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Cost of Living and Inflation in Houston, Texas: What do you need to know?

17 local experts

Here's what 17 local experts had to say about prices and the cost of living in Houston, Texas.

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It is a city that is very spread out and you will need transport to move around and the traffic is so thick at rush hour and the weekend. As cost of living goes, it is a lot better than New York or Los Angels but you new a good income to live here. And lastly the people are not too friendly in the big cities of Texas, I don’t know my neighbors and I’ve never been in their houses and I have lived in my neighborhood for 8 years. The restaurants are great with many choices of cuisine.

Houston is a multicultural and inexpensive place to live in. It has it’s big city issues but also has the benefits with world class medical facilities, varied dining options and a relatively mild weather (summers can be humid and hot, though). Housing is still affordable and the suburbs have good school districts. Job and career opportunities are galore in multiple arenas. Not a touristy city, but has lots of attractions within a couple of hours. Overall, very livable.

Houston is known for it’s diversity and considered one of the best places to live in Texas due to it’s affordability. Before moving to Houston, it’s recommended that one has living arrangements ready and a vehicle with insurance, and gas ready, prior to moving here. While Houston does have a public transportation system, it’s very congested and not convenient for the type of distances between places. It’s also important to know how to navigate the tropical storms and floods that occurs every now and then. On the flip side, Houston tends to have a lower than average cost of living and is considered a food haven for any culture or palate.

Lots of attractions like Johnson Space Center. Diversity in the population. Texas friendly to all visitors. Residents do not pay state income tax.

Living in Houston, the city home to several prominent things of this world, is very great for people trying to find a decent living. There is a broad range of living expenses throughout the Houston area from lower cost living to communities such as Hunters Creek for those who want to live more comfortably. For example, the rich communities widely known, just to name a couple, are the River Oaks and the West University Community.

Milton, says: 2020

Like all cities, Houston has advantages and disadvantages. Its primary advantages are a low cost of living, especially for such a large city, and a very friendly business environment, if you are interested in starting a business. Its primary disadvantages are a very hot climate, the risk of hurricanes, and a lack of interesting sites and activities for tourists.

Houston is a huge city with several surrounding suburban areas. The weather is hot but surprisingly cold in winter. Traffic is horrible during the school year. The cost of living is great. The price per square foot is unlike any other city. You will enjoy the living expenses compared to other cities.

Lynnsey, says: 2020

When buying a home in Houston, consider that the city is quite susceptible to flooding. public transportation in Houston isn’t nearly as well-developed as many other large cities, so it is advisable to own a car. Luckily, gas is much cheaper here than in other cities.

Jessica, says: 2020

Houston is the second largest city in the United States. There are lots of opportunities for growth for people moving in here. The suburbs are great for families with young children. Cost of living is quite affordable. The school districts are great and ranked among the nation’s best schools. Crime is low overall.

Evelyn, says: 2020

Houston is a majority-minority city with humid and random weather. The city has been booming in population growth due to many job openings, cheap land, and a growing recognition worldwide. There are multiple vacation spots, and an unlimited amount of concerts to partake in and parks, drive-ins, and much more.

Ishana, says: 2020

Houston is a large city with a diverse population. The cost of living in Houston is very low, compared to other large cities such as New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles. The weather is relatively warm throughout the year, but can be very humid in summer. The city is not very suited for walking or biking, so getting around the city will require driving.

Houston may not be the most scenic city in the US, it does have any amenity you could want. The cost of living is affordable and the city has many form of entertainment from excellent restaurants to live events such as concerts and plays. Houston is also has one of the best medical centers in the world. Anyone looking for a world class higher education would also find Houston an attractive city to move to because if is home to high ranking colleges both private and public.

Kristen, says: 2020

The city is quite sprawling and diverse. Traffic is a major factor depending on what area you choose. We have a very modern Healthcare system. Wages are consistent with experience and tend to be typically lower than other states. A huge melting pot of cultures and people. A “foodie lover” paradise.

Houston gets ridiculously hot in summer. However, this should not be a deterrent. All nations and races are represented. Therefore, this cosmopolitan metropolis has something for everyone. The cost of living is low and jobs aren’t hard to find. If you are contemplating moving here, you will not be disappointed.

Heather, says: 2020

Houston is believed to be the most populous city in the state of Texas. The city is very big, busy and beautiful. The weather is very dramatic and changes with no warning signs. Housing is quite affordable and the standard of living is fair. It is a city and raise and family.

The first thing I’d say is that home prices are relatively low. In Houston, jobs are everywhere. And the job market is booming, so there’s plenty of ways to make money. Houston has no zoning laws. The beach isn’t to far away, approximately one hour away.

Louisa, says: 2020

Houston is such a great city, it is diverse if not the most diverse city in the United States of America. Houston is known for having great cuisine of any type of cultures. The houses in Houston are cheap and the people are great. What makes Houston a great city is the weather.

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