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What are transportation options and challenges in Charlotte, North Carolina?

nine local experts

Are there taxis in Charlotte? What about scooters? What are the public transportation options? Here's what nine local experts had to say about transportation methods in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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You should have transportation, many jobs and fun activities are in the surrounding cities, places public transportation will not take you. Also, live affordably (not cheaply) so you can do more than just pay your bills. The city is so much better if you can afford to actually enjoy it, and not just live in it.

Charlotte is very home like to live in. The uptown part of Charlotte is very busy during events. There are lots of amazing restaurants and food trucks located all over Charlotte. The Epicenter, which is located in uptown Charlotte, is famous for its local bars and bowling alley. CMS has the best school system for kids the grades K-12.

Patricia, says: 2020

In the winter, there is ice skating. Since Charlotte is a newer city, it has a newer form of transportation. The Light Rail is another element that makes Charlotte unique. It goes all throughout the city making it easier to get from place to place without having to drive in traffic. The areas next to the city such as Noda also add authenticity and aesthetic to the city. It attracts people from all ages. A very important aspect of the city is the safety. Charlotte is a place that you can go to with your friends without worrying too much about being unsafe. It is a welcoming and exciting place to spend the day or night.

Romare Bearden Park has beautiful foliage as well as plenty of benches and walking space for people on skateboards, city scooters, or their own two feet. It also has a field at one end in which dogs, families, couples, and little children can have fun during a nice warm day. Charlotte has multiple events that it hosts for different occasions such as the Fourth of July or St. Patrick’s Day to name a few. Other major attractions in Charlotte that make it unique are the Nascar Hall of Fame bringing in some history to the area and the Charlotte Knights baseball team at the BB&T Ballpark.

Charlyn, says: 2020

Charlotte is a largely urban and rural city at the southern border of North Carolina. There are many jobs available, some of which may require traveling some distance through traffic. However, there are reliable transit systems, such as buses and trains, that run through popular areas to assist with transportation, in addition to ride-sharing services. There are many activities and groups to fit the needs of all people, from college students to retired grandparents. You should choose your home based on the type of environment you desire, whether that is right uptown in the midst of all the business, or slightly closed off in a family-oriented neighborhood. No matter where you choose, Charlotte will not disappoint!

Charlotte has Carowinds, which is a sprawling theme park with water rides. One of their rides, called “Hornet,” was built around 4 years ago and is a fast and smooth roller-coaster. They do theme parks for Summer, Winter, Halloweens, and Christmas. Many people from all over the country come to Charlotte just to go there. U.S National Whitewater Center is another attraction of Charlotte city. It’s a river rafting & outdoor adventure park where you get to go to the trail to walk or ride a mountain bike. For the river rafting, they have artificially made rivers where you can safely ride it. They have a zipline ride over the river, climbing wall, and ice-skating during Christmas.

Shannon, says: 2020

Charlotte is a growing city that is full of opportunities. There is never a shortage of activities on the weekends. Whether you like breweries, parks, or sports, there is something for everyone. The public transportation can get you where you need to go quickly and efficiently. If downtown city living is not for you, Charlotte is surrounded by many friendly and welcoming suburbs.

Kelsey, says: 2020

Charlotte, NC is the 15th largest city in the United States and is known for its high concentration in the banking industry. We offer great restaurants and uptown nightlife for the young and young at heart. Our beautiful neighborhoods with lots of trees are very appealing to all. We have good public transportation and access to two interstates.

Jessica, says: 2020

If moving here someone should know their are a lot of new apartments being built especially around the transit for college student going to classes and work. Charlotte is a really beautiful town with great things to do uptown and just all around the city. The colleges in the area are some of the best too.

Melissa, says: 2020
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