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Living in Pune, Maharashtra:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

182 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Pune, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 182 people living in Pune what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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182 comments on “Pune”

It is a safe city where women can travel alone even by local transport at night.

Kimaya, says: 2023

Pune is beautiful. The weather is great. You’ll adjust soon, the people are very welcoming. Good food. Subtle, amazing culture.

Ruchika, says: 2023

It’s overcrowded. There are traffic jams all the time. The cost of living is higher than in any other city in India.

Ashish, says: 2023

If you are moving to Pune with family, make very sure that your workplace and residence are within 5 km radius. Plus, you need to chalk out a detailed commute plan for every family member. Pune is the best place for fine dining, entertainment, night life, but the traffic logistic involved is cumbersome. Many scenic tourist spots around, but preferably visit them on working days and not on Sundays and public holidays.

Sachin, says: 2023

Excellent city. Best education, medical facilities, hotels and restaurants, party places, improving infrastructure, job opportunities in both service and manufacturing industry. At the same time, too much traffic, increasing pollution, short tempered locals, road rages.

Hemanshu, says: 2023

If you are moving to Pune, you may be sure to get best weather conditions, great food and traffic jams.

Santosh, says: 2023

If you’re moving to Pune get accustomed to traffic problems, pollution and chaos.

1. Affordable and accommodating city, especially students and working professionals.
2. Good food with lot of variety.
3. Fun-filled and vibrant with lots of outdoor activities, entertainment centers and nature packed places to visit.
4. Tremendous learning and working opportunities.
5. Hot summers and lousy monsoons.
6. Noisy, busy and crowded streets, but lots of pocket friendly and attractive things to buy.

Pranav, says: 2020

Pune is the known as the Oxford of the east. It is one of the major IT hubs of India. The city is known for its culture, food and diversity. Marathi is the main language spoken here followed by many other languages like Hindi, English, Gujrathi, etc. Pune is also known for its pleasant weather which makes it a popular destination for people to live.

Shazia, says: 2020

My city is so beautiful and have some special places to hangout with your friends and family to enjoy your holiday.The lonavala hill station is very beautiful and there is a dam also.And also famous for different festivals. So I will definitely welcome you to see the beautiful city like this.

Ritabhash, says: 2020

Pune is a beautiful city located in the state of Maharashtra, India. The city boasts of a rich Maharashtrian culture and tradition that has been followed religiously since decades. There are many forts that have been established in the neighbouring villages adjacent to the city that are worth visiting. The only disadvantage in Pune is the lack of an efficient public transportation system which means that commuting is heavy on the pocket.

Prashant, says: 2020

It is a historic place and the visitors will love to see it. It is safe place and is educational hub. Student loves it. The city is surrounded by the army and is less pollution free. It has rich heritage and birthplace of many freedom fighters. It is one of the best place to settle down. There are many retired people are settled and their children have got an employment at various companies. This a developing IT hub.

Roshan, says: 2020

In Pune, one should have a car. The city is very clean and well managed by municipal corp. There’s no reason to worry about security in this city. There are lot of big shopping malls and food sections across city. This is clearly a less polluted city.

Sreyash, says: 2020

The person moving to the Pune, must know sarcasm and pure Marathi language. They must know the famous dish known as “Mastani”. And they must know the some manners of talking in proper way and history of Bajirao Peshwa. One must pronounce certain words properly as people here judge you based on your way of speaking.

Jhanvi, says: 2020

It’s difficult travelling on public transport in Pune. Secondly, Magarpatta and Amanora Township are the safest places to stay in Pune along with the family. Also, Marathi is the regional language of Pune. And, if you don’t know Marathi, it might be a bit difficult for you to manage.

He/She should be aware about transportation facilities in Pune. If possible, own private vehicle preferably a two wheeler is recommended. While moving to the city they know that the city will make him/her fall in love with itself which in turn may make them a permanent resident of the city in times to come.

Mukteshwar, says: 2020

Pune is a best place, climate over here suits everyone, Select a safe place, all amenities needed should be nearby, transportation facilities should be very frequent. Medical amenities should be available nearby. Groceries should also be available nearby. Society should be very safe. It’s a nice place for students for their career.

Prayag, says: 2020

Pune is surrounded by many hills, it’s best to visit during monsoon. You will get to see whole lot of greenery and rain during that time. Lonavala and khandala are nearby best attraction you may consider that in your travel diary too. Pune is called the Oxford of west you will get along because there is a lot of young crowd.

Ashish, says: 2020

Pune is the city to be if you are a cultural enthusiast- and not just in Marathi areas. There’s theatre, music, literature, various sports, trekking groups, recreational groups, NGOs and other numerous activities which you can join. The people who come here are usually broad minded, looking for friends, and sporting, so you won’t feel lonely for too long. Most importantly, Pune will give you the time to do all these things as well.

It is a great place for a peaceful life. The people are peace loving and helpful even to strangers. People in my city welcome people with open and warm heart. Connectivity to nearby cities is very good and transportation facilities are available round the clock. Pune city is cultural capital of Maharashtra.

Udayalakshmi, says: 2020

For anyone, moving to Pune should know it’s a developing city and hence offers the best services and facilities one could look for. Hospitals, supermarkets and other important facilities are close by for all residencies. The schools and colleges, gyms, theatres and shopping malls, all make this place very happy and habitable one. Job opportunities are excellent. The only concerning issue is traffic.

Soumya, says: 2020

Pune is in Maharashtra state. My city is a tier two city in India and it is well-known as an educational capital in Maharashtra. Students from different cities come here to study because it has several eminent Universities and colleges for all the faculties. The climate here remains pleasant throughout the year.

Arshad, says: 2020

Pune (where I live) is a grand one. Although it is known to many as either – the Oxford of the East or the Cultural Capital of Maharashtra – Pune, as a city, has a whole lot more to offer. The ever-buzzing student life, the ever-booming IT industry, the parks, the food, the weather, etc. have made it a destination for many.

Pune is a cultural city. it has many cultural places. Pune is very calm and quiet place. you can have good food. good weather for every person. We celebrate every Indian festival like Ganesh Utsav very enthusiastically in Pune. Alos Pune is Education city. Most of the students from all over the world come and learn all types of eduction here.

Pune is the great city. From all over the India, people used to visit Pune for various purposes. One of largest IT sector is present in Pune. The environment is suitable for everyone. The bad thing about Pune is bus system, they do not have any fixed timing and you have to wait for hours to catch a correct bus.

Beatrice, says: 2020

A person can only imagine how hard it is to live in Pune. Only a hardworking person can make a living in Pune and that too is with great difficulty. If you are not ready for taking huge risks and putting your all into the work then you do you will not survive a day in this city.

Deirdre, says: 2020

Pune is an educational hub compared to other cities in India. Most people here are from outside the city who come here as students in various colleges. Hence, many types of mindsets are found here. People are more open minded and look towards a better future. It is a city to experience.

Jestina, says: 2020

If moving to Pune, I would encourage your decision. It’s one of India’s very well developed non-metro cities, with a perfect blend of the hustle and bustle of a metro city and a peaceful green environment of a non-metro city. It is an IT hub, and has been known as the Oxford of the East since many years. It has great weather, making it a great city. Pune has been through changes over the last two decades – it was earlier known as a ‘Pensioner’s Paradise’, and has now become one of the favoured choices for large MNCs to set shop. All in all, a city that makes everyone comfortable, and meets all your needs with metro-standards.

Pune is famous for its preserved Historical sites and mesmerizing Heritage. In the recent past, it was announced as a perfect model of a city maintaining optimum Work-Life Balance. Anyone moving here wouldn’t really face a challenge in adapting and adjusting. The city is extremely welcoming and known for its helping and considerate.

Jansirani, says: 2020

Pune is mostly best for education in engineering. Pune city is a very nice city to leave there for the celebration of the Ganpati festival. The shaniwarwada is the best place.

My City name Pune. The famous place in the Maharashtra. It’s also called vidyache Maherghar. Mula and Muta rivers are flow through the Pune city. Pune is famous for education and manufacturing companies are also here. The culture of Pune is very beautiful. l like the most festival is Ganpati festival.

It’s a beautiful city, but to should make sure you use public transport as the pollution keeps on increasing, and it has the best food with cheap living facilities, also they must know that, it has the best educational facilities and is best all over in the country when it comes to pune.

1. When you move to Pune, the principal thing you’ll likely notice is that the climate is interminably better than most places you’ve been to.
2. Inside no time, you’ll have figured out where you go for your Vadapav, misal pav, and where you go for your S.P.D.P.
3. The morning begins with a blend of a mouth-watering plate of Poha and some chai.
4. You will figure out how to play great client awful clients with Auto drivers, contingent upon the time. Tip: Do not hog or recruit an auto from auto to remain to walk a KM away from the stand and recruit.
5. You will understand that calling somebody kaka (uncle) /maushi (aunty) thinks about whether you need something as soon as possible.

Harshit, says: 2020

Pune is a big city. You can find an apartment easily. It is better to stay on the outskirts since that part is very green with very less construction. It is famous for its cultural activities. During Ganpati festival city is full of life with lot of cultural activities. There are lot of good restaurants serving all types of food.

Pune is the city beautiful It has many beautiful places one needs see. When one gets to these places it gives peace. Considering the working opportunities here, there is lot of scope for that. There are plenty of woking opportunities as there are IT hubs. Pune is also called oxford of the east, as the education quality is nice. Lifestyle of pune is quite impressive.

The city Pune has a historical value. It was once the base of Peshwas of the Maratha Empire. It’s known for the grand Shaniwar Wada, Aga Khan Palace, Pataleshwar Caves etc. For one who likes to shop, there are various options like the iconic Camp and Fashion Street. For a foodie, Pune is like a paradise! You’ll find authentic and spicy range of foods.

Charanya, says: 2020

Pune is known as educational capital of Maharashtra. You will get good education system and coaching and universities also. Weather is always healthy and fresh. People also very good and supportive in nature and help each other always. There are many tourist places in pune.

Vaishnavi, says: 2020

This city is amazing. Well cultured and the people are helpful. You’ll enjoy living here. There are many places you can visi, there is a variety of food you’ll devour. You’ll also be able to work comfortably, the surroundings are beautiful you’ll enjoy living here.

Rakshit, says: 2020

Pune is a hub of education. Students from all around the world dream to take their education from Pune University. It has a great historical background and hence tourists visit historical monuments. Mode of transportation such as public buses and metros are very convenient to use. Food is never a problem in Pune.

Pune city is very close to Mumbai. The latter is a city that doesn’t sleep but, you can expect Pune to be quite the opposite. Pune is laden with historical places that were the roots of education of the country and is often called the ‘Oxford of the east’.

Saniya, says: 2020

Have elementary knowledge of the local language. They ought to know Pune is a city of historic importance and that it has many monuments to explore. There are also many places around the city that can be visited and explored. Pune has quite a few institutions that could be of interest to anyone with academic leanings.

Pratik, says: 2020

Pune is ‘The Oxford of the East’ and therefore, a considerable portion of the population is very well-read and highly cultured. If anyone is considering to move to my city, the person has to have or develop a sharp tongue and should have great comebacks. It’s also advisable to learn about the history of the city to enjoy the liveliness of it to the fullest.

Radhika, says: 2020

Pune is infamous for its traffic jams. You will have a hard time adjusting to the honking of the famous city roads. But once someone adjusts here, there’s no going back, so be ready to fall in love with the delicious dishes and pleasant weather that this city offer.

Pune is a city known as an educational hub. It is an IT hub also. It has a great heritage of history. The weather is too good to live in Pune. The city has its own culture. You can enjoy work, art, music, dance, travel and any other recreation of your choice. It is a city of intellectuals.

Ritesh, says: 2020

Pune is the cycling city of India. Earlier, it used to be a city where retired personnels used to settle. Pune is now considered an IT hub and a city of forts. This city is quite famous for its pleasant climate and mouth-watering dishes like pav-bhaji, misal-pav, poha etc.

pune is a growing metropolitan in the state of Maharashtra. It is unofficially referred to as “The Oxford of the east” for its many numbers and diversity in the educational sector. It is also known the cultural capital of the state of Maharashtra. One must also know that it has a huge continuous problem of traffic due to great rush in the city and its sprawling IT infrastructure. The city has many places in and around for casual outings on weekends. Its people and social life are though hectic but a perfect example of how a city has its own life.

Khushi, says: 2020

Pune is in western Maharashtra and it’s the cultural capital of our state. People are so lovely and helpful. It has several esteemed educational institutions and therefore it’s also known as the “Oxford of the East”. Pune is regarded as a second major “IT hub of India” and top “automobile and manufacturing hub of India”. Therefore, for a well-skilled person, it’s very easy to find a job in our city.

Kumaragurubaran, says: 2020

For anyone moving to Pune, must know about the rich culture of this city. The food, the monuments, and the culture are rich with the Maratha heritage. Pune is widely known for being the “IT hub” of India. Pune is a growing industrial and IT hub in the west of India.

Pune is a youth oriented city. It has an IT hub and a great university for driven and ambitious youngsters. It has the best scrumptious food joints in the country which are devoured and enjoyed by anyone visiting the city. The city also has the best weather all through the year and it is at about 300-400 kms range from hill-stations like Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala and Tapola.

Aishwarya, says: 2020

Pune is a metropolitan city and melting pot of various cultures. Anyone moving here will experience food, festivals and rituals of cultures in India. Pune being on high altitude enjoys favourable temperatures from 35-20 degree celsius year-round. It’s really a good place. People in Pune are very welcoming and friendly.

Mukund, says: 2020

Pune is cultural capital of Maharashtra. The city is known as Oxford of the east as it has many educational institutions. It has a large number of manufacturing and IT companies. Climate here is of semiarid kind. The city has a rich cultural heritage and history. It is approximately 300 km to Mumbai.

Kandula, says: 2020

Pune has a quite pleasant climate. There won’t be any need for you to be skeptical about the climate as it stays breezy for the most part of the year. Your travel might be at ease if you happen to know Hindi. You are going to fall in love with the street food over here. People over here are amiable and will leave no stone unturned to make you feel at ease.

Ishita, says: 2020

it is the educational center of India. Pune is a city with a dry climate on the leeward side of the Western Ghats. It is approximately two hours from Mumbai, which is the financial capital of India. People here are authentic to their food and culture. Students from all over the world come here to study.

Pune city, known as the cultural capital of the state of Maharashtra, has a variety of festivals and traditions. Each and every resident of Pune loves the colours it puts on during the festivals such as Ganesh Festival and Diwali. Along with the culture, Pune has some brilliant minds residing here. With the old architecture of ‘Wada’ culture in its heart, and IT hubs at the edges of the city, Pune is one the oldest yet modern cities of Maharashtra. Anybody moving to Pune should know its charms and should be ready to have some fun.

Pune is widely recognized as second major “IT hub OF India”. It is also top “Automobile and Manufacturing hub of India”. It is also called “Oxford of East”, due to presence of of several well known educational institutes like Fergusson college and India’s first girls school was started here. There are many research centre in and round city as climatic conditions are suitable of experiments. Pune is cultural capital of Maharashtra.

Someone moving to Pune should have some knowledge of Marathi. While it is not totally impossible to get by with English or even Hindi, there is so much history and culture one misses out on without knowing Marathi. Also, it’s a good idea for the person to have their own vehicle as we do not have an adequate public transportation system.

Pune is like a chameleon, it changes colours from one day to the next, a mixture of cultures and ideas. For years, its charm and quiet made Pune the dream destination for retirees from India. It is also India’s most favoured city for education due to top-notch universities.

He should know my city has very old culture and heritage. It’s the beautiful city with lots of greenery, hills and mountains surrounding it. The living standards and very moderate and it will ensure your complete peace of mind and mental satisfaction. You will get all types and cuisines here and the weather is very pleasant all year long.

Gurpinder, says: 2020

Pune is a city where all the essential services and amenities are available all round the clock. It is a city with easy movement from one place to another. The air is clean to breathe and the city offers good jobs to anyone with the required qualifications. It offers excellent educational services also across a range of degrees.

Bhuvaneswari, says: 2020

Pune is a city of heritage. It has a peasant weather. The people are helpful. The city is quite inclusive when it comes to festivals and celebrations. It has a big IT hub. it also known as a city of intelligents. It has good infrastructure. The lifestyle of the people here is quite simple. People are rooted with the culture and values.

Shahul, says: 2020

Pune is a city of historic importance. The local people here are quite laid-back and conservative by nature. However, thanks to its rapid development as an IT hub, it has become a cultural hot pot. Formerly it was viewed as a retirement city, but now its become a city of youngsters bustling with activity.

In a new city you need to know the jobs and need to know reasonable flats. The atmosphere there needs to be positive and there must be a beautiful tourist area. There needs to be higher education school and colleges for children. beautiful playground for childrens parents.

The first thing that you must know is the local language spoken in Pune, which is Marathi. You may not be fluent in it but learn a few key phrases to navigate your way through the city comfortably. Another thing that should be kept in mind when considering a shift to this city is traffic. Commuting becomes a laborious task in this city which has the highest density of two wheeler vehicles in the country.

Pune is an educational hub. Many come here to pursue higher studies. The people here believe in unity in diversity. Pune is well known for its heritage like ancient places e.g., Shaniwar wada, Aga Khan palace, Sinhagad palace, etc. Pune is surrounded by mountains and hence the weather here is a perfect one for those who wish to stay in serenity.

Aniket, says: 2020

Pune is a great place for trekking, especially in Monsoon Season. There are a lot of places in and around the city, which are excellent for long tracks. You can also track in smaller regions, which offer an excellent view in the morning, along with beautiful flora to admire. The scenery of Sunrise after a morning track is unforgettable and inspiring.

Hamraz, says: 2020

Pune has excellent weather. Its Summers are never too hot, and it also rains occasionally in hot weather, which instantly cools the temperature. Winters are also pleasant, and not too cold. Thus, it is an excellent place to reside if you’re planning to find a nice Home in India. It has great trekking places and its nightlife is also very active.

Suhani, says: 2020

Pune is one of the best cities. It has the perfect blend of the past and the future. On one side it has forts by the great Marathas while on the other side it has the IT park. People here are very proud of their culture, A person who is born in Pune is called a Punekar. Never disturb a Punekar in the afternoon as it is his official nap time. Never make the mistake of calling yourself a Punekar if you are not born here.

Krishna, says: 2020

Pune is primarily known for its rich historical and cultural background. One can expect to see quite a few ruins of castles and forts which have been profound in shaping the city’s image being a part of India’s heavily sought tourism industry. Even the food sold in the city streets tend to reflect upon this by trying to incorporate the spices and cooking styles from the city’s past while accommodating the fast food culture the west has brought to the limelight. Any person deciding to move here, has already made a wonderful decision as they are likely to appreciate that this city gives you a friendly reminder that even while staying in a fast growing city, you can always take it slow and enjoy your life.

Shikha, says: 2020

Pune is the cultural and educational hub of India. It is a beautiful city with a rich culture and history. The people here are incredibly kind and helpful. The culinary scene in Pune is vibrant and the food here is some of the most delicious and fulfilling food you will ever taste.

Wasifur, says: 2020

The city where I reside in Pune. It is also called “Oxford of the East” because of the universities and colleges present in this city. One should be considering to be ready to work all the time because it is hard to keep a track of time in this city because of its busy lifestyle.

Whoever moves to my city, Pune, should understand the urgency that the drivers of the city buses are in! If you want to travel from place to place, you should prepare yourselves (and even mock practice!) boarding a bus which would stop for just enough time to let you set your foot on it. You need to hustle through the crowd at times to catch a bus, since, there’s no time of the day here when there’s not a rush hour.

Sanjay, says: 2020

Pune is famous for great historical places and is an education hub. Pune is the birthplace of great Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The lifestyle of the city is very charismatic as the climate is cool here and it has beautiful nature and greenery. Peoples of every religion live here.

Divvya, says: 2020

Pune is a very busy city, always full of life. Yeah, but traffic sucks sometimes. Still, I like Pune. And don’t worry, you will adapt to the lifestyle here, it’s pretty good. The most important thing about this city is, it is really safe compared to other metropolitan cities.

Priyanka, says: 2020

Many reasons to move to Pune primarily being, Oxford of East. Pune has various renowned educational institutes like schools, colleges, engineering colleges, Medical Colleges, Universities, etc, Pune has a very pleasant climate year-round. It is also referred to as Deccan Odyssey. The day may be a little high in summers but evenings and nights are always breezy and cool and Pune is growing as a metropolitan city and this status is attracting various IT companies to set up their base and corporate offices here. It will soon gain the status of the 2nd Silicon Valley of India only after Bangalore. As the IT industry is growing, jobs are also increasing, which is good for any city. These would be some reasons to move to my city.

Nitesh, says: 2020

The weather is quite decent compared to extreme conditions in other regions of the country. Politeness leads a great pathway in settling here. Food is never going to be an obstacle, the city has innumerable street food stalls and classy restaurants.

Munish, says: 2020

Pune follows strict rules of punctuality and discipline. it is wonderful city in all means. Education is the most important pillar for building up the city. People fall in love very quickly with the city. It is a social hub in Maharashtra, with people from different castes and creeds.

Abhishek, says: 2020

Anyone moving here should have information about the weather so as to accommodate themselves with suitable stuff. The weather in my city is mostly hot and humid throughout the year. In addition to this, there are a lot of of tourist places like famous memorials and forts for one to visit and spend some time relaxing.

Mandeep, says: 2020

Pune is a very crowded city. They are known for their timeliness, in a funny way. It’s know for its authentic food and tourist places. It is also known for its educational background and the colleges available. To study here is all one could ask for as availability is not an issue.

Manaswinee, says: 2020

Pune is a city with beautiful weather. For people with great interest in Indian history, the city is known for its historical importance. A famous food item in Pune is Misal-Pav which spicy and delicious. In this city, Marathi is the main language, the cosmopolitan crowd speaks other languages like Hindi, Gujarati and English.

Sameersha, says: 2020

We come from a country where the culture, the language, and even the food habits change every 250 Kilometers. Pune, one of the most crowded cities in the state of Maharashtra, is known for its rich Marathi culture. Known as the land of the Peshwas, if you are moving to Pune, start learning the Marathi language. Although you will find two out of five people talking in Hindi, Marathi will help you reach out to and converse with the people from all classes, especially while going over daily chores; these are the local shopkeepers, vegetable and fruit vendors, house helps, and people you meet while traveling via local transport (such as buses and auto rickshaws). No matter what your food habits are, you will find all varieties of food in Pune. If you are looking for accommodation that fits in your budget, Pune is the place for you. Being a big city, Pune’s accessibility to the rest of India and its geographic closeness to Mumbai is an added advantage. It will simplify the travel process and ease the travel time for you, no matter which part of India you come from. With top healthcare facilities, Pune will enable you to take care of yourself and have a great quality of life.

Madhumitha, says: 2020

Pune is a metro city in the state of Maharashtra. It is the IT capital of India and famous for educational institutes. It is a beautiful and safe city. Pune has good weather year-round. In Pune, you can visit museums, forts, gardens, etc. people are very friendly in here.

Pune is an educational hub and is filled with people from around the world who come here to study. I love Pune because of its weather, different cultures, and festivities.

It’s a beautiful and cultural city. Nature has given everything to the city. From mountains to rivers and water reservoirs. The city is rich in its culture and heritage sites. Many forts from the 16th and 17th centuries are proof of it.

Diksha, says: 2020

Spicy food and Typical marathi speaking people who are slightly conservative. However, when it comes to weather it is a pleasant one in Pune. Yes I agree monsoon can be slightly worrisome with water logging but overall it’s good. People are not alcoholic but alcohol aficionado. Overall you will have good time.

Aashish, says: 2020

Pune has the most beautiful climate. Rains are beautiful during monsoons and that’s when you could go visit Sinhgad for some amazing onion fritters. It is very close to hill stations which are amazing for a weekend getaway.

Pune, Maharashtra, has many historical places like Shaniwar Wada, Aga Khan Palace and more. Pune has many reputed academic universities for students. It is known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra. Pune has a charming nature which makes it one of the best cities. We also have many tourists spot around Pune like Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala, etc.

It is a historic city. It was known to be a city of bicycles. There are lot of historic places to visit like Shaniwar wada built by Bajirao Peshwa, Sinhagad fort built by Shivaji Maharaj, Parvati temple at the top of the mountain built by Peshwas, Sarasbaug garden where people can enjoy their day with family members.

Babasaheb, says: 2020

Shaniwar wada have great place to must see and have great history of my Pune it’s incredible places of Forts with actuals things on that place and for food it’s amazing has largest thali and great food. Pune is a sprawling city in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. It was once the base of the Peshwas (prime ministers) of the Maratha Empire.

Pune is filled with enthusiasm and vibrancy. It is known for its educational institutes and the IT industry. Pune is also rich in culture and has many historical monuments. Before you move here consider learning some common phrases in the local language. The only downside to the city is the public transport. It is almost impossible to make your way around if you don’t own a private vehicle.

Pune is a mixture of various culture and people accept you as their own. The city provides the best education opportunities as it is called the ‘Oxford of the East’ and jobs with 500 Fortune companies. The city has a very favorable climate as it neither too hot nor too cold. It rains for 4-5 months which caters to a lot of greenery around and works as a good gateway for vacation to nearby hill stations.

Ashiya, says: 2020

Pune also known as the ‘Oxford of the East’ has a number of educational institutes. Pune remains pleasant throughout the year and has numerous weekend getaways with neighbouring hill stations such as Khandala, Lonavala and Lavasa to enjoy some picturesque natural beauty. Ganesh Utsav is a must watch public event exhibiting the glorious past. Pune is one of the most stunning IT hubs in India.

Mubashshir, says: 2020

Pune has well-established glass, sugar and metal forging industries since the 1950s. Pune is known as the “Oxford of the East.” Pune was once the centre of power for the Maratha Empire. It has existed as a town since 847 AD. Pune was the first capital of Shivaji Maharaj.

Nirjhar, says: 2020

It is crucial to have some knowledge of spoken Hindi, as Marathi is their language but most of them can follow Hindi well. Speaking in English is uncommon and it makes the locals uncomfortable to speak in English.

Always carry an umbrella; as it rains heavily during rainy season. The umbrella will also help from the abundance of sunlight. Nobody likes tanned skin and drenched look here. This magnificent city had been around for 800 years and is an integral part of this country’s culture and history.

Pune is known for having pleasant climate all year long. There were many historical places here. This City is surrounded by Sahyadri mountains. Pune is one of the technology hub of India. Lots of Information technology companies have established there branch here. People from all over India reside here to earn their living.

Vrushabh, says: 2020

Pune is a costly city in terms of renting a house. It provides mix of cultures and people from many states live amicably. It has beautiful picturesque surroundings, cool weather, and cooperative people. The city was originally a retirement destination, but with the rapid increase in IT companies, it has become a desirable place for IT professionals. The local conveyance is not so good, but one can easily find an Ola or Uber cabs.

Pune is a beautiful city with a pleasant climate and a vibrant culture. For a newcomer, especially someone from out of Maharashtra, it may seem intimidating at first but the people are very welcoming and the multicultural population soon puts one at ease. It has a rich historical background and a lot of castles’ stand in and around Pune as evidence to this fact. The food scene here is very diverse as well.

Pune is a Historical Place. One of the most important cities in Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Era. The Shaniwarwada is well preserved monument in Peshwa History. Pune is considered Knowledge Hub of India. Students from across the world, visit the city for education. It is one of the IT Hub too.

Sundarlal, says: 2020

Pune is known well for his historical background. Pune is also recognizes for its educational system. I recommend whoever have taken decision of moving to pune is great. Pune is also known well for its IT background. Many international companies have chosen pune as a best place for their commercial offices establishment.

Pune is the cultural capital of Maharashtra. Pune is also famous for its delicious foods. The many famous Indian Freedom Fighters were the native of my city. Pune city also included in the India’s marvelous project ‘Smart City Mission’. From Pune to about 20 Km you can go to Lonavala, the famous Hill station.

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