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Safety and Crime in Durban

43 local experts

From petty theft to violent crime, here's what 43 local experts had to say about safety and crime in Durban.

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My city attract tourist the most it has 5 malls and many soccer stadiums. We have he beach which is comfortable to sim in. Durban has a good weather which is comfortable for everyone. There are many good things in my city but there are also some bad things, like criminals. It is not advised to walk alone at night especially if you are a woman. All in all Durban is a nice city.

Someone moving to my city should know that Durban is a busy town, full of traffic but most definitely has the best job opportunities to render for a young person starting out and trying to find themselves. I can’t deny the fact that the crime rate is tremendously high though.

Trysten, says: 2020

We have one of the best beaches in South Africa, where many tourists visit. UShaka Marine is the best water park anyone will find in Durban. There are also other water parks like Splash world which is in Toti. We also have really big gender based violence protests.

Corwin, says: 2020

Durban is one of the most known cities in South Africa, with people from all over the world. It’s tourist-friendly with countless activities to enjoy.From enjoying dinner with an ocean view at Umhlanga Rocks to helicopter rides where one can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Durban shoreline. You may also enjoy bike-riding and ice skating in the inner-city. It is a very low-risk area so you won’t have to worry too much about your safety.

Camngca, says: 2020

Durban is a coastal city. The crime rates in Durban are very high therefore it is wise to avoid travelling at night. The main language spoken in Durban is IsiZulu. There are many recreational areas in Durban, both coastal and inland. This includes the very famous UShaka Marine World and the Moses Mabhida Stadium.

Debbie, says: 2020

The kind of weather, that person must be prepared for some cool and warm climate, the person must know that Durban has a lot of entertainment areas so that person will not be bored when in Durban. The person should be careful not to walk alone at night as he, she might be a victim of fraud.

Awakhiwe, says: 2020

The weather is quite subtropical. It’s nice and warm for majority of the year and although we experience winter, our winter isn’t as harsh as experienced by the rest of the world. There is a lot to do in the city, as we have many different attractions and tourist spots. You may find a lot of homeless people on the streets but beware as the crime rate is quite high as well.

Shirley, says: 2020

Durban has high-quality housing and great consumer goods availability. However, the city’s crime is a problem. Durban is a sunny seaside city, rich in diversity and warm not only because of its favorable climate, but especially for its welcoming people. Living in Durban guarantees top quality service and wide range of opportunities all year.

Masego, says: 2020

You must consider your safety, i believe. You need to be aware of your surroundings all the time. You need to research properly about the place that you going to be staying at. Be sure to not be a big spender because most things are expensive here. It’s also a beautiful place with beaches and places to have fun. The culture is very diverse, but majority of people are Zulu speaking, so learn a bit of Zulu to help ease communications.

Sisonke, says: 2020

Durban is a coastal city in South Africa. The climate is hot and humid for most of the year so this is something to consider. Unfortunately, crime all through the country is higher than the rest of the world and so, anyone who would like to live here needs to be extremely vigilant.

Sianne, says: 2020

Go to our wonderful beach and lovely restaurants on the beaches. There beautiful mall we have called Gateway. There are many tourist sites such as Moses Mabhida which has many exciting activities. The are plenty exquisite bars and clubs that have high security and are wonderful for great memories.

Lebohang, says: 2020

There is a very high crime rate and the police sometimes do not help and you should be very careful when visiting the city. It is a very enjoyable place and it boasts several cultural experiences. Many people are so happy to stay in my city though there is a massive crime.

Someone considering moving to my city should beware of and be careful of the crime that exists. They should also know that it is a very busy and loud place and be prepared to be stuck in traffic on most days. Lastly they should know that Durban is a really fun place to be and they should expect to have an amazing time.

Anomaly, says: 2020

Prospective visitors to the city of Durban must be aware ahead of time that, crime remains its highest battle. Durban is one of South Africa’s coastal cities with beautiful beaches. The Moses Mabhida Stadium is absolute architectural ingeniousness. Durban hosts a diversity of cultures and communities, from all around Africa.

Thabang, says: 2020

Somebody moving to Durban should know when driving you drive on the left hand side. It is not safe to travel at night due to the high crime rate. There are various leisure activities such as going to the beach and bungee jumping at the Moses Mabhida Stadium.

Sphesihle, says: 2020

My city has a lot of crime going on, however it is a beautiful city. Durban is a coastal city with beautiful climatic conditions, coupled with the colorful culture and the good food. There are events during the year that attract both local and international tourists. It is projected by the UN that this city will be the world’s most liveable city in 2030.

Ipeleng, says: 2020

What someone should consider when moving to my city, is that it is a densely populated area. One should be prepared to encounter traffic when going to and from work. One should also be cautious and vigilant because there are a lot of crimes that happen in my area. Criminals are always lurking about.

Letitia, says: 2020

The temperature in my city is mostly warm throughout the year. There is very friendly people in Durban and there is a variety of foods to try. If a person comes to Durban, the person should be aware of the crime that is prevalent in the city of Durban.

Rudene, says: 2020

Durban is known for its scenery and beaches. Unfortunately, also for criminal activities. You encounter wealth and poverty, depending on the areas visited. The view of the harbour area is a sight to behold. Different foods for different cultures, something you have to sample.

Zanele, says: 2020

Durban is a big city in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal, with a lot of tourist attractions. It is most famous for it’s beautiful and safe beaches. Durban has good schools and big shopping malls. Like most places; Durban has rural and urban areas. Rural areas have electricity complications, while urban areas are crime hotspots.

Paballo, says: 2020

Durban is the place. It’s known for being the most warmest city in South Africa which is filled with lots of adventurous opportunities, lots of traditions and cultures and breathtaking beaches. Durban is a safe and secure city which the crime being somewhat under control.

Kutloano, says: 2020

They must expect to see great ocean views, very affordable apartments and they would learn about the rich history of the Zulu people, security is also tight in Durban there are Metro police everywhere, the people of Durban are also welcoming and fun, the food is also not expensive, a person moving Durban will not regret making that decision.

Hlompho, says: 2020

Durban is full of crime. It would be advised to carry self-protective items. I also advise to pack summer clothing as it gets incredibly warm. Look for an apartment approximately two months before deciding to move to Durban, as it can be quite difficult to find a good place to live.

Nontando, says: 2020

Durban can get very hot at times. One should be prepared for hot weather. There is a high crime rate in Durban. Never walk alone on the streets of Durban at night. Durban people can be friendly but not all of them are trustworthy. Durban is famous for its beautiful beaches.

Zintle, says: 2020

Exercise caution as some places in Durban is unsafe. Durban is one of the major cities in South Africa. Durban is known for its diverse cultures and spectacular foods. My city has quite a large population. Durban is also home to many indigenous creatures. Durban is quite humid.

Oluwagbenga, says: 2020

It’s a city of great opportunities. There’s lots of tourist sites we also have the safest beaches and a lot of musical talent. People are very friendly and the streets are safe too. There is a minimum crime rate, in addition to that the food they make in our restaurants is amazingly delicious.

Zandile, says: 2020

Durban is a fantastic place. The residents are very welcoming and cool. There’s little or no crime incidents reported in the past three years. The city has many recreational activities including beaches, hotels, etc. Weather in Durban is suitable for people who hate cold temperatures. This city is a home of entertainment, with many artists being its residents.

The weather in Durban is fantastic year-round. We have the best winter in the country and the water is warmer on the Indian ocean side. Great for swimming or diving. Crime is a bit on the high side but otherwise, a lovely place to visit for your next vacation. It also has an award-winning rugby team, the Sharks.

Estelle, says: 2020

Durban has the beach as one of its attractions and access to it is free of charge. There are many places to choose from, ranging from the suburbs to the countryside all of this within one city, and The rate of crime is very low. Durban is one of the diverse cities in South Africa. You can also enjoy places visit from time to time one of the biggest malls in South Africa among other things to do.

There are positive and negative aspects of Durban, as with all places, but the good points outweigh the bad. Durban has clean and warm beaches with abundant water sport opportunities. The cost of living in Durban is low compared to other major cities in South Africa. Unfortunately Durban has a high crime rate; however, this is a national problem and not specific to this area.

Cletus, says: 2020

Durban is rife with crime. There is no such thing as a safe suburb in Durban. Neighbourhood Watch communities are a necessity. We all look out for each other and inform the community as to any occurrences of violence. Unfortunately information regarding our crime status is updated with new events daily.

Reunert, says: 2020

The suburb in (Caneside, Phoenix, Durban) which I reside in has a moderate to high crime rate however there are various benefits such as Gyms, small retail markets (salons, supermarkets, etc) ans Garages in all areas. This reduces the amount of traveling you would need to do which saves you on fuel costs and time. We also have multiple Doctor Surgeries that operate at various times, including the afternoons.

Zenaide, says: 2020

Durban has a moderate climate. Be cautious, as crime is prevalent. The city gets very busy over the holiday season. The best beaches are on the south coast. It is best to shop at the markets, as the malls can be quite expensive. Most visitors and locals enjoy going on a safari, and deep-sea diving.

Uyanda, says: 2020

Durban is the warmest place. We experience a tropical weather throughout the year. It’s also a diverse city. Apart from beauty, Durban is also a dangerous city. The crime rate is very high. My city also has one of the best beaches in the world. Perfect for a surf.

Amorie, says: 2020

Someone moving to Durban should know it is a beautiful city with the warmest winter in the country. It is also one of the best holiday destinations, especially in summer. But besides all of that, if one were to reside there, they should be wary of the crime rates.

Charity, says: 2020

Durban is a city full of mischief and wonder. You will most likely find a buzzing feel of excitement year-round, as well as beautiful weather for the most part. There unfortunately is quite a substantial amount of criminal activity in my city which is down to the high poverty rate, as well as the lack of education in some parts.

Nqobile, says: 2020

Durban is a beautiful and tourist attracting city. Be prepared to experience the goodness of the food in the beach-side restaurants. Protection and safety of oneself is a virtue, however. But don’t be scared, we are still family, we will always help each other in times of need. We welcome you wholeheartedly.

Those moving to Durban should know it is unsafe. There are high rates of crime, including: carjacking, murder and rape. On the other hand, Durban is a beautiful city with a pleasant climate year-round, and the warm Indian Ocean right at its doorstep. People in Durban are friendly, it is diverse in terms of culture and food, and there is no warmer place in the world to be, than Durban!

Jennifer, says: 2020

Durban is a great tourist attraction city. It is a very beautiful city along the beach with so many water activities, amusement parks, game parks, casinos, and any other fun activities. It is a city that never sleeps. Tourists coming to Durban must not walk at night. It is a city that never sleeps hence it has a high crime rate. Durban has stunning buildings, shopping malls, and breathtaking public parks with space for everyone to explore.

Melissa, says: 2020

it’s a hot city and a very busy one so always move fast and always be ready for the impossible. make as many friends as you can and just enjoy life while also focussing on the opportunities presented to you. Make sure you are always safe as well because there are crimes committed daily.

Ensure to be in possession of a lot of swimming and beachwear, as it is often hot (even in winter). It is also important to never walk alone at night, as the crime rate is reasonably high. To be safe, it is recommended to stay indoors as soon as the sun goes down.

Look for a suitable house particularly in Umhlanga as you would enjoy a nice beach view. Find a job that you are qualified for and is near to where you stay as traffic can be an issue. Have both hot and cool options for clothing as weather is unpredictable at times. Make friends with your neighbours, as crime is a ongoing issue and it can be helpful to have people looking out for you and your property.

Junaid, says: 2020

Durban is a tourist spot, with plenty to see. Climate is one of sunshine and fun. People that move here, are reluctant to leave. They end up settling in this coastal city. Watch the dolphins and other sea creatures from the balcony of a luxurious Villa. Whether single or married, Durban is the place. On the downside, be wary of criminals and petty thieves.

Nasiphi, says: 2020

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