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Housing and Real Estate in Aurora, Colorado

three local experts

Here's what 3 local experts had to say about housing, real estate, apartments, and more in Aurora.

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The city of Aurora, Colorado, has a large quantity of beautiful, newly built homes. These homes can vary in price from the low 200’s to the upper 700’s. Aurora is growing in size very quickly as people from all over the country continue to move to the beautiful state of Colorado.

Lowanna, says: 2020

Aurora is a city in Arapahoe County Colorado and lies just to the east of Denver. Housing consists of apartments, condominiums, townhomes and single family homes and The median home price is $336,000. Aurora offers a leisurely lifestyle in a suburban setting with a variety of family and cultural activities such as museums, major sports, skiing, camping, hiking and adventure available close by.

Kayleigh, says: 2020

If moving to Aurora, one should note the amount of construction is always ongoing, and with construction comes a plethora of out-of-staters (as construction usually results in new housing). While it’s not necessarily a bad thing, the out-of-staters cause an immense amount of traffic; specifically during rush hour. This can be quite infuriating, especially after a long day of work. Aurora does, however, offer an exceptional amount of diversity when it comes to both restaurants and entertainment as it’s not too far from Denver.

Brenda, says: 2020
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