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What are safety and crime like in Jos, Plateau?

seven local experts

From petty theft to violent crime, here's what seven local experts had to say about safety and crime in Jos, Plateau.

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If you’re moving to Jos, the first thing you need is security consciousness. You need to know where the hotspots for potential violence are. You also need to know that moving around past 5pm is hard because the keke napep transport system shuts down. Apart from these and a few other challenges, Jos is an excellent town to live in with amazing people, culture, weather, and nature at its best.

Dabuwar, says: 2023

Jos is a cold city and a tourist destination. The food items are very cheap and fruits. Housing is affordable and there is a steady power supply. The good news is security has improved and residents are friendly. There are three major tribes residing there and they consist of Christian and Muslim.

Chinedu, says: 2020

1. There is high traffic congestion in the city centres.
2. They people are hospitable and law abiding.
3. Theft cases are minimal as compared to other cities.
4. Violent prone areas are basically outskirts.
5. Plateau is the home of peace and tourism.

Daniel, says: 2020

Jos is a very cold city and so you should be ready to use a lot of cover garments. it is a town with more of civil servants, a lot of government agencies have centers here; it is in the north of the country with cases of violence, you might want to have company when moving around late and put in effort in learning the language; Hausa.

Khadijah, says: 2020

Jos city is the coldest city in Nigeria, it is a beautiful place that has many tourist attractions. Over the last 20 years it has been bombarded with many ethnic crises that have made the city a dangerous place. The city was once a wonder in the country of Nigeria, but terrorism and hate have made the city which was once full of peace and tourism to be full of fear chaos and insecurity.

Temidayo, says: 2020

Anyone moving here should know there are areas where electricity and water supply are not constant. The person needs to be highly security conscious. The person should look for a friendly environment based on his/her belief system.

Christiana, says: 2020

Jos is the largest city in Plateau state. It used to be a major site for tourist attraction because of its uniquely shaped rocks, food and cozy weather which generated a lot of revenue for the state. However, this has reduced drastically due to the violence that has occurred on a frequent basis for the past ten years.

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