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Living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

94 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Dubai, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 94 people living in Dubai what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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94 comments on “Dubai”

Summer is very hot so be prepared for more indoor activities, visiting the mall, cinema, gym. It can be frustrating to be indoors so much, but winter is good weather for outdoor activities, beach, outdoor sports etc.

Dubai is one of the most multicultural places you could live in. I love getting to know people and my stay here has provided me just that! Friends from all over the world.
Careers – you have a wide range of career opportunities, but you need to be bold and confident as you will be competing with peers from all over the world.
Education – reputed schools and universities have their campuses here.
Food – you can taste any cuisine you want, although it may cost you much more than usual.
Religion – it is an Islamic state by law but very tolerant to its Expat population practicing their own religion as long as it is done respectfully and within their rules.
Rent – on the higher side but again a wide range is available. You will definitely be able to select one that fits your budget and lifestyle.
Lifestyle – you can go all out or you can be most comfortable in your bubble. Dubai is know for its extravagance.
Overall an amazing place to work, live or visit.

If someone wants to move Dubai, you need to be prepared for the summer heat. Good amount of savings will also help you survive and have fun but everything’s all worth it since Dubai is so cool to live in. Lots of things to do and one of the safest cities in the world!

It’s a fantastic modern city, great infrastructure but little expensive like any other major city in the world.

Although, Dubai provides a great deal of job opportunities, very good education and reasonable accommodation. It does contain a life full of glamour, so be careful not to get sucked it in. It is advisable to apply at multiple companies that sponsor your work visa and housing (optional) before coming here. Make sure to do your research!

Patience, says: 2020

Dubai is a city that never sleeps. Although, most restaurants close by 2 am, fast food joints are open until 5 am. The petrol stations are always open and they almost always have a grocery store. It’s easy to find food, no matter the time of the day, even in the suburbs.

Georgetta, says: 2020

Depending on where you are relocating from I would recommend a visit to Dubai prior to making a decision as the lifestyle can be quite different. The heat and humidity takes acclimatisation during the summer months, various areas to consider for living, schools if you will bring children to name a few. That said, Dubai offers a very good lifestyle that caters to many interests.

Mohammad, says: 2020

Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world. It is a city where one can find the biggest mall in the world, The Dubai Mall. Dubai is one of the Emirates in the UAE of which 13% only is local people and 87% are expats. It is most of the times hot and humid.

Mudassar, says: 2020

Dubai is a cornucopia of multinational cultures coexisting in a safe environment. Residents have access to top health facilities and family friendly entertainment centres. Families in particular feel welcomed by the warm hospitality of the Emirati people who ensure safe housing, vibrant public parks, and excellent educational facilities. The casual visitor may visit the malls or take a desert safari to experience the beauty of the Arabian Desert.

Annabelle, says: 2020

Someone moving to Dubai should know the working week starts on a Sunday and ends on a Thursday. Your income is tax free, so what you get paid is yours to keep and you can spend it on whatever you like. The cost of living is very expensive as well.

Mohammad, says: 2020

Dubai is a melting pot of cultures. Here it is easy to make friends as you will find people from various parts of the world. It has a lot of expats who have moved here to make a living and climb the career ladder. It is however an expensive city.

Dubai is one of the safest city in the whole world. Someone moving to Dubai should be able to adapt to both hot and cold climatic conditions because three or four months would be very hot and three or four months would be very cold. The cost of living in Dubai is also a bit expensive.

Daffnie, says: 2020

1. Transportation – It is very easy to commute in the city, the roads are wide and well organized. There are multiple modes of transportations like Metro, Trams with cabs available round the clock.
2. Tourism – For the weekends and your leisure time, you will find numerous options to explore. From islands to exotic beaches, from Grand palaces to amazing restaurants, you name it and they have it.
3. Culture – As the places is the home for humongous variety of nationalities, the city provides great tolerance and respect for people from across the globe.
It is a perfect place to make you feel at home.

In addition to being one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world, Dubai is also known for its culture, food and picturesque attractions. If you’re new here, the one thing you can always count on is this city showing you how to have a good time, whether it’s laid-back Friday brunches or late night dinners by the sea.

Stephani, says: 2020

Dubai a city full of opportunities and spectacular tourist destination home to population of around 60 different nationalities it Hosts the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa along with many remarkable man made structures like the Palm Island, Deira Island, Dubai mall the largest shopping space globally. weather are typically hot and Humid between March to September temperatures ranging between 35-42 degrees, ideal time to visit would be during October – February for a memorable tour.

Be ready to work really hard to be successful here. Dubai is a land of opportunities but one should not expect miracles overnight. Persistence and patience are the two key factors to keep in mind while moving to this magical land. Though relatively a hot country, winters are beautiful.

Sunaina, says: 2020

Dubai, the perfect blend of the East and the West, is a charming place once you know your ropes around the city. Known as the financial hub of this region, it offers lucrative jobs and opportunities to its expatriate community, while it ensures there are schools, amenities, clubs, parks and recreational facilities for expat families. Being a tourist attraction, it is dotted with luxury hotels, beaches, theme parks, and food outlets that boast of international cuisine from all over the world, making it the perfect ‘home away-from-home’ place.

Dubai is a multicultural city in the heart of the Middle East. It is a melting pot of cultures and experiences. The city itself has experienced exponential growth over the last 10 years and has become one of the world’s most sought-after holiday destinations. The tourist season typically lasts from October to April with the intense heat of summer causing a lull in tourists visiting the country.

Mariel, says: 2020

Dubai is high on cost of living with expenses ranging from accommodation rents to basic drinking water. However, the place portrays excellent tourist attractions in terms of wonderful architectures and technology based marvels. Hence, securing a good package job will be helpful to survive the cost and enjoy the sparkling city life. The country is characterized by scorching summer for a major part of the year.

– Dubai is best known for luxury shopping, it has one of the largest brands in the world.
– Dubai has the tallest building in the world and a lot other skyscrapers
– Dubai is a tourist destination.
– Dubai has the one biggest malls in the world.
– Dubai has artificial man-made Palm Islands.
– Dubai has many beaches.

Eufrene, says: 2020

The denizens of Dubai are really nice and sweet. The buildings and architecture here are beautiful. If you want to move to Dubai, then know the climate is really hot and it rarely rains here. Also, you don’t have to worry about the language barrier because residents of Dubai are really diverse; they come from many religions and nationalities.

Ameera, says: 2020

It is a cosmopolitan city with a lot to see and experience. There are so many amazing sights to see and places. The beauty of the city is in its lights, hustle and bustle. If you are looking for a bit of peace, the beaches are a great place to find tranquillity.

Seshadri, says: 2020

Be careful not to break the rules for they will be entitled to heavy penalties. Respect the different communities that reside in the city. Ensure that you dress modestly, immodest dressing is seen as disrespectful. Be open to learning the local language of the residing country. Respect the environment of your residence and everywhere else.

Oleksandra, says: 2020

The weather can get hot, and can reach peak temperatures in July. The city is also famous for the Burj Khalifa, currently the tallest building in the world. It is also a great tourist spot. The cool weather usually comes around the end of December and start of January.

Daffnie, says: 2020

If somebody were moving to Dubai as an expatriate, as I have, then I would advise them to keep an open mind to the conservative culture. At first, it seems daunting, but with time it gets easier. Another thing I would advise is to arrive with a substantial savings account because the city is incredibly expensive.

Norhan, says: 2020

Good infrastructure, Nice places to visit during weekends, you can afford nice luxury cars here depend upon your budget, you can plan to visit neighbor countries as well during annual leave as lots of places are easily accessible from Dubai like Jordan, European continent, Turkey, etc. Locals are extremely hospital and the facilities are world-class.

Whoever plans on moving here need to have it in mind that he/she needs to be very hardworking in order to make it in Dubai. Dubai being part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the most or maybe the most expensive city out of all the other Emirates. one has to be very hardworking and ready to put a lot of hours into work so he/she can successfully pay his or her bills.

Dubai is a very fast-paced city. The ideal 5-day work week makes it very easy to maintain a proper work-life balance. There are several locations with varying price differences in commodities and goods. That is usually due to that there is no government regulation on prices here. But on the bright side, there is also no income tax which makes it a paradise for employers and companies, especially in terms of saving money. Though now they have introduced VAT on goods and services, but that is of a very marginal amount (5%) on the market price.

Dubai is a city only properly enjoyed by those who have a taste for it. It has its flaws, extremely hot summers, poor pedestrian infrastructure and most importantly, not a very welcoming community, yet you find many that fondly love the city. I think it’s a fantastic place for a short holiday destination, but anything beyond that, I wouldn’t advise.

Neelham, says: 2020

Dubai is very open to people of all cultures. Respect to religious sentiments is very important, and so is respect for the political leaders. You need to know swearing, certain gestures and unlicensed use of alcohol are prohibited and could land you in jail. In short Dubai is a very safe country and you are free to practise your religion provided it does not cause any inconvenience to others.

Dubai is a buzzing metropolitan city where you can see people from all over the world. We use Arab Emirate Dirham one USD equals 3.67 dirhams. Here you can find the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa. As far as public transportation is concerned you can travel through ferry, bus, metro and taxis. Public transportation system is very good and reliable. Taxis are bit expensive with minimum of 15 AED (approximately 3.75 USD).

Kirsty, says: 2020

Things that someone would consider in moving here are the cost of living particularly the cost of housing, public transportation, and commute time. The weather is not kind of a big deal since we can adjust thru our clothing and other amenities here, after all my city is a peaceful place, people here are nice.

Dubai is a fast-paced, ambitious, and bold city, aiming to not only catch up with its metropolitan counterparts around the world but overtake them as soon as possible. Dubai’s success is largely due in part to its charismatic and entrepreneurial leaders of the Bin Rasheed family. Their aggressive economic reforms have breathed life into what was only a couple of decades ago, barren desert.

Maureen, says: 2020

Have medical insurance and an RTA card for travel. She or he cannot eat or drink while traveling on the train. And Dubai is a place with very hot and humid climate and it is known for many innovations like Dubai miracle garden, global village, desert safari, Burj Khalifa, Dubai mall, etc.

Caroline, says: 2020

Everything is expensive. A disproportionately high number of the country’s population are immigrants; all of them are second-class citizens. The wealth inequality between the country’s nationals and the expatriates are only seen in the dystopian genre. The nationals are also bawdy and sleazy with their fortune too. Dubai is a marketing advert for an entire country.

Dubai is a conservative country in which residents, including expatriates, must respect the Islamic laws and practices. These include dressing conservatively, abstaining from premarital relations and obtaining a licence to drink alcohol legally. That being said, Dubai is one of the most liberal places in the United Arab Emirates.

Yousra, says: 2020

While moving to Dubai, it is imperative to know Dubai is a Muslim city and one should always dress modestly, especially in religious sites. Dubai is a hub for people from different countries, honours the differences between each community and promotes tolerance. Dubai is known to house the tallest building in the world, and, a lot of skyscrapers. When moving to Dubai, you should always consider whether it will be a place suitable for you and whether you can afford the high cost of living.

Dubai is a beautiful city It has a rich and diverse culture. The city has a unique and exciting delicacies that you’ll be enjoying to try and explore. You are all invited to visit the tallest skyscraper in the world Burj Khalifa and the gorgeous seven star hotel Burj Al Arab.

Annabelle, says: 2020

Dubai is a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene. It is the most populous city. The world tallest building ‘Burj Khalifa’ is in Dubai. It has been recognized as the seventh safety city in the world.

Karina, says: 2020

Dubai is an open city where you can see different nationalities and cultures. Be considerate with each other beliefs and religions. Be open-minded when it comes to cultural and religious differences and you will find this city as another home away from your home. Be prepared about the long hot weather that is sometimes unbearable but do not worry since inside the houses and buildings have very good air conditioners.

Arlene, says: 2020

Dubai is a multicultural society with 90% expatriate population, hence it is easy to settle down here. Known to be the Middle East’s financial hub, it is also famous for its tourist attractions and nightlife. The cost of living is high and it is difficult to stay here for long without a job or a stable income. It’s a safe, organized, and well-planned city.

Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates, which is an Islamic country. Due to this, it is important that visitors and/or those looking to move here would need to be sensitive to local sentiments that may differ from several Western countries and their communities – some of which would be frowned upon, and some outright against the law.

Dubai is a multicultural city lying in the hot Middle East deserts. The city is well known for its luxurious skyscrapers and lavish hotels that leave everyone yearning for more. The beaches are sparkling clean and sandy. Once you get here, leaving the city is one of the toughest decisions might ever have to make.

Dubai is a culture-rich city. Even though there are many expatriates that live in my city it is a Muslim country and you have to be mindful of the culture and respect the traditions here. There are plenty of things to do here from beautiful beaches to decadent restaurants you will always be entertained here. The amazing modern architecture is something my city is known for.

Saifali, says: 2020

Dubai is an ideal place, due to a multitude of reasons. the benefits to living in this remarkable city are innumerable. However, what many do not consider is the discomfort of the desert heat. During summer temperatures in Dubai can read 50 degrees Celsius. Due to this many outdoor activities are suspended and residents are confined to air conditioned indoor spaces.

Dubai is a very diverse cultural place. All walks of life are here, you will enjoy the culture and the scenery here. Nice places to shop and relax. Aside from the tallest infrastructure (the Burj Khalifa), you can also find the largest mall here which is Dubai Mall. I do recommend visiting here so you can see the beauty of this city that will make it easier for you to want to move here.

Ammarah, says: 2020

Dubai is a sprawling and multicultural metropolis. Even though the city is in the Middle East, an overwhelming majority of the population consists of expatriates. The city is a hub for business, travel, and leisure, where extravagant wealth is often displayed. While summer can be scorching and humid, winter is cooler and serve as the best time to travel and explore the city.

Dubai is one of safest cities in the world. Arabic is national language of the UAE. Officially, the working week starts on Sunday and ends by Thursday, as the government’s official holiday (weekend) is Friday and Saturday. But many private companies may choose different days.

Dubai is a very modern and multinational city. It has a nice infrastructure, friendly people, a good business environment, and the potential for growing professionally. The climate here is pleasant for most of the year except the time from June to September when the temperatures and humidity are high. In general, it is a great place to visit as a tourist. Here you can find some of the contemporary miracles of modern times.

Dubai is a coastal area so someone moving here should know that weather is going to be really humid during summer. Although, Dubai is a very beautiful city with many high-rise buildings, rents are expected to be very high too. But as a local, I would highly recommend Dubai for a chance to enjoy a sophisticated and luxury lifestyle.

Jayson, says: 2020

Dubai is a great location for someone who is interested in living in a city that is a melting pot of different cultures from around the world. Feeling at home will be easy as Dubai has residents from over 50 nations, who make up 90% of the total population of the Emirate. With such a large population, you are bound to find restaurants and grocery stores that offer cuisines and products that are familiar back in your home country.

Know cultural differences which can often be misinterpreted, leading to embarrassment or misunderstanding, such as; not being the first person to offer a handshake to a visibly Muslim woman, declining refills of kahwa (traditional bitter coffee) when in a gathering and expecting people to be punctual.

Georgetta, says: 2020

Dubai is a beautiful city in the Middle East, it has the tallest building in the world and it’s one of the leading in terms of security. One should be ready to be excited and to enjoy the good atmosphere around. Great people from all over the world enjoy visiting my city.

Fatima, says: 2020

Dubai is one of the biggest and safest cities in the world. There is more than 205 Nationalities living her. Weekends are Friday and Saturday also people her respect the lows so you should always follow the country’s rules. In addition to that The cost of living is very expensive. prepare for the hustle. Dubai residents are always “so busy”.

Moving to Dubai was one of the best decisions of my life but there are certain things I wish I had known before. For Instance, Dubai has a really unbearable summer which can get to someone who has not spent too much time out in the sun. The city is expensive to live in, so whoever is planning to migrate here, should have ample funds to survive.

Dubai is a very safe and comforting pace. From skyscraper to the desert to ocean all these things combine together for a unique and enlightening experience which everyone should get once in their life. Man-made wonders and nature go hand in hand to make the city very memorable.

Dubai is a wonderful city, world-renowned for its architecture and beaches, a combination found in very few cities around the world. The service industry here is better than anywhere around the world, catering purely to satisfy the customer, whether it be dining or shopping. However, the city is quite expensive and the entertainment aspect makes it hard to save money for the future.

With skylines that seem to reach the skies and opportunities that lie at every bend and turn, only the most scathing of individuals would criticize life in Dubai. Don’t be fooled by the pleasant winters and spacious malls, though. Despite the industrial-strength indoor cooling systems in nearly every indoor space around the city, July summers are not for the weak-willed.

The rules are very strict and if they are not abided by the citizen, there is a huge fine which a big amount of money. Dubai heat is very something different and unbearable, one should take his in consideration while moving so they can plan their day accordingly. It is very easy to get around via metros and taxi.

Caroline, says: 2020

1. In moving around is best to use the metro system instead of private cars or taxis as is much faster and cost effective
2. For accommodation, is more cost effective to rent near the Dubai – Sharjah Border for a first timer in the city and then move to the inner parts of Dubai when one becomes familiar with how the city works.

Dubai is wonderful. It has awesome places. My city has everything to deliver for all ages. Cinemas, café, bars, museums, parks and beaches are just beautiful. Millions of people visit my city yearly. before packing your bag make sure you are aware of the weather here, which is too hot in summer and hardly any chance of rain.

Be aware about government rules while going out in public. Couples should behave in public as per government guidelines. They should be aware about traffic rules and fines. Tenants should buy or rent places from verified RERA Agents. Dubai is hot spot for tourist destination. Best tourist attractions are burj khalifa, Burj al arab, Atlantis, Dubai mall.

Mhelby, says: 2020

Dubai is a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene. Burj Khalifa, an 830m-tall tower, dominates the skyscraper-filled skyline. At its foot lies Dubai Fountain, with jets and lights choreographed to music. On artificial islands just offshore is Atlantis, The Palm, a resort with water and marine-animal parks.

Dubai is a safe and vibrant place. But, there are visa requirements to be fulfilled. In Dubai, expatriates are given equal opportunities to work and live a decent and fulfilling life. People from different nationalities live in harmony. Businesses thrive here, as the government recognises the need for; and provides flexible terms and conditions. Law and order prevails here amid a secure living environment.

Dubai is a multicultural society where everyone respect each other. Christians, Muslims, Hindu and other religions live in harmony. Finding work in Dubai is relatively easy especially if you hold a good experience in your home country and you hold a college degree.

Dubai is an amazing city. It has lots of beautiful attractions and sites that you should not miss. Life in Dubai is calming andone you should try. Living in Dubai allows you to express yourself and become the person you have always wanted to be. Irecommend you move ere to Dubai.

Perviz, says: 2020

Dubai is a thrilling city, from the sky-scrapers to the rich culture, one will never be bored with the endless opportunities available. Life here offers luxurious hotels, beaches, outstanding nightlife and overall a sense of hospitality unique from other cities. Additionally, the shopping experience and variety of brands are an unforgettable experience.

The cost of living in Dubai is notably high and jobs are hard to come by. A decent amount of savings would be required for sustenance. Most people are fluent in English and so the language barrier is not a huge obstacle. The public transportation is beyond satisfactory, however, the taxi fare can be quite pricey. With extravagant malls littered all across the city, and the tallest building in the world in the middle of it all, Dubai is the epitome of a lavish lifestyle.

Elaine, says: 2020

Dubai is a very culturally engrossed city. Before arriving here, one should study its history and its culture to prepare themselves so they do not face a culture shock. They abide by strict rules and follow the Islamic law. If you like to keep yourself busy, meet people of different cultures, attend thrilling night parties and are able to afford a high-living standard, this is the city for you.

Michael, says: 2020

If you plan on working away from your home country, be sure that your mental and physical aspect of your being is strong enough to cope with the new environment. The people you will work with are usually fo other countries, so expect the cultural differences and attitude to be the norm.

Alexander, says: 2020

Dubai is a beautiful city with six months winter and six months hot summers. It has splendid infrastructure, marvellous skyscrapers and ultimate satisfaction in your lifestyle. The city also provides first rate education facilities and affiliations from the best universities around the world. The residents can enjoy amazing nightlife along with multi cuisine food outlets and extravagant shopping centres. The expats benefit complete safety, healthcare benefits and security at any time of the day and the government takes care of every individual with special care. Dubai is the perfect city to live with family.

Dubai is one of the most beautiful city. You can easily adjust with its lifestyle due to its accessibility. there are a lot of high-paying jobs that you easily apply with so there is nothing much to be worried about. House rentals offers a lot of options and landlords are easy to deal with.

Dubai is a wonderful place! Everywhere you look is a beautiful city to explore and learn culture from. Many nationalities all together sharing one country to co-exist and enjoy their time with others. Amazing tourist attractions where everyone is surely going to enjoy weather they are kids or adults. Though it has its downsides, Dubai is beautiful.

For someone who would like to move to Dubai, they should consider the expensive way of living. The accommodation fees are too costly for someone who is earning an average salary. Weekends here are Friday and Saturday. There are plenty of places where you can spend the weekend on like going to the beach, themed malls, and more.

Augustine, says: 2020

Dubai is the world’s central hub and it is such a great city, is safe and greatly impacts your career path to whatever endeavor you are dreaming. Dubai is also known to have non-stop construction so you better be ready of buildings sprouting next to your apartment any moment. always follow the rules of this land and you will certainly will not go wrong.

Michael, says: 2020

Take into consideration that, though very modern, Dubai is still a part of the Middle East. People here are conservative and still follow a specific set of social norms. Freedom of speech is also practiced but you have to be respectful in what you say since the culture here is very diverse. Many nationalities live and work here so you have to be sensitive in what you say in person and online. Alcohol may be consumed, but there are specific rules you have to follow. The weather is great during winter, but in summer, it’s like an oven when you walk outside.

Dubai is one of the emirates in United Arab Emirates. It is one of the safest city in the Middle East. The crime rate in Dubai is much lower than the other cities in other regions in the world. It is famous for sightseeing attractions such as the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

Dubai is one of the best cities in the world. From breathtaking skyscrapers, cultural heritage, authentic food to luxury shopping, Dubai has it all – for the tourists and its locals. Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world can also be found here. only 20% of its population are locals and the rest are expatriates.

Mariya, says: 2020

Dubai is a very progressive city. There are things and activities you can do and you will not get bored of living in this city. We have malls, parks (both indoor and outdoor), beaches, buildings with amazing structures and tourist attractions. The only downside of this city – everything is expensive.

It is very difficult to manage to make ends meet. It is quite an expensive city. However, if you have high qualifications from university you will not find it difficult to get employed somewhere that pays well.

Dubai is an amazing city. It combines traditional (Arabic culture) with modern. It has a vibrant expat community and you will never run out of things to do here. Earning potential is higher than other places as Dubai is tax-free, although UAE did introduce 5% VAT in 2019.

Dubai is a large metropolitan city, it is one of the Emirates of United Arab Emirates. It is a beautiful city with so much to see and do. It is home of the famous Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world; the sand dunes, desert safaris among other attractions. The best time to visit is during winter from October to January as summer can be really hot if someone is not used to the heat.

Dubai is a city like no other, a city where you will be impressed. Dubai holds a couple of world records from the tallest building to the biggest mall in the world. Dubai has a vast population of expats; almost 90% of residents aren’t from the UAE. It is indeed a global city with equal opportunities for everyone. It is so diverse that you would always have something to look forward to, people from different culture, belief and religion comes together to celebrate the life in the city of Dubai.

Dubai can be best described as a city that has the best of both worlds, eastern and western. It is a new, modern metropolis in the middle east region defining the latest architectures and is fast-paced. On the other hand, one may also find bliss in the older parts of Dubai which comprise of localities and businesses more than 40 years old that still look the same – a paradox in this fast-paced city where new buildings seem to develop overnight. We have around 100 plus different nationalities, al from various religious and ethnic backgrounds. And yet, you will not find a more peace loving city, zero animosity among these people. Crime is not unheard of, but what we call low crime here. And it is dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

If you do decide to move here, you will open the world to your kids where they will grow up embracing these different cultural differences and be so much more open minded in life. Being an expat is the best thing that has happened to me.

Now that Dubai has become a popular destination, a lot of people may be moving to this modern city. One of the first things that you might want to consider is that you cannot attain citizenship (with a few exceptions such as, marrying an Emirati). A lot of countries around the world provide a chance for you to be a national of their country. However, no matter how long you work in Dubai, or even if you raise kids here, neither you nor your kids can ever be a citizen. Next, on the list would be the lifestyle. Dubai is everything from New York to Vegas in the Middle East. Everything from big brands, lavish hotels, grand parties, isn’t just a luxury, it’s routine. Dubai is a city of gold and dreams, and coming here is one way to reach the stars. It is one of the safest places in the world. You can be out at 3am knowing that no harm can come your way. Transportation is easily accessible everywhere all monitored by cameras. In fact, you can count on CCTVs anywhere you go.

Dubai is one of the famous business-hub in the world. A lot of people from different countries are coming to this city to find jobs or just visit famous parks and beaches. You’d see most people staying here are from Asia who’d you see working in restaurants, malls, parks, and almost everywhere you may go.

For someone moving to Dubai, know Dubai is the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates. Life in this city is non-stop, and people in Dubai are always so busy. Another thing to know before moving to Dubai is the hot weather. This can be bearable, however, with the air conditioning units in every facility in the city.

It is recommended that you land yourself a job before moving to the Emirates. Depending on the country you will be migrating from, get realistic and calculate the cost of living in Dubai. Your final package should reflect your industry benchmark, your experience, and relocation expense. Most firms offer flight tickets for you and your dependents, annual or biennial flights back home, money towards schooling, housing, and health insurance. Sure, Dubai is exciting for its tax-free income but the overall cost of living in the city can be heavy in your pocket. Depending on the area you opt for, rent would be the biggest expense you incur here.

Leveriza, says: 2020

Dubai is a beautiful city, with safety and leisure guaranteed. There are many places to visit, and considering how close the cities are to one another, travelling to the end of the country takes a few hours, at most, by car. there’s quite a few jobs, including those in the thriving business of tourism.

Dubai is a beautiful city with tall-rising buildings and amazing infrastructure. Dubai is one of the best tourist destinations in the world and as a result, it attracts lots of people yearly. There are also jobs, security and facilities which makes life easy and enjoyable.

Dubai is really ravishing and luxurious. People are really friendly and supportive to a newcomer. You can’t however get a citizenship no matter what. Someone coming in new can however visualize new buildings and skyscrapers. We have biggest shopping mall which is the dubai mall. Moreover we have the tallest building as well.

Mutsuyuki, says: 2020

Considering Dubai is a major urban city, it is quite expensive to live here. Dubai also has stricter rules as opposed to other cities around the world. Therefore, one must adhere to strict dress codes while living here. Regardless, Dubai is such a charming, majestic city.

The summer in Dubai is very harsh and it is almost impossible to roam around outside without a car/taxi. Hot air will hit you hard even if it is 11pm. The best time to visit Dubai is between October and February. Many attractions, like Global Village, Miracle garden, desert safari, etc. are also closed in summer.

Madiha, says: 2020

it is one of the safest and cleanest place in the world. Here you can find one of the tallest buildings. Millions of visitors come here yearly for shopping as it also has one of the biggest malls.

Patience, says: 2020

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