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Music and Concerts in Glasgow, Scotland

four local experts

Whether you're a fan of smooth jazz or heavy metal, you can stream it all from your phone. But what if you want some live music? What are the Glasgow options like? From local bands to orchestral offerings, here's what four local experts had to say about music in Glasgow, Scotland.

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Glasgow is a beautiful city, perhaps most known for its wet climate, but there is so much more to it as well. For example, it has one of the UK’s top universities, the University of Glasgow, as well as a great music scene. The city is also known for being one of the greenest cities in the UK, with plenty of parks as well as beautiful countryside surroundings.

Glasgow is frequently overlooked by travellers with regards to the vibrant arts and culture throughout the city. Walk down the back alleys off Princess Street and come face to face with some of the best street graffiti on the planet; duck into one of the myriad bars and pubs and find world-class jazz while you discover the joys of a good whiskey. There is something here for everyone to love, from a lively Goth subculture to the high arts at Kelvingrove Museum. Glasgow is lively, rowdy, rambunctious, and occasionally dangerous, but it’s never boring.

There are several must-see areas in Glasgow, from the sprawling, verdant Kelvingrove park to the nostalgic, winding Ashton lane. Despite its industrial past, Glasgow has somewhat reinvented itself as a fashionable and desirable city, with booming restaurant and music scenes. Perhaps the most important thing to note about Glasgow is about the people – they are warm, kind and charismatic, but don’t suffer fools gladly!

Billie, says: 2020

Glasgow is a vibrant and energetic city which caters for all. From glorious inner city parks, numerous music venues, museums, and the latest trends in restaurants, there’s something for everyone. Not forgetting the famous landmarks like the Barras, where you can pick up a bargain. Glasgow banter included for free, of course.

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