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Parks, Recreation, and Greenspace in Arlington, Texas

three local experts

From neighborhood playgrounds to flagship parks, what does Arlington have to offer? Here's what three local experts had to say about parks and greenspace in Arlington, Texas.

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Arlington is an open, sprawling city where the urban and suburban rarely mix. We have expansive malls and thrilling theme parks, but you need a car. Nestled in among many cities, Arlington has a surprising variety as long as you’re willing to drive to get there.

Arlington is a very suburban area with many parks. If you want to eat at nice restaurants or have more activities, you will have to drive to the next town over. Also, the weather varies a lot. It changes from day to day, and it can be hard to dress for.

Nilasha, says: 2020

Arlington is not the most vibrant or exciting place, but it is a fabulous place to settle down. From parks of all different shapes and sizes to many activity centers for children and families, Arlington is a wonderful place with a family. The area is filled with beautiful homes that are relatively cheap and in the neighborhood of amazing schools.

Stephanie, says: 2020
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