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Is Chennai, Tamil Nadu a good place to live? How is the quality of life?

41 local experts

While quality of life is something of an elusive or ill-defined concept, it can be boiled down to "Is Chennai a good place to live?" or "Is Chennai a bad place to live?" Here's what 41 local experts had to say about quality of life and overall happiness in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

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If you’re moving to Chennai then be prepared to enjoy the Indian summer in all its glory! Mangoes, the beaches, the fragrance of jasmine and the rustle of silk might conjure rosy images of this city but humidity, heat and traffic can bring you back to reality. Public transportation is now pretty comfortable and of late the regular rains have calmed down Chennai’s fiery heat! So be prepared to take things in your stride including jibes if you don’t know the local language.

He will be happy moving here, because the weather is amazing here most of the time. The people are also very good and interactive, they help every time. The crime rate is also very less so it’s safe to live here and work or study. Anytime you can go outside without fear .

My city boasts a sweltering and humid climate that requires you to carry comfortable cotton clothes. Another thing to keep in mind is the language. You must be at least a bit familiar with the regional language, which is Tamil, as some of the natives might not know English.

Abhishek, says: 2020

Chennai is a city in the south of India and is well known for its culture. brace yourself for the heat as it can be sultry throughout the year. Having said that, it is still a safe and wonderful city and it has different activities to do every season: surfing during summers, music festivals during winters are just some of them. The living expenses aren’t very high and you will manage to save as well. It’s fairly easy to commute within the city, so you don’t necessarily have to stay close to your office. However, most of the offices are on the outskirts and you can easily get an apartment in that side of the city. The city has the second largest beach, several malls, and parks to go to on the weekends; there is an active nightlife too. All in all, any age group will enjoy staying here as there is something to do for everyone.

Subbalakshmi, says: 2020

Chennai is one of the hottest cities in Tamil Nadu. It is a great city to migrate to and earn money because the opportunities here are limitless. But beware of strangers. All in all it’s a great city.

My city Chennai is so vast and it is necessary to take a public transport from one part of the city to another, else you should be at least good with the local routes to avoid traffic. You can find affordable eateries almost everywhere so food will not be a problem. Few might not be comfortable with bed bugs and mosquitoes, so be prepared with your bug spray and it’s always humid so carry breathable fabrics.

The city is polluted and congested and I recommend wearing a mask when you step outside. Avoid street foods as it will often lead to indigestion. Metro is costly here. Opt for a bus ride instead. In summer, there is water scarcity. Conserve water all the time.

Akshata, says: 2020

Someone moving here will find it difficult to survive without knowing at least a bit of Tamil, a native language of Chennai. Because, many of the locals with whom you will interact would not be aware of English or other languages. know at least basics of the Tamil language to survive comfortable in Chennai.

Chinmaya, says: 2020

Someone moving to my city must know that the firstly, the climate is very humid and there is no winter here except for November. Humidity makes one sweat all day. Rainfall is also low and occurs mostly between October to December. However, it is a good place for educational facilities.

Ashrita, says: 2020

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu. It is a hub where diverse cultures and traditions from across the nation blend. The city has the second-largest beach, the Marina. The city is known for its traditions and emerging trends. Unlike the common myths, the city also has a nightlife. Chennai has a lot of world-renowned hospitals and technicians. It stands next only to Bangalore in the IT field. Chennai is a great place to start over a new leaf of life.

Tauquir, says: 2020

Chennai is a metropolitan city which is overpopulated due to opportunities available for job seekers and for people planning to start new business. Chennai is a good place to settle down with a job and family due to which its getting overpopulated day by day. Natives of Chennai are very less but people settling here contribute to more population.

This is a fantastic place that receives people with warmth. People moving from the countryside might find it a bit difficult because of the congested buildings and traffic.

Chennai is a city which will accommodate everyone irrespective of their standard of living. Learning local language can be done at ease without any hassle. Chennai is a treasure for historians and who love ancient monuments. Delicious food and sumptuous meal can be had at every nook and corner of the city.

Revathy, says: 2020

Chennai is a place which has people of different culture. All range of people low class, middle class and high class live here. All people have different needs and all their needs are satisfied in the city. While Annanagar and Adyar be the places where rich people live places like Tondiarpet, Ayanavaram, Villivakkam is where the middle and low class people live. Metropolitan transportation Corporation buses operated by Government of Tamil Nadu is one of the major commute that is been used by near two lakh people of Chennai. Chennai also major attractions of Marina Beach and heritage temples.

Someone moving to Chennai must be ready to walk around and explore, since there are many places. The traditional foods that entice the taste buds is ecstasy, I would highly recommend the chicken biryani with curry. I’m sure they would enjoy the experience.

The city is a place of diversity. It holds a lots of jobs and gives success to people who work hard to peruse it. It has huge number of hotels to stay comfortable in a reasonable price. Transport is something we can rely on like we have many modes of transport which is easily accessible. This is the place to hang around happily, place for foodies, and People of all religion.

Vikram, says: 2020

Chennai is a wonderful city which is always welcoming to everyone. It is one of the safest places in the country for women. Literacy is pretty high and the poverty rate is pretty low when compared to other places in India. We have a lot of malls where you can get anything you might need to make your life easier.

Chennai city is a metropolitan city, here various tourist places are there. Very good place for marketing. It’s a main city for business. Here famous temples are available. Job seeking mainly prefer Chennai. Cost of living is very less when compared to other metropolitan city. Among other places in Tamil Nadu, Chennai is the best city to live and work.

Chennai is a wonderful city with a wonderful people. Though the climate is unacceptable, the cost of living is moderate where people can survive even with a meager amount. It welcomes anyone and everyone who comes for survival. The city, itself, has tried to adjust to every latest trends a person can think of. If you would like to move here, you would be moving from your own home to another home.

Anusha, says: 2020

Chennai is one the fastest developing city of India. It is one of the big cities in India. It is the capital of the Tamil Nadu state. It has a huge population making it as a crowded city. The whole city looks busy all the time. It has some memorable and remarkable tourist spots. Many MNCs like to invest here as they will get a lot of consumers. But, other side of this huge city is really messy and dirty. A lot of poor people live in slums. They really don’t even afford their basic needs. Chennai looks really dirt because of so much littering and many irresponsible activities by the citizens living here. But atlast, it is good place for doing business and jobs.

Chennai is along the Eastern coast of India. Hence, the climate is quite hot and humid for most parts of the year. The high population density means that there is heavy dependence on natural resources such as land and water, and water scarcity and power cuts are quite common during summer. The cultural heritage and the people, however, more than make up for these discomforts, and in all, make Chennai a wonderful place. The people of Chennai speak Tamil, a language that is predominantly spoken in Tamil Nadu, a language with unique phonetics, which may be hard to learn.

Amanjot, says: 2020

Chennai is a metropolitan city and therefore heavily populated. one must be perfectly comfortable with facing all the loud noise and heavy traffic congestion. Although it is heavily populated and noisy, it is a beautiful city. What makes it beautiful, are the people who reside here. You will not find such hospitality anywhere around the world.

Deepak, says: 2020

Chennai is a wonderful place for someone to move in. The city is always busy. we have numerous spots to visit and hangout on our weekends. But few people consider the cost of living to be a little high compared with other cities in Tamil Nadu. There are plenty of jobs available for all sorts of people who come to chennai.

Karthick, says: 2020

Moving to Chennai is really good as it has plenty of options. Employment in IT, Public Sectors, Media, etc. is mostly considered in Chennai. Good climatic conditions all over the year. Various types of transport such as train, bus, taxi and other mode of vehicle. people will be friendly and helpful by all means. Happy to live in Chennai.

A person must know the local language here, which is tamil at least to some extent to sustain here. And also, they must be capable of having their own house here as the rent here is very high. Water scarcity is a big problem here, especially during summer. Otherwise Chennai is a great city.

Girija, says: 2020

Chennai is a good city and it provides many job seeking opportunity. It lies in the Coromandel coast of the Bay of Bengal. The Marina beach is one the good sightseeing places for the people who visit Chennai. There are also many famous temples and malls to hang out and enjoy with family.

Chennai is one of of the four metro cities of the country, and is the most humid of all of them. This fact often goes unnoticed by those looking to relocate to the city. Added to this are the high temperatures, with the mercury often soaring to above 40°C during summer. It is recommended for newcomers to ditch their tight and synthetic clothing and embrace the loose, cotton clothing that the locals can be seen is.

Subrata, says: 2020

Chennai is a metropolitan city with lots and lots of traffic and pollution. I recommend whomsoever coming to my city to deal with these main two things. Apart from that Chennai is a city of various delicious foods. It is a house of culture combination with lots of people from various cities and states come together for their jobs and to find their living here.

Mohammad, says: 2020

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu and it is famous as a tourist place which includes Temples, Churches, Mosques. It is popular for top education institute IIT and it’s a great place with IT hubs. One of world’s longest beach is at Chennai. Chennai holds a world-class medical facilities. It also has a large places for shopping and entertainment.

Neeraj, says: 2020

Chennai is a great city. Moving here though would mean getting ready for warm weather for majority of the year. The people might seem hostile initially but underneath it all, people here are warm and have a sense of humor. Chennai is a great place for someone who is interested in exploring culture, be it the temples and their magnificent architecture or the classical Indian music which was recognized by UNESCO in 2018. There is also a craze for movies and sports and the respective celebrities enjoy a demi-god status. It can be said that Chennai has a charm that few other cities possess in India and, dare I say, the world–if one can look past the initial discomforts.

Abhilash, says: 2020

Chennai, in Southern India, is a place of cultural and traditional values with a conservative outlook in the society. Availability of resources for both traditional and modern type of living are seen across the city. The cost of living is average and people are helpful and friendly. The weather here is quite tropical, warm and humid. Restaurants are plenty serving multi-cuisine fare. In the form of entertainment, we have one of the largest beaches and many resorts for weekend getaways. There are many shopping malls and multiplex cinemas. Chennai has many good hospitals with modern healthcare facilities. To sum up, Chennai is a great place.

Shreyas, says: 2020

Culture is the backbone of my city. Being one of the oldest cultures since the early civilization and as a speaker of one of the ancient language spoken which is approximately 5000 years old, I strongly recommend my hometown to be a place full of historic tales which an avid traveler is unlikely to resist.

Abhijot, says: 2020

Anyone moving to Chennai should have some knowledge of the language, Tamil. They should also be comfortable with traffic as it gets really hectic during the mornings and evenings of weekdays. There are also only a few hotels which serve very high quality North Indian food.

Subrata, says: 2020

It’s a great city to move on from the beach to the malls, Traffic jams to the cool breeze Chennai is one of the best cities to move over, With the history of many neighbourhoods of the city such as Mylapore, Triplicane, and Thiruvanmiyur antedating that of the city, the architecture of Chennai ranges in a wide chronology. The oldest buildings in the city dates from the 7th and 8th centuries CE, which include the Kapaleeshwarar Temple in Mylapore and the Parthasarathy Temple in Triplicane, built in the Dravidian architecture. This architecture includes various styles, such as those of the Pallavas, the Cholas, and the Vijayanagara empires. The associated Agraharam architecture, which consists of traditional row houses surrounding a temple, can still be seen in these areas. The heritage temples at Mamallapuram at the outskirts of the city are some of the examples of the Pallava architecture. Chennai ranks second to Kolkata of Indian heritage buildings.

It’s a very warm and nice City to stay as people are very friendly. There are lot of good places to visit for sightseeing and the City is known for its cultural richness. This City is a Coastal region and it’s very humid too but once they start liking this place they will really enjoy the place.

Aishwarya, says: 2020

It has the biggest artificial sea port in India and is also the biggest port in the Bay of Bengal region. The weather is humid and warm throughout the year. It is a great city to discover the history of India, since it possesses buildings and monuments from during the British rule.

Chennai is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu. The one who moving to Chennai need to understand the local language called Tamil and he/she must be comfortable with humidity in climate. The People of Chennai very friendly and love to do help when needed. Chennai has very historic culture one must experience in personal.

Siddhanth, says: 2020

I belong from Chennai and my city is totally belongs for business and IT profession. Whoever visiting Chennai they must visit marina beach superb place, and they can also visit kishkinta theme park which is the Asia’s no one theme park. If you are new to Chennai then you should have our city’s street food.

Rajvir, says: 2020

be aware of the weather, as it will be very hot and humid during summer. Other things to be considered are traffic jam during the peak hours of the day, as it may affect the timings and the population. My city is quite populous. Other than these it is a great place to move on, as it provides vast amount of jobs, contains lot of tourist places and variety of food.

Kamala, says: 2020

I hail from Chennai and it is a good city. There are a lot by of landmarks in the city which we are proud of. To name a few like Marina beach, Valluvar Kottam, and many sightseeing places. The city is world-famous for all amenities. Famous for all kinds of educational, entertainment, recreational institutions. Connemara library is a famous library.

Sanjay, says: 2020

A person moving to my city should know they need to get familiar with the regional language, as it would help them in being more easily accepted. It would also help them to receive better help from the local people. They need to get comfortable in having the local food, as it is the food best prepared and served.

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