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Is Jos, Plateau a good place to live? How is the quality of life?

four local experts

While quality of life is something of an elusive or ill-defined concept, it can be boiled down to "Is Jos a good place to live?" or "Is Jos a bad place to live?" Here's what four local experts had to say about quality of life and overall happiness in Jos, Plateau.

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If you are moving to Jos you will have to know about our previous challenge of religious clashes between Christians and Muslims that we have now overcome as we are now trying to integrate to living among each other as we used to. Jos is an awesome place to be, great weather and hospitable people.

Sohbut Nden, says: 2023

If you’re moving to Jos, the first thing you need is security consciousness. You need to know where the hotspots for potential violence are. You also need to know that moving around past 5pm is hard because the keke napep transport system shuts down. Apart from these and a few other challenges, Jos is an excellent town to live in with amazing people, culture, weather, and nature at its best.

Dabuwar, says: 2023

Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, is a very good place because of the good weather, affordable cost of living and friendly people. Jos is also a tourist attraction because of the abundant natural resources and has in fact been recorded as one of the best tourist attraction center in Nigeria.

Chiman, says: 2020

Jos is a city in Plateau State which in Nigeria. It’s usually a cold city especially during the dry season. The people here are mostly involved in agricultural activities especially crops and livestock production. People also involve in other businesses like content creation, baking, graphic design, among others. It’s a good place you should try.

Victor, says: 2020
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