Safety and Crime in Gaborone

five local experts

From petty theft to violent crime, here's what 5 local experts had to say about safety and crime in Gaborone.

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If you are moving to Gaborone City, Botswana, or plan to visit, you will enjoy every minute you spend here. There are lovely buildings around the city that will just melt your heart, not to mention beautifully planned houses. Crime is there, of course, but it is mostly petty crime like phone snatching in some parts of the city. However, Gaborone is a safe place with friendly people who love to help others, even if they do not know them personally. Violent crime rarely occurs. The standard of living is fairly high due to inflation but very affordable. There is cultural and religious tolerance, with Christianity being more common. There are lots of schools, both private and public, as well as various tertiary schools, with the University of Botswana being the biggest and one of the most recognized in Africa, boasting an enormous library. Recreational places are plentiful, loaded with different activities and various kinds of food. The food here is amazingly scrumptious if you are a foodie like myself. Last but not least, the weather is fairly okay but can be too hot, too rainy, or too cold. I love it.

Gontse, says: 2023

Gaborone is the biggest city in Botswana. It is very hot in summer and very cold in winter. It is very dangerous to walk out in the streets alone. It has low employment rate. It is a very beautiful city.

Aldridge, says: 2020

This city has been documented to be one of those cities with the lowest crime rate. Remarkable landmarks like the statue of the Three Chiefs can be sighted in the city and is a popular attraction for tourists. The Main Mall is also popular among visitors, who are keen on buying tradition wear, jewellery and sculptures.

Tersia, says: 2020

Gaborone is a modern and well designed City. The people are friendly and helpful. Accommodation is affordable. There are well placed malls for shopping in al suburbs. Medical facilities are plenty. The police have stations in all major suburbs and are effective. There are a diverse choice of take away and sit down food outlets.

Lesedi, says: 2020

It is one of the friendliest cities I know of, mostly because Gaborone is in the world’s most peaceful countries. Also, crime rates are lower here than anywhere in Africa. One also has the opportunity to see wildlife roam free, in some parts of the city though. The nightlife is vibrant but also subtle in the sense that no matter where you’re out having fun, you’re sure to be safe.

Rebatho, says: 2020

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