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Art, Galleries, and More in Glasgow, Scotland

five local experts

From murals to galleries to sculptures, here's what five local experts had to say about art and artists in Glasgow, Scotland.

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Glasgow is a friendly, modern city with reasonably good transport infrastructure. There’s plenty to see with many free museums and galleries. There are parks everywhere and all free to enter. Rental apartments are harder to find and becoming more expensive. The weather isn’t the reason to visit Glasgow, although the summer days are long due to its northerly location. Ignore the talk about crime, it’s a thing of the past and it’s a very safe city.

Glasgow is frequently overlooked by travellers with regards to the vibrant arts and culture throughout the city. Walk down the back alleys off Princess Street and come face to face with some of the best street graffiti on the planet; duck into one of the myriad bars and pubs and find world-class jazz while you discover the joys of a good whiskey. There is something here for everyone to love, from a lively Goth subculture to the high arts at Kelvingrove Museum. Glasgow is lively, rowdy, rambunctious, and occasionally dangerous, but it’s never boring.

Glasgow, a central town in Scotland, is bursting at the seams with culture and often forgotten history. Currently, the Glasgow art scene is expanding at an exponential rate, gaining recognition across the globe for its contribution to contemporary abstract imagery. If you ever decide to move to Glasgow be sure not to miss it!

Anyone moving to Glasgow should know the people of the city welcome diversity. The city has a mixture of cultures and there is an overwhelming sense of inclusivity. There is plenty to do; there are art galleries, museums and parks to explore.

Douglas, says: 2020

Know Glasgow is a place of great history and diverse culture. The weather is mostly cold and constantly changing as the day goes on, so it would be best to have a wardrobe suited to the particular climate of the city. There are many sights to see ranging from art galleries, to historical buildings and to local gems that only someone living there would discover.

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