Online Content Moderation Jobs

Become a Content Moderator and Learn About the World

If you love discovering new cities and cultures, becoming a content moderator for is an ideal job. As you screen comments for spam, vulgarity, plagiarism, and relevance, you’ll learn all sorts of practical information about the world’s cities—excellent preparation for your next international adventure!

As a content moderator, you can…

  • Work from anywhere in the world—a park in Paris, a café in Bangkok, or a beach in Jamaica
  • Work as much or as little as you want—you choose the hours, no matter your time zone
  • Learn more about your favorite adventure destinations or discover entirely new cities—while earning $10 per hour

Explore the world from home as a content moderator. Join our team today by emailing your resume to [email protected]. We also suggest (although we do not require) that you add a comment to the site so that we can see that you understand what we’re all about.