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What are transportation options and challenges in Glasgow, Scotland?

nine local experts

Are there taxis in Glasgow? What about scooters? What are the public transportation options? Here's what nine local experts had to say about transportation methods in Glasgow, Scotland.

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Glasgow is a friendly, modern city with reasonably good transport infrastructure. There’s plenty to see with many free museums and galleries. There are parks everywhere and all free to enter. Rental apartments are harder to find and becoming more expensive. The weather isn’t the reason to visit Glasgow, although the summer days are long due to its northerly location. Ignore the talk about crime, it’s a thing of the past and it’s a very safe city.

Someone moving here, Glasgow, should know the weather is not good here. We have frequent rainfall and grey, overcast skies most days. However, you can easily visit many beautiful parts of the Scottish Highlands by train and many small islands are accessible by boat. Someone moving here will have a great time if they bring a raincoat and warm clothes!

They would need to know the public transport system is good, the city centre is excellent for shopping and sightseeing. The people are very friendly and welcoming. There is a broad range of cuisine on offer in the many restaurants and cafes, including Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Italian, American and British of course.

Glaswegian culture is renowned for its friendliness and warmth. As long as you make yourself approachable it’s possible to strike up a conversation with near enough anyone in the city and come away feeling uplifted. The size of the city makes it very easy and cheap to get around, with a simple one line subway system, known as the clockwork orange, you can get from the center to the beautiful west end in less than 10 minutes and for half the price of your morning coffee. The famous tenement flats flank beautiful leafy streets and make up the bulk of accommodation options within the city limits at super low costs when compared to other UK cities. If you like a culture immersed in rich history, with some of the most beautiful countryside in the world on your doorstep, come to Glasgow!

Charlotte, says: 2020

Glasgow is a cultured and welcoming city filled with beautiful historic landmarks and overall friendly inhabitants. The City Centre is a frequently visited spot with many shops to explore and sites to see, including the well-known statue of the Duke of Wellington with the additional feature of his hat, an orange traffic cone. Glasgow’s nightlife is large part of the cities culture as many bars and clubs flourish to life throughout the night and into the next day.

Anyone moving here should knowhow draining the weather in Glasgow can be. Considering the frosty and mostly wet weather, I would advise anyone visiting Glasgow to take their snug jackets with them and most importantly an umbrella. What tourists should also know is that the public transport in Glasgow, let’s just say, isn’t as magnificent as many might think.

Someone moving to Glasgow should know the people are friendly, there’s lots of nightlife and it can be quite rainy. It’s very close to some amazing scenery, Loch Lomond is only an hour away, which is easily accessible by the many trains and buses one can catch from the city centre. It is on the West coast of Scotland on the river Clyde and has 800,000 or so inhabitants.

While relatively small compared to other major cities, Glasgow is vibrant and lively. This is primarily a result of the locals, who have a reputation for being remarkably friendly. It has a nice blend of old and new architecture which gives it a timelessness. The subway system makes it incredibly simple to go from place to place, meaning once you’re used to making your way around you can do so very efficiently.

Rachel, says: 2020

Glasgow is the largest city in the West of Scotland. The population of Glasgow is approximately 600,000. Glasgow has excellent transport links. Regular trains, buses, numerous taxi services and an easy-to-access international airport. The weather in Scotland leaves a lot to be desired. It can be very grey and rainy for extended periods of time.

Lesley, says: 2020
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