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Living in Aurora, Colorado:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

17 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Aurora, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 17 people living in Aurora what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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Aurora is a very clean city. There are a lot of things to do. People are friendly. Houses are really nice. Aurora has the nations 3rd best drinking water out of the tap.

Looking to move to Aurora, CO? Let’s start with the basics: Aurora, CO is located in Arapahoe County and it has a population of 373,444. Aurora is surprisingly diverse, with more than 90 languages spoken in its public schools. There are also unique food varieties from around the globe due to its diverse culture. The median income in Aurora, CO is $77,640 and the median home value is $163,725. If you are adventurous then explore tourist spots and hiking areas.

Gabriella, says: 2020

The city of Aurora, Colorado, has a large quantity of beautiful, newly built homes. These homes can vary in price from the low 200’s to the upper 700’s. Aurora is growing in size very quickly as people from all over the country continue to move to the beautiful state of Colorado.

Lowanna, says: 2020

The summer season in Aurora is a time to take in the abundant Colorado sunshine, and to enjoy the fresh air in the great outdoors. Some of the best shopping and summer activities include biking, walking, horseback riding, camp for the kids and a number of other fun outdoor activities.

Upon moving to Aurora, you must prepare for the sky-high elevation and heat. People from lesser elevated states will struggle during vigorous exercise due to the consistently poor quality air. The lower air pressure makes it more difficult for the average person to intake the proper amount of oxygen, thus causing them to exert more energy. People with asthma and respiratory issues should not exert themselves completely for the first couple weeks in Colorado.

Shantel, says: 2020

Aurora is a beautiful city, near Colorado’s capital, Denver CO. There are numerous outdoor activities, good for the whole family! and cheap living expenses, with the beautiful views of Colorado’s famous Rocky mountains. No matter where you are in aurora, you’ll always have something fun to do. Whether it be, swimming in lakes, golfing, or even fun date nights. There’s always something to enjoy, right in the heart of Aurora!

Tanuja, says: 2020

One of the best places in Aurora is the Cherry Creek Reservoir. At the reservoir you can fish, boat, hike, and bike along its many trails. There is also a shooting range with an exotic hot dog vendor outside its entrance. The drive across the Dam Road, which runs alongside the reservoir, has one of the best views of the Denver Metro area and of the mountains which sprawl behind it.

Joanna, says: 2020

Aurora, Colorado, is a very large suburb of Denver. It is directly east of the capital city, and has a lot to offer people looking to raise a family. There are many parks and golf courses. Because of its proximity to the mountains, it is ideal for people who enjoy spending time outdoors.

Kahlyn, says: 2020

Aurora is a very quiet and discrete area with friendly people for the most part. However, don’t mistake the sunny days for it being summer; the weather in Colorado in general is incredibly capricious! All four seasons can happen in a single day!

Taylor, says: 2020

Aurora is composed primarily of suburban residential locations. The city is conveniently near Denver; consequently, those who are interested in a bustling nightlife will be at a convenient distance. Aurora also provides access to various outdoor activities: amusement parks, walking paths, fishing locations, etc. In essence, there is a lot to do near Aurora.

Aurora is very diverse but also very accepting to multiple backgrounds. There is a large opportunity for growth and a vast selection of experiences to enjoy. The weather is beautiful and it is enjoyable during the entire year. Aurora, as a whole, is an outstanding city and I have every intention of staying here.

Aurora is a city in Arapahoe County Colorado and lies just to the east of Denver. Housing consists of apartments, condominiums, townhomes and single family homes and The median home price is $336,000. Aurora offers a leisurely lifestyle in a suburban setting with a variety of family and cultural activities such as museums, major sports, skiing, camping, hiking and adventure available close by.

Kayleigh, says: 2020

If moving to Aurora, one should note the amount of construction is always ongoing, and with construction comes a plethora of out-of-staters (as construction usually results in new housing). While it’s not necessarily a bad thing, the out-of-staters cause an immense amount of traffic; specifically during rush hour. This can be quite infuriating, especially after a long day of work. Aurora does, however, offer an exceptional amount of diversity when it comes to both restaurants and entertainment as it’s not too far from Denver.

Brenda, says: 2020

Aurora, Colorado, is a large city with a small town feel to it. There are multiple craft beer breweries, small play houses, and local restaurants to explore. If you are looking for opportunities to golf, Aurora has several well known courses to explore. It has been reported there are more than 55 miles of biking and hiking trails that will allow you to explore the city without ever getting into a car.

Someone moving to Aurora should note the expanding diversity of people and cultures in this city. One can observe and take part in the many cultural celebrations and foods that represent parts of the world people bring to Aurora. Individuals in Aurora are friendly and open. Individuals who visit, or have newly arrived, should not be surprised to find themselves on occasion in friendly conversations with locals in public places, such as grocery stores or bus stops.

Breanna, says: 2020

Aurora, Colorado, is a popular suburb of Denver. Due to its proximity to the city and the mountains, Aurora is an attractive and highly sought-after area. While it sounds enticing, the price of living should be a serious consideration before relocating to Aurora. Many people are surprised to hear that the cost of living in the Denver suburbs is comparable to the cost of living in Chicago.

Mikhail, says: 2020

If you move to Aurora, CO, then know it is one of the largest cities in Colorado. Since it is one of the largest cities, there is a lot of diversity. It is also close to Downtown Denver, so you can see a lot of what the city has to offer in just a short drive.

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