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Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is a city by the sea on the western coast of India. It is often considered the amalgamation of all things India; a thriving film, finance, and media industry is coupled by that the city houses the largest slum in Asia. The super rich live far from the lower income strata in the city, and that is what makes it an ambitious city of dreams. Everyone can be someone here.

Kalyan, says: 2020

Mumbai is a city of dreams. It inspires people to work hard and fulfill them, even if it means sacrificing your sleep. Mumbai’s locals and the dabbawalas are it’s lifelines. Struggles are endless here but if you are willful enough, it adopts you and takes care of you as her own child. This includes amazing vada pav and heartful rains.

Sabyasachi, says: 2020

Describing Mumbai in two words : tough life. This city is full of opportunities and fast life, there is a lot of competition for jobs and other things so just have to grab every opportunity that you get. There a lot of places to travel too and nightlife is the best, street food here is just amazing.

Vignesh, says: 2020

A prime requisite would be the ability to cope with tough living conditions. Only the mentally toughened people who are prepared to grind it out can realistically survive in my city. You have to have the mindset of someone who gives back as good as he gets. This is not the place for the weak willed.

Mumbai is said to be the city of dreams in India, and I think one should must visit it. Mumbai is famous for Gateway of India. Queens Necklace one should see at the night. Local transport of Mumbai are Local Trains, which are said to be the lifelines of the Mumbai.

Ayesha, says: 2020

Mumbai is the capital of the India state of Maharashtra. It is also the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of the country. The city’s also famous as the heart of Bollywood film industry. It is also the most populous city in India. It is an amalgamation of seven islands.

Diksha, says: 2020

Anyone visiting Mumbai should know people here are very calm and composed. Even if there is an extreme traffic or bad weather, nobody loses their calm. They tend to help each other and live in harmony. There is complete order in the chaos. Also if people wish to visit the tourist places, they should always take the metro rail to reach in time and avoid horrific traffic. Also, note that the city never sleeps. Even at 3:00 a.m. at night, people will be roaming on the road, eating and driving. Hence Mumbai is also termed as the city of dreams in India.

Shilpa, says: 2020

Just as it is said, the city never sleeps. People from literally all kinds of financial backgrounds dwell here. They are busy but will leap to help whenever you need it. Its streets are safer than Delhi but crowded. Local trains are like the veins of Mumbai, a place where struggle is a part of life.

Shikhar, says: 2020

Mumbai is the city that never sleeps. The nightlife here is to die for. Be it three pm or three am one can find the same amount of crowd in the local hangout spots of the city. In addition to the nightlife here, the food that this city serves is mouthwatering. You can find foods ranging from the cities staples to famous foods all over India.

Harika, says: 2020

Anyone moving to the city I reside in, must be aware about it being the busiest city in the country. It is an advantage but is also a disadvantage. Considering the peak travel hours and the insane traffic that need to b deal with. to move to a city as such, you must be patient or learn to be patient.

If you are new to Mumbai, you have to keep one rule in mind and that is you should never talk to a stranger and if anyone offers you anything please don’t take it. To tell you about the history of this city Mumbai was established in year 1941 by the British.

Haritha, says: 2020

Mumbai is a quick paced densely populated city and moving here from a small town (of any country) it can becoming overwhelming. They need to have accurate maps and know the official fares for public transport. be aware of that living closer to your place of work will save you hours of travel time everyday.

Mustafa, says: 2020

Mumbai is the city of dreams. Here all the dreams come true. Mumbai make people aspire are fulfill those aspirations. This city is always awake, it never sleeps, because the dreams don’t let the people sleep. This city is filled with luxury which can suits all the pocket shapes.

Kambhampati, says: 2020

A person moving to Mumbai should remember that it is a very expensive place. Unless you are too rich or you have huge reserves of cash, you shouldn’t consider moving in to Mumbai. But, one thing is for sure, Mumbai provides you with opportunities that no other city in the world does.

Saswat, says: 2020

Mumbai is very rightly called ‘The City of Dreams’. People from all walks of life reside here and make a living. This city is known for its hard-working residents, beautiful monsoons and the local trains; but one thing that everyone moving to Mumbai should know we take our street food very seriously.

Kashish, says: 2020

Mumbai might look small on a map, but in reality, it is a pretty big place. You must try the street food in Mumbai. There is a huge variety of vegetarian street here that is also so economical that you would find it extremely difficult to spend 50 dollars on snacks.

Sarani, says: 2020

Mumbai is filled with mouthwatering and delicious street foods. One loves to stroll around and try different cuisines. Also, it has many picnic spots, historical places and religious temples. Visiting this fast-paced place would be a breathtaking experience for anyone who wishes to experience a new way of living.

Sabeesh, says: 2020

For every festival that is celebrated in any part of India, Mumbai tries it’s very best to match up. I have felt a sense of togetherness among the people of the city, without going as far as to invade one another’s privacy. Mumbai is a City of Dreams. More dreams are realized and extinguished in Mumbai than any other place in India.

Preetisha, says: 2020

Mumbai is the capital of fashion and Bollywood. It was formerly known as Bombay. The Gateway of India landmark is its symbol. It’s also called the city of dreams because it offers limitless opportunities for people. Vada Pav is the iconic dish of Mumbai. It has a number of tourist spots, the Marine drive, Elephanta caves, Haji Ali shrine and so much more.

Mumbai is the most popular city in India. The synonym for Mumbai is ‘exhaustion’, so beware- the city is going to make you really, really tired! It’s going to be crowded to the point of suffocation. For the most part, it’s going to be quite expensive – especially housing. But apart from all that there are many good things as well.

Navmita, says: 2020

Moving to a city like Mumbai, one should be having a flat to stay and a Job. Another thing is, that person should also be aware of the attitude of people and employers. Mumbai is a place where people have different attitudes, behaviours, so he should be ready with that perspective.

1. Mumbai is more or less an average city with a pretty fast life, so try to catch up. Mumbai never sleeps.

2. You will need autos and cabs for short distances only since the major areas are well connected by locals and buses. When travelling in public transport, try to board, move and alight quickly. In simple words, move with the crowd, don’t obstruct it.

3. Most of my friends from South India (particularly Tamil Nadu), have difficulty in Hindi. I don’t care if you are against it, but for small things, you will need to learn a bit of Hindi at least for basic communication.

4. Most of your time will go in travelling and prepare yourself for traffic jams when travelling by road.

5. Summers will drench you in sweat, monsoons will drench you in rain (both are abundant) and winters don’t exist.

6. You won’t stay hungry if you have money. You’ll get a meal from Rs. 50 to Rs. 5000 (even more) round the clock.

Mumbai is a wonderful experience in itself (Perhaps you will need to forget your sleep though).

Someone moving to Mumbai must most importantly know that it is a fast moving city. People here are always awake and quick moving. There is least interaction in day to day life but in times of crises, the spirit of Mumbai is high and the people come together as citizens of the city.

Radhika, says: 2020

The individuals of Mumbai are known as Mumbaikars. They are a delightful mix of various religions and networks. I discover the individuals as charming as the city itself. They are agreeable and will put forth a valiant effort to assist you with headings. Regardless of whether they don’t have the foggiest idea about the response to something, they will make a special effort to ask others for your sake. What I like most about them is that they are persevering. It doesn’t make a difference what work they do, regardless of whether they’re lodging staff or a bloom merchant in the city, they are not hesitant to join.

Sonali, says: 2020

Mumbai is the fast-paced, financial capital of India. With the Arabian Sea, it has lovely seaside beaches and promenades. It is a city bustling with people and activity. South Mumbai has beautiful architecture from the British era. It’s one of the best cities in India.

Mumbai being a metropolitan city, is a great place with almost amenities required. For quite place lover, this city can be noisy but best place for a hustler. City is filled with enthusiasm and good environment. People here are welcoming. There are amusement parks and a lot of travelling spots for traveler souls. This city has its own serene feeling and is surely the best place to experience adverse and varied bonding.

Shubham, says: 2020

Mumbai is the financial capital of India. One the most populated cities in the country. It has beautiful view all along and has various monuments from the British Rule. Apart from beaches, humidity it’s a beautiful place. the various food infusion and the night party it is also a business hub.

Smritirekha, says: 2020

No one should consider moving here, as it is known for being the center of terrorist attacks, a growing migrant population, and unsanitary streets. If someone is obliged to do so, despite all the reasons to the contrary, then they should beware moving about the streets at night, and keep their main doors locked at all times.

Dilshad, says: 2020

Mumbai is a delightful city, moving here requires an attitude of welcoming new experiences with open arms. Moving here will develop your taste buds as the city is a mother to so many creeds of people with so many tastes and dishes. People of Mumbai are very helpful and generous, only concern is them becoming too friendly. last but not least, Rainy season in Mumbai is a magical time. You will fall in love with the city head over heels, if you give it a chance.

Aeldra, says: 2020

Mumbai is a diverse city. It is metropolitan. Rainy season can be daunting due to heavy rains. Mumbai embrace people from all walks of life. Weather is humid and sultry. People are warm, nice and respectful towards elders and people from other countries. Food is very affordable and very tasty. There are lot of iconic places to visit in Mumbai.

Shahil, says: 2020

Mumbai is a haven for monsoon lovers, with the rainy season spanning for almost half of the year. However, the constant humidity in the air is bound to be problematic for some people. You can forget about your woollen clothes as you won’t need them here. That being said, winter of December, January, and February are the best time to be in Mumbai. Often referred to as the “city of dreams”, thousands of people travel to Mumbai everyday to achieve their dreams or to win their bread. You will be amazed by the speed at which this city functions. Mumbai never sleeps and it will eventually grow on you, with its friendly people and lip-smacking street food. You won’t be disappointed!

Farooq, says: 2020

they must know about local trains, the downtown of Mumbai the dabbawalas of Mumbai and for eateries they must know that vada pav and pav bhaji are the most popular things eaten in Mumbai and above all Mumbai is the city of skyscrapers.

Ayesha, says: 2020

The life in the city is very fast and need to on time. People are always very helpful even though of different cast and creed. Having a busy life still, the people enjoy each others company. People here enjoy and celebrate every religion’s food, festival joy and sorrows as well.

Kamakhya, says: 2020

The City is one of the busiest in the world. Know traffic conditions here before moving, as should they be sure of the distance between the location of residence and work. On an average, a person could spend approximately one hour to cover a distance of 20 km.

Haseena, says: 2020

Mumbai is the most loved city in the world. it is very fast pace and has lot of rush almost everywhere. if you are moving to Mumbai then you should be very punctual in nature and should have the habit of survival in any situation. people of Mumbai are kind and loving. Anybody would love to stay in here for rest of their life.

Gaurav, says: 2020

Mumbai is a city where people come with the hope to achieve their dreams. There is a constant hustle bustle in the city. It is rightly said that the city never sleeps. The people are driven and passionate. The train at Churchgate which is always crowded is a good representation of that. The people of this city are kind and helpful. Some food items like Vada pav, Medu vada, Misal pav are famous and affordable in this city.

Maansi, says: 2020

Mumbai is a fast-paced city. Hordes of people in an densely populated area. Travelling in an overcrowded train is the daily Norm. Different varieties of street found is here. Mumbai-is often called a city which never sleeps, which is true.

Himanshu, says: 2020

My city has a huge population so one should be able to adjust to mingling crowds, long serpentine queues for travel in trains and buses, One has also to adjust to traffic jams, especially during the peak times. However, since Mumbai is also the financial hub of India it also known as the “City that never sleeps”. There is a wonderful nightlife also to be enjoyed.

The weather in the city of Mumbai is pretty humid. Living here is not as easy as it seems. Mumbai is a very busy city, the roads are jam packed and the city is buzzing with life throughout the week. There are many fun activities one can indulge in whilst their stay here. Not to mention, the city has numerous places to visit and one would have a delightful and a promising experience visiting the city of Mumbai.

Ananthu, says: 2020

Mumbai, the city of dreams. People who come here fall in love with Mumbai. If you are in Mumbai don’t miss the food, beaches, and most importantly the spirit of the city, which never sleeps. You will find people from all different religions staying in harmony with each other.

Anshita, says: 2020

Mumbai being a metropolitan city has a fast-paced city life. One will come across people from different walks of life. This city also attracts a large amount of migrant population who come in search of jobs. Hence, there is a varied cuIture and fine cuisine. It is a city that never sleeps. The public transportations are packed with people and road traffic can be a nuisance too sometimes.

Mumbai is the city of dreams. It is a very beautiful city. The transport is very good from trains to planes and auto. The rain is bad yearly from July to September. Many jobs are here. The price of houses are also decent. It is a very crowded city.

Srividya, says: 2020

Mumbai has local train service which is very convenient for its residence. It also has a bus service throughout the city. There are many options for leisure activities in Mumbai, like trekking, museums, etc. It is the financial capital of India and there is no dearth of jobs here especially for IT professionals.

Dinesh, says: 2020

My city is one of the busiest places in India. It’s the business hub and home for Bollywood industry. In Mumbai, transportation is not an issue because there is local train, bus and taxi available for travelling.

Idhant, says: 2020

Mumbai was earlier was known by the name Bombay. It is well known as the capital of Bollywood (Hindi cinema). The city itself is huge and offers a wide range of opportunities to both skilled professional, artists, students etc. Any new person would find that there is immense touch of culture and tradition and people from all backgrounds coexist harmoniously. The city has a lot to offer with fascinating sights perfect for exploring and sightseeing.

Anyone moving to Mumbai should know it’s a large, bustling city with a dense population. There is a lot of traffic and most people travel by train or car to get to their destination. As for the living expenses, rent is on the higher side but you can usually buy a complete meal for a couple of dollars. The city has an amazing nightlife and people here are very helpful.

Mumbai is a metropolitan city. People often say this city never sleeps. Regardless of whether it is day or night a constant flow of humanity (and also stray dogs and cats) keeps this city awake and alive. Being one of the financial capitals of India this city draws not only domestic but global population.

Sahithya, says: 2020

Mumbai, a city of lights. People staying here called themselves as Mumbaikars. Vadapav is the favorite roadside food for people here. A city which never sleeps. Some people starts their day at morning five and some sleep at that time. There are many places to visit and do fun. Jobs are plenty.

Mumbai is known for its fast-paced and colorful life. Perched on by the side of Arabian sea, Mumbai is known for being India’s film city and financial capital also. If you are in Mumbai, you must try the street food along with street shopping. Some of the must see places include Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Colaba.

Shubham, says: 2020

Anyone moving to Mumbai should know local train services are the best way to roam the city; they are the lifeline of Mumbai. In addition this is the only city in India which gives you an opportunity to meet almost all of the Bollywood Celebrities.

Mumbai offers tremendous opportunities for hard workers but he or she has to accept that space is a constraint and the city is congested and noise pollution is high. Public transport can be relied upon to commute in the city. It is cheap but crowded. People are nice and the weather is not too harsh.

Darshana, says: 2020

My city is crowded by people, vehicle and many other things. Never expect any personal space while travelling, as people are very close to you even when it is not crowded. Be aware of traffic, as it has caused many to be late at work. There are many street vendors who sell goods at a cheap price which can be further negotiable.

Mumbai is a beautiful city, a culmination of people from various backgrounds from different parts of India. It is a melting pot of cultures. It is the finance capital of India. It celebrates various religious festivals with great fervour and frolic.

Saumya, says: 2020

Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra and called “city of dreams”. Lots of people come here to fulfill their dreams. There are lots of places to visit here; such as, beaches, historical places, commercial centres, making it a best place for tourists. People coming to India must visit Mumbai once.

Vignesh, says: 2020

Mumbai is one of the most developed cities in India. It is an urban city with all the modern facilities available such as public transport a urbanized apartments. Being near the seashore, it has multiple beaches, and there are multiple tourist attractions like the Taj Hotel, and the Gateway of India.

Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra. It is an urban cities with modern facilities such as public transport and Metros. The city is near a seashore, and hence has multiple beaches across the city. It it the most highly developed city of India. The living cost, however, is also much higher than the other cities in India.

In Mumbai, one should be ready to have great experiences including sitting at Marine Drive and having bhutta at Girgaon chowpatty. You can also take a ferry ride from Gateway of India and can admire the beauty of Taj. You can enjoy eating pav bhaji and rabdi.

A word that best describes Mumbai is ‘exhaustion’, so beware- the city is going to make you really, really tired!
1. It’s going to be crowded to the point of suffocation
2. It’s going to be dirty, smelly and downright unhygienic
3. For the most part, it’s going to be quite expensive – especially housing
4. Everything spoils/ruins easily – the food, your clothes, the furniture

However, Mumbai has a rich and cosmopolitan history. Look up the Parsi culture, the colonial times, the fishing communities and the Sindhi-Gujju-Marwadi markets. These are some unique treats my city has to offer.

My city is very crowded and is a metro city so trains are the most used form of transportation, so you should be prepared for crowded trains and cramped spaces if you do not own a vehicle. If you do, still be prepared for traffic jams and bad roads filled with potholes and unnecessary speed breakers.

Senthil, says: 2020

Mumbai is known for many things from businesses to Bollywood and therefore it is called the “City of Dreams”. People from different cultures live together in this blooming city. The heart of transportation are the local trains. One can reach their desired destination within the least time as the roads are always jammed.

Abhist, says: 2020

Mumbai is the city that never sleeps. Over the years, Mumbai has been a one stop shop for all those who wish to reach the stars. Be it Bollywood, fashion industry, academics, theater; this city has it all. There are tons of opportunities for everyone if you are the right place, at the right time.

Rishika, says: 2020

It’s a city of nightlife. Nightlife out here is really active. Also, they should consider the humid and sunny weather. The unannounced rainfall. According to me these are something’s a person should keep in mind before moving to my city as these are some important factors.

Sreeja, says: 2020

Mumbai is a splendid city. It’s a city where dreams come true, only if you put in your best efforts. The pollution and humidity can wear you off but once you get used to it, there’s no looking back. One moment you’ll love it, other, you’ll want to run away.

Mumbai is incredibly busy. Traffic is horrible. The local trains are jam packed. The beaches are beautiful in their own way. The food is impeccable. And the people are extremely helpful. Once you learn to live in the city, it will forever reside in your heart.

Simarpreet, says: 2020

A person moving to Mumbai must be adjustable to his/her expectations of space. As getting a comfortable and luxurious flat in Mumbai is way beyond a common person’s reach. One must pick up life tips on Mumbai’s trains. The person must also get accustomed to these type of situations. he/she must respect ‘no selfie’ zones.

Mumbai is a well connected city. Still one should be aware of the crowd and especially if you are commuting from local trains it can be way more hectic than expected. As a wanderer there are plenty of places for street shopping for antiques and other accessories. Also, one should try the street food at ‘khau gali’ meaning the ‘food street’.

Mumbai is from one of the most populated cities in the world, so if you’re planning to move here, just keep in mind that it’s a crowded place. Even though it’s so crowded here, people still are very polite and generous to each other. You’ll also find that locals are very helpful. It will be a wonderful experience visiting or moving in my city.

Mumbai is a city of more than 20 million people living in, under, and on top of buildings, slum dwellings, tarpaulin tents, temples, bridges and in one case, a burial ground. The city is one of the world’s most crowded, and has some of the world’s most expensive real estate. Each spot of free space is to be seized and defended. Most times, you will simply find yourself thrust along a pedestrian wave.

Neethu, says: 2020

Someone considering to move to Mumbai must know that it is a very crowded city and the weather is unbearably humid. It has a robust public transport system which residents heavily rely upon. Mumbai is famous for its delicious and affordable street food. It’s the financial capital of India.

Kumari, says: 2020

Mumbai is the economical capital of India. It is known as a ‘Dream City’. It’s the city where you can achieve all your dreams if you are ready to commit to it. It’s magnificent. It is home to UNESCO world heritage sites – ‘Elephanta Caves’ and ‘Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus’. It is known as Entertainment Capital of India.

Mumbai is fast city with people running all the time. Flexibility and adaptability are the most important qualities that you’ll need before moving to Mumbai. Travelling in local trains and three months of heavy rains are so unique to this place and the most important part is that no work shall wait if you get stuck up with the new adjustments.

Mumbai is a fast-paced city. Here time waits for no one and everyone is in a rush. But that’s the thrill of my city. It is said that Mumbai never sleeps and that is very true. Mumbai gives everyone an opportunity to fulfill their dreams if you work hard.

Archika, says: 2020

The city’s nightlife and the train system are essential to anyone visiting Mumbai as travel can get expensive if the person is using private transportation. Apart from that, know since it’s a metropolitan and a city that belongs to one of the most populated countries in the world, being a tough cookie in the hustling crowds is advised.

Mumbi is a very huge city in India also known as the commercial capital of India. When a person shifts here, they do have a new mindset on their career and money which is very important. In this hustle-bustle, life in this city people does make friends on local train while travelling for their jobs, colleges.

Mumbai is a city where everyone’s dreams come true. It welcomes people from all backgrounds. You shall certainly fall in love with my city after a short period of time. It is, indeed, a lovely place to live in. Although it has its pros, it comes with its cons too. Strugglers come here everyday and it is easy to get lost in their sea.

Someone moving to my city should know how to speak English as well as Hindi. It would be nice if they knew Marathi as well. These are the languages that are spoken in this city. It is difficult to live in this city without knowing the local languages and there are no translators.

Nivetha, says: 2020

They will have to bear with a lot of traffic. Every activity needs to have a few hours of commute considered. Also, it is not as cheap as one would believe to live in Mumbai. One should expect running into a lot of people daily if they’re out and about.

Vatsalya, says: 2020

Mumbai is a metropolitan city and the business hub of India. Anyone considering to move here must be ready to take on the fast pace of life and the hustle that comes with city living. With respect to travel, if you own a private vehicle, getting stuck in traffic is unavoidable. Public transport on the other hand is often overcrowded, but more convenient. While the way of life here may be hectic for a country dweller, it has its own specialities, from the beautiful Marine drive, to the street side vendors selling mouth watering vada pav and pani puri; as well as beautifully preserved heritage sites which are worth a visit. But the most important thing that you need to know before you move here, is that the people of Mumbai are from all backgrounds and cultures to form a melting pot of shared experiences.

Sreyash, says: 2020

My city has an extremely large population. The people here are friendly. However, there are some things that you need to take into consideration. Property rates are over the roof. Street food is great, but if you do not have the stomach for it, avoid it. Mumbai is the city that never sleeps, however, compared to other areas of the country, it is significantly safer for women.

Khushboo, says: 2020

Mumbai is a land where dreams come true. Right from the sprawling open-concept British buildings in the south to the lush green woods of Sanjay Gandhi National Park in the north; this city has something to offer for everyone. The friendly attitude of the locals is the best part of living in Mumbai, a chance encounter could turn into a lifelong friendship.

When someone is considering moving into my city, Mumbai, he or she must know that the city is welcoming but not nearly as comforting. It’s crowded, it could smell of fish and has been experiencing hazardous floods lately. Nevertheless, it is still the city of dreams. You will hate the city and yet be addicted to its energy.

Mumbai is a gorgeous city, it’s rightly called as the City of Dreams in India or Mayanagri as we call it fondly in Hindi. This beauty of a city never sleeps. You tend to come alive to your senses here. Everyone and everything seems overrated, but trust me, you will find the sweetest of people ever ready to help and support you. The Old British Architecture in Fort Area is to die for, it’s everything you ever dreamed of in a city you want to live in.

Mallikarjun, says: 2020

Mumbai overall is a lovely city and it has everything a person wants in a city but it also has creepy people so at some places around the city it’s not safe to go out for girls at night. Other than that, Mumbai is just beautiful and one should definitely visit Mumbai once.

Haseena, says: 2020

Mumbai has the highest population density of any city in India. It is a large, sprawling metropolis and is India’s most cosmopolitan city. Mumbai real estate is very expensive, so house rentals are generally quite high. Mumbai depends heavily on it’s suburban rail system for the transportation needs of its large population.

Shraddha, says: 2020

Mumbai is the city of dreams. This is one of the reasons that people flock to Mumbai. One can make a living doing just about anything here. It’s beautiful, it’s polluted, it’s larger than life, and it’s a city that seeps in your system. With large crowds, commuting is a daily challenge.

They need to know the most important part of the city which is local trains. They also need to be aware of the Metro stations and about the main station which is Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. Mumbai is also known for Bollywood, the world’s largest film industry.

Mumbai is a vibrant and multicultural city. Don’t worry about the language barrier as English is spoken in Mumbai so communication won’t be a problem at all. Mumbai has a tropical climate so be prepared to deal with humid weather.

Mumbai, the city of dreams is my hometown! It is aptly described so because of the varied cultural heritage, amalgamation of people of different communities residing and the job opportunities, the city has to offer. Things worth considering in this city are food culture, job opportunities and financial independence, unity in diversity!

Abhishek, says: 2020

Mumbai is called city of dreams where many people come to fulfil their dreams like career in Bollywood, IT sector, Multinational companies etc. There are many places to visit including historical places. There are many 5- star hotels like Taj, Oberoi etc. Mumbai is called the shipping hub of import and export of goods.

When it comes to urbanization and rapid development Maharashtra has a thing that is very rare to find anywhere in India. It’s a subtle and a paradisiacal paradox -and energetic. Yet it is motivated by rapid urbanization and has a stronghold on commercialism, that is why Maharashtra is a winner in the category of tourism.

While moving to a city like Mumbai, the person should consider somethings like the area where the person is going to live in; What are the transportation facilities, is there a grocery store nearby? How much is the rent of the apartment the person would be living in? Whether the person is gonna be happy after moving in the city.

Rikita, says: 2020

If you are moving to Mumbai, be ready for crowds every hour of the day. Be ready to fight for the fourth seat on the local train. The climate is very humid. You will be sweaty in no time. Be ready to live in a tiny house unless you are from a rich family. Only rich people can afford big houses in Mumbai. Middle-class people think they are lucky if they can afford a one-bedroom flat.

Sitansu, says: 2020

Someone moving to Mumbai should be aware of the fact that majority of the city it is predicted to be underwater by the year 2050, also it is very congested and it will be a Herculean task to try and find a decent place to live in. The most reliable method of transport in Mumbai are the city’s local trains.

Living in Mumbai taught me two things. First, that it will always belong to the natives so i must know the native language ‘Marathi’, even if I don’t need to use it now and then. The second thing is it a place where you can live and enjoy your life without being discriminated. Hence, you will feel welcomed whenever you plan to come and settle in my city.

Radhika, says: 2020

I am from Mumbai, India and my city is known as the city that never sleeps and where all dreams come true. My city is full of life and also troubles here and there but it is welcoming and warm. Moving here will only give you a home away from home.

Mumbai is the city of life. When one makes up his/her mind to move to Mumbai, they must know that their lifestyle would be affected by the decision. The city requires constant struggle with everything – even as small a task as finding a cab.

The reason for this is the vast population and competition in the city which makes it so tough to reside in.

The key to living in Mumbai is to be able to compete with the crowd. The city will test your patience time and again, but the only way to get through it is to have patience.

That being the tough part about Mumbai, the city offers a fresh breath of air to its residents. A walk around Marine Drive, for example, is what one would need to get over the tiredness of the day.

And so, Mumbai is a city that will make you go through your thick and thin but will give you an environment to grow and relax in.

Mumbai is a very humid city, given its proximity to the Arabian sea. Therefore, one can experience high levels of discomfort during the summers.Since Mumbai is a home to many millionaires, it is an expensive city to dwell in, as compared to the rest of the cities in the country. The most famous mode of public transportation here are the local trains, which are cheap and quick. All you need is a ticket and you’re good to commute anywhere within and outside the city.

Shatanik, says: 2020

Mumbai is notorious for large crowds and maddening traffic. They should know effective methods to get around the city using the local trains. A basic vocabulary of Hindi would be of great help in communicating with the locals. They should also have sufficient income to afford the rent of an apartment in the Mumbai suburbs.

Mumbai is a city of dreams. It’s got amazing opportunities for people who are not afraid of hard work and sheer determination. Mumbai has a lot to give in terms of employment, culture, arts and a fulfilling lifestyle. It is a city of contradictions where you feel grounded one minute and fly high the next. I can’t imagine living my life anywhere else.

Nikhil, says: 2020

The city is very populous which makes it look loud, crowded, and chaotic. It takes time to get used to the fast pace. But once you get to used to all the chaos, it starts feeling comfortable. It is refreshing; Mumbai has so many moods. But once she embraces you, you’ll never want to leave her.

Vinutha, says: 2020
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