close to the Atlantic ocean. It is one of the states harboring many oil companies this is because of its natural resources mostly crude oil. Cost of living there is high.

Ayinde, says: 2020

Port Harcourt has a very friendly environment filled with peaceful people and interesting places. It is rich in oil which attracts both foreigners and people from all walks of life to it. The cost of living in my city is moderate that both the poor and the rich can afford to live in it.

Festus, says: 2020

I recommend a high sense of security consciousness. However, this warning is not to create morbid fear but to heighten a sense of alertness in the individual considering the move. It is nothing new to see or hear cases of gang violence, police brutality or other social vices. An indifferent mindset would put one in harm’s way, hence the warning. Amidst all this, there are of still beautiful perks about moving here. Tourist attractions, buzzing nightlife and the warm hospitality of the natives are worth considering the move.

Chinasa, says: 2020

It is a very good city, in which there are different towns. There are numerous schools, churches, offices and organisation. This city is a place for people with good behavior and there are no social vices which includes; stealing, cultism, robbery, rape, racism etc. This city of mine is a city with good reputation.

Chukwuka, says: 2020

Living in Rivers State could be very lively as it allows you to explore the diverse culture of the local people in the area. The place is also known for its long and heavy rain year-round. This, if anyone visits or move in should make preparation for the long and heavy raining season. There are also local dishes that you might like to check out which. The people and naturally hospitable and live around water.

Someone moving to Port Harcourt should know it has an equatorial rainforest climate hence it is quite humid, rainy, and hot. They should also know that malaria is common here but not deadly if one takes medicine. Additionally, during the dry season Harmattan arrives which can be jarring for a new-comer. Over time, one would acclimate to the peculiarities of living in the tropics.

Port Harcourt is very busy and lively city with different kind of people living there, it is a great city to start a family with great job opportunity. It is a thriving city that never sleeps, port Harcourt has people from different parts of The world, its street are very clean and the educational system is great.

Benedicta, says: 2020

A good accommodation may be hard and expensive to come by, so it is advised that one secures a place before. Jobs are relatively easy to find. Port Harcourt has a lot of tourism and relaxation sites, however, one should always be security conscious because the security situation is not totally adequate.

Oreoluwa, says: 2020

A good accommodation can, sometimes, be difficult and expensive to secure. Job opportunities are relatively easy to come by, however, it is highly advised that one be security conscious. There are so many sites for relaxation and tourism. Port Harcourt is a nice place and work.

Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers state, is the treasure base of our nation, Nigeria. This is because Rivers state is one of the largest oil-producing states in the country. Port Harcourt is also regarded as ‘the garden city.’ The residents are hospitable, kind-hearted and ever ready to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Hollins, says: 2020

Port Harcourt is a historical enclave of rich and diverse flora and fauna in one of the exotic Islands off the East coast and offers a wide array of activities from hiking, sailing, mountain climbing to good cuisines found almost nowhere else. A place, visit and tell others about.

Medina, says: 2020

Recently, due to prohibited refining of petroleum products, the quality of air has somewhat decreased. Most times it gets really bad to the point where there is visible soot and smog. Though, the government has promised to effect change, we are still yet to notice any positive change.

Miracle, says: 2020

Port Harcourt is in Rivers State, Nigeria. It is one of the oil producing states in Nigeria. it is in the South-South geo-political zone in Nigeria. The city is also one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria, with many flyovers and good motorable roads. There is also stable power supply in my city. This makes my city a good place for relaxation.

Gloria, says: 2020

Port Harcourt City is a very large and busy place. A person considering to move to the city must first consider the standard of living. Transport, food and accommodation, which happens to be very essential to life, are very expensive in this city. Due to overpopulation, it is also very difficult to find employment opportunities.

Eucharia, says: 2020

Any person moving here must consider traffic problems we face particularly on weekdays. He must also consider the high cost of living. Then there are environmental issues to consider. such a person must consider that there are flooding issues from time to time during the rainy seasons.

Port Harcourt city is the capital of Rivers State, Nigeria. It’s known for its quiet and serene environments. Port Harcourt is quite well-known in the country for having one of the oldest sea ports in the country which has been in existence since the 1900’s. The many oil companies in the city attracts a huge proportion of the country’s labour force. The city’s major attraction for any visiting tourists would be the Port Harcourt Amusement Park. Generally, it’s a lovely place to visit during the holiday season and serve as a retirement destination for many professionals.

Oloruntimilehin, says: 2020

It’s a riverine area and one of the tourist areas in Nigeria. It’s filled with people from all walks of life and different ethnic groups. It’s called the Garden city because it is a huge tourist attraction and one that should be seen in every season of the year. Port Harcourt is a place enjoyed by all.

Adeola, says: 2020

Port Harcourt City is a great City, the only downside to the city is the lack of proper power supply and provision of security measures to protect business owners and shop owners in the city. Another thing one should consider before moving to port Harcourt City is traffic jams during morning hours.

Eguare, says: 2020

The City of Port Harcourt is a beautiful city, when moving to such a big beautiful city proximity is everything, with rush hour morning traffic its best to leave home early. The city is known its seafood delicacies, delicious soups, rich culture, the city’s centre (New GRA). Weather can be quite unpredictable so an umbrella should be on standby.

He or she must know how to speak pidgin English. He must be ready to work hard. He also must have a good paying job that would take care of his financial needs. he should learn how to manage his income because the cost of living is very high.

Oluwatoyin, says: 2020

Port Harcourt is in Rivers State, Nigeria. It is the hub of oil and gas services in Nigeria. It’s a developed city with lots of infrastructure and tourist sites for people. It is a safe city with very friendly people.

Oreofe, says: 2020

Port Harcourt has lots of bars, night clubs, restaurants, hotels and parks. There are lots of hang outs joints and centres for recreational activities. A few of the well known recreational centres are; Pleasure park, Tourist beach, Genesis, Spar, etc. There are lots of rural places in my city too, but the urban places like; the Government Residential Areas (GRA), Golf Estate, Stadium Road, etc, are worth living in.

Ozioma, says: 2020

The cost of living is not very expensive as it may appear to be, having to hear from people who have never been to the city before. The main side of the city is called town, that area is quite expensive but the environment is good, and there is power supply too.

It is the capital of an oil-rich state and a garden city. My city is surrounded by rivers and has many diverse cultures. The people of the city are very welcoming, hence people from all over the country reside in my city. It is also a city where education thrives.

Aishah, says: 2020

Port Harcourt is a very dangerous city. Crime rate is 90%. Before you embark on a journey to visit Port Harcourt, you must make sure that you have contacted the security agencies to help you. However, despite the security issues, the city is a lovely place as it has many tourist centres.

Temitayo, says: 2020

There is a lot of fun activities, a lot of road side foods, no much traffic, friendly and caring neighbours. Although there are a lot of pros, there are also some cons. Some neighbours are very nosy and do not like minding their business. There is also a lot of insecurity, as there is a lot of stealing and kidnapping, but other than that, Port Harcourt is a wonderful city.

Olawunmi, says: 2020

A beautiful city, Port Harcourt offers a diverse range of culinary, emotional, and religious experiences that cannot be replicated anywhere else in Nigeria. Having said that, new residents should exercise caution while going about their businesses and other activities within the town as it is noted for having one of the highest crime rates in Nigeria today.

The city is beautiful but road navigation will take some getting used to. The cost of living is a little on the high side. The most important thing is to have a steady source of income to survive. It is a relatively safe environment to start a family. Beautiful scenery, beautiful people.

Gladys, says: 2020

Port Harcourt city is an oil rich city in Rivers State, Nigeria. As one might easily guess, it is also one of the most beautiful and popular cities in the country. Hospitality is her fragrance and she wears the garment of riches. A day in port Harcourt city can make one a confident person.

Ogunjobi, says: 2020

There’s a lot of traffic. The city has a beautiful landscape and buildings that are worth sightseeing. Moving in May not be very expensive but the cost of feeding may be. It’s a good place for entrepreneurs and startups because the population is much. Transportation costs are not too expensive so generally, you would be able to live in it.

Medina, says: 2020

Port Harcourt is the capital of Rivers State. It has the wealthiest local government in Nigeria. It is a bustling city with mainly oil and gas companies, construction companies and manufacturing industries. The indigenes love to eat fish and seafood because the city is surrounded by water. A special delicacy in Port Harcourt is roasted plantain and fish with peppered sauce. Accommodation in Port Harcourt is not expensive. With a good agent, you will get a decent house.

Joseph, says: 2020

Port Harcourt city is in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria, it is also the headquarter of the South-South or Niger-Delta region. Similarly, Port Harcourt is also referred to as oil City with a population of two million people. Port Harcourt is a peaceful City loved by all. The occupants of the City are very friendly and welcoming.

Bisola, says: 2020

Power supply in my city could sometimes be erratic. However, there is maximum security in all the residential areas. Education here is affordable and the fast food services are to die for if you’re fan of Nigerian dishes. There aren’t many exotic sites in this city, but we do have a huge, functioning park and a zoo. There are, many malls and supermarket to cater for various needs.

Sunday, says: 2020

Port Harcourt is a city of commerce. It gets noisy. one moving in should know this coupled with that residents can be quite unreasonable. My city can be dangerous at night so one moving in should be careful and watchful.

Favour, says: 2020

It is the capital of Rivers state. It is a metropolitan city with a large population of 1,000,000 people. It has lots of historical sites like National zoo, Nigeria museum. It is has very large land capacity covering miles of land and is located close to the ocean, making it a business city.

Chiderah, says: 2020

The cost of living is pretty high but our top notch security more than makes up for that. We have lots of restaurants and malls. The population of the city is roughly 638,000. The neighborhoods are beautiful and the locals are friendly and welcoming. The downtown has a bustling and exciting nightlife.

Ozioma, says: 2020

Someone moving to Port Harcourt should know the weather because it rains for about eight (8) out of the twelve (12) months in the year so preparations should be made to purchase essentials such as Umbrellas, Rain Boots, Cardigans, etc.

Port Harcourt is the biggest city in Rivers state so anyone moving here should plan their trips properly to avoid getting stuck in traffic jams especially during peak periods in the morning (7am – 9am) and evening (4pm – 6pm).

Tinuola, says: 2020

Port Harcourt city is a really beautiful place to reside, we have good schools, good road for transportation, bore hole water available for free, various financial institutions and good power supply. Port Harcourt city is also blessed with fertile lands so we have some of our food and vegetables grown within. But you need to stay safe, vigilant and smart. Avoid lonely roads and return home before 10pm.

Boyowa, says: 2020

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