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Navi Mumbai
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What are transportation options and challenges in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra?

ten local experts

Are there taxis in Navi Mumbai? What about scooters? What are the public transportation options? Here's what ten local experts had to say about transportation methods in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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Navi Mumbai is a small town with all modern services and public transport facilities. It’s a peaceful town with low population yet it has witnessed many fantastic events that anyone would love to be a part of. People moving to this city, should know about the fact, that Mumbai city is on the other side of this small town.

Saumya, says: 2020

People should head to my city not only for the nightlife or the infrastructure, but also because of its beauty. Mumbai’s local trains, pav bhaji and roadside vada pav are the main attractions. Experiencing busy days of Mumbai turning into peaceful nights is a very memorable and beautiful journey. The British architecture from years ago adds to its beauty. Mumbai is a city of joy where you cannot only experience glamorous nightlife but also different cultures coming together.

Satish, says: 2020

Navi Mumbai is in the suburbs of Mumbai. It is far from the hustle of the fast-paced city and life here is much calm and relaxing. it is covered with sprawling greens which we don’t get to see in the main city of Mumbai. The place is well connected to various modes of transportation.

Prathiba, says: 2020

Navi Mumbai is populated, and the throng often shows little to no respect. There is no such thing as “personal space”. Coming from a densely populated city, it is uncommon that you would find it rather difficult to sit calmly on a bus or travel by train without some or the other form of human contact. A majority of the population does not exactly converse in English, therefore, it is also necessary for a person to be well versed in the language of Hindi to survive. At first, it may seem rather intimidating to move to a bustling city, but eventually, you get used to it, and you begin to love it.

Kanupriya, says: 2020

Navi Mumbai is a budding hub for educational institutes. It has great, jobs. Healthy environment to sustain a family and to nurture their every need. It has great variety of worship places for people of every religion. Easy access to public transport for better transportation. Facilities like fire department, police department, etc are easily available.

Tonmoy, says: 2020

The rent is pretty much lower than downtown. The Houses are more aligned, better roads, less polluted, environment friendly, open spaces, less traffic, malls, garden in every sector, trekking, waterfall more activities in the weekend and lots to do in terms of nature loving and roaming, there is a mini seashore, Sanctuary, Hills, ancient temples, road side dhabas and lots more.

Anjali, says: 2020

The city I reside in is well planned developed. It has been well structured. Compared to Mumbai traffic here is much less. Though residents have moved to Mumbai, businesses have not. a larger percent of the population continues travelling to Mumbai. The city is safe at night experiencing crime rate less likely than Mumbai. The city has been continuously growing and developing for better attractions.

Anchal, says: 2020

Navi Mumbai is a very beautiful city. One shall at least visit once to Navi Mumbai to explore all its glory, nature, beautification. In monsoon the caterpillar grows beautifully into a butterfly. The city is surrounded by hills which have streams and waterfalls flowing from all over. many places to just disconnect from the mad-rush of our lives, that’s why I fell love in with this city. Living on the 16th floor I could view the artsy Kharghar Station filled up to the brim with tiny toy cars and bikes, paving way to the twisting and turning river on its backside backed by the splendid amount of green cover. In contrast to this there’s the forever busy Mumbai-Pune Highway which is a sight to see at some lost rainy nights. When the lights burn out and you just see the water splashing from illumination by the beams of headlights.

Ashwin, says: 2020

Navi Mumbai is a planned satellite city of Mumbai in Maharashtra. It is beautiful, spacious and green. Navi Mumbai does not have an airport yet, though that will change in a few years when the new international airport to serve Mumbai will be built in the next few years. It is very well connected to Mumbai.

Vanshika, says: 2020

Navi Mumbai is one of the planned cities in our state. It has good infrastructure and facilities. It is well connected through public transport and has less traffic compared to other cities. It is surrounded by mountains, is greener, and less polluted. There are good schools, playgrounds, malls, multiplexes, lounges, restaurants, etc. The people are warm and friendly.

Aayushi, says: 2020
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