Population: 1,119,477
Navi Mumbai
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Religion and Spirituality in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

two local experts

From Christianity to Islam to Buddhism to Judaism to Sikhism and more, what religious communities exist in Navi Mumbai? Here's what two local experts had to say about religion and spirituality in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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Navi Mumbai is a budding hub for educational institutes. It has great, jobs. Healthy environment to sustain a family and to nurture their every need. It has great variety of worship places for people of every religion. Easy access to public transport for better transportation. Facilities like fire department, police department, etc are easily available.

Tonmoy, says: 2020

The rent is pretty much lower than downtown. The Houses are more aligned, better roads, less polluted, environment friendly, open spaces, less traffic, malls, garden in every sector, trekking, waterfall more activities in the weekend and lots to do in terms of nature loving and roaming, there is a mini seashore, Sanctuary, Hills, ancient temples, road side dhabas and lots more.

Anjali, says: 2020
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