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Sports and Athletics in Arlington, Texas: What do you need to know?

four local experts

From youth sports to major league teams, here's what four local experts had to say about sports in Arlington, Texas.

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Arlington is a city with many things to do. You can visit the gigantic AT&T Stadium and watch a football game, for example. There is also a vast amount of restaurants and malls you can go to if you require food or entertainment. If you don’t like it here, Dallas isn’t that far away.

Arlington is a city between Dallas and Fort Worth. It is the largest city in the area without local transit or transportation system. Everyone in the city drives or walks; there are no buses. The city is home to several tourist attractions and sports venues. We have Six Flags over Texas, Globe Life Park (Rangers) and AT&T Stadium (Cowboys). It is a great place.

Levinesha, says: 2020

Arlington is directly between two larger cities, Dallas and Fort Worth. While Arlington itself has little beyond sports arenas and chain restaurants, being in proximity to these larger cities affords many opportunities to visit more unique locations. Driving can be a bit maddening in Texas but I would encourage anyone visiting Arlington to check out events in at least one of its sister cities for a less suburban experience.

Arlington is a suburban city in the middle of two other major cities in Texas, Dallas and Fort Worth. Because of its central location, we have two major sports arenas in the city, The Arlington Rangers baseball team and the world-famous Dallas Cowboys football team. Even though the Cowboys aren’t called the ‘Arlington Cowboys’, residents of Arlington still take pride in the stadium being in our city.

Trevor, says: 2020
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