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Safety and Crime in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

ten local experts

Here's what 10 local experts had to say about safety and crime in Chennai.

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Moving to an unknown city infuses with fears about safety, accommodation, health, etc. for anybody. But when it comes to Chennai, the city is one of the safest and top-ranked cities of the world for outsiders. People are genuine, welcoming and friendly in nature. The cost of living is also cheaper comparatively with Metro, Railways, buses, cabs and auto-rickshaws being frequent modes of transport.

He will be happy moving here, because the weather is amazing here most of the time. The people are also very good and interactive, they help every time. The crime rate is also very less so it’s safe to live here and work or study. Anytime you can go outside without fear .

Chennai city is the place where we can find people from all over the country and even world. It’s the well known fact that Chennai is a well developed city so, it has many interesting places to visit and things to do. crimes will be a little higher in the places where lots of people live, so even here it’s possible. A person should first decide where to live in Chennai. in this city, it has places like full-time-busy and oh-so-calm areas.

Deboshree, says: 2020

Chennai is the best place, with the most favourable weather. It welcomes people from all ethnic groups and a safer place to work and live. A perfect place for those who love visiting beaches and religious sites. The cost of living is very decent and there are a lot of opportunities to earn a living.

It is a beautiful city at night. It’s a people-friendly city. The city provides more employment opportunities. It is comparatively safer than the surrounding states. The famous Marina beach is an amazing place to let loose and have fun. The cost of living is higher when compared to other towns in Chennai.

Prakul, says: 2020

Chennai is a city like no other. With bustling wide streets to cut on traffic and widespread opportunities for both professionals and students with multiple industries and educational institutions, it is emerging as the next city of dreams. People from all over the country come here hoping to find a place for themselves to further their dreams. Learning to speak tamil (the city’s official language) helps with making the city home and navigating the place with it’s well connected buses.

While partying crowd might be tad disappointed, students can find a cheap discounts in various stores and find essentials at throwaway prices. Haggling is a prerequisite however. There have been incidents of flooding so a high rise building and insurance coverage here.

Harshvardhan, says: 2020

Anyone moving to Chennai needs to consider the following, the city is Hot and Humid almost all year-round also there is water scarcity and last but not the least it has high air pollution, but on the brighter side the pros are it has well connected transportation, it is secure city with very less crime rate.

When moving to Chennai, know this city has the second largest beach in the world called Marina beach which is a pride and joy of all the Chennaites. They should also know that Chennai has a crime rate that is lower than most of the other cosmopolitan cities.

Monitha, says: 2020

The first thing most people realize when they first step foot in Chennai is that the sun really, and we mean really, loves Chennai. In fact, the city is famously quipped to have only three seasons: Hot, hotter, and hottest! So if you’re expecting a sunny beach city along the lines of Goa, you’re bound to get more than what you bargained for. Nonetheless, Chennai also has great beaches, amazing food and a vibrant culture – all of which are best enjoyed after the sun has dived behind the horizon!

While the city has kept pace with development and has made great strides in recent decades, Chennai’s people are still considered to be a little on the conservative side. This can manifest in several ways and even some simple things such as smoking in public, particularly for women, or public displays of affection might attract unwanted attention. While there aren’t any cases where this mindset has led to violence or attacks, the atmosphere can be slightly restrictive if you come from a more liberal place.

Chennai gets hotter even before the official summer starts. The land gets dry due to no or less rainfall. The municipality is good whereas they are also irresponsible. You are responsible for anything that happens to you when you’re out at night without proper intimation sent to the police or the family. Public transport is cheap but, uncomfortable.

Saavni, says: 2020

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