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Safety and Crime in Glasgow, Scotland

three local experts

Here's what 3 local experts had to say about safety and crime in Glasgow.

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Glasgow is a friendly, modern city with reasonably good transport infrastructure. There’s plenty to see with many free museums and galleries. There are parks everywhere and all free to enter. Rental apartments are harder to find and becoming more expensive. The weather isn’t the reason to visit Glasgow, although the summer days are long due to its northerly location. Ignore the talk about crime, it’s a thing of the past and it’s a very safe city.

If moving to Glasgow you ought to be aware of the ever-changing weather and be mindful to go nowhere without an umbrella, as it’s very likely that you will experience rain (and plenty of it!). Glasgow is a vibrant, multicultural city, whose reputation for violence used to precede it, but thankfully the city is shedding this image and is rapidly becoming recognised as one of the United Kingdom’s most thriving and bustling cities. Local residents, known affectionately as “Weegies” are a loud, proud and diverse bunch.

Benjamin, says: 2020

Glasgow is often described as being Scotland’s most friendly city, however it is also rated as the most violent. It is commonly said that while you may risk being a victim of a crime, you will at least be pointed towards a nearby police station.

Maaree, says: 2020

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