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Is Durban, KwaZulu-Natal a good place to live? How is the quality of life?

20 local experts

While quality of life is something of an elusive or ill-defined concept, it can be boiled down to "Is Durban a good place to live?" or "Is Durban a bad place to live?" Here's what 20 local experts had to say about quality of life and overall happiness in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

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My city attract tourist the most it has 5 malls and many soccer stadiums. We have he beach which is comfortable to sim in. Durban has a good weather which is comfortable for everyone. There are many good things in my city but there are also some bad things, like criminals. It is not advised to walk alone at night especially if you are a woman. All in all Durban is a nice city.

It has beautiful sea, everyday is summer as we never get extremely cold winter seasons. The city looks great at night because of the lights, if you like partying then there are right places where you can be adequately satisfied. There are best parks where one can have picnics and enjoy views of nature.

Brendan, says: 2020

There is a lovely beach in Durban. The people are quite welcoming and friendly. It is a beautiful city as it is quiet and has spectacular views worth seeing. I would highly recommend someone to move to Durban. Westville and Kloof are the two suburbs that I would recommend for someone to reside in.

Belinda, says: 2020

Durban has a nice beach and it tends to get very hot in summer. It is very good place for a nice holiday and has nice fun places to go visit or be on a vacation like the Suncoast Casino at the North beach and the UShaka Marine. The city is situated in the KZN province.

Sianne, says: 2020

Durban is a great city that offers a mixture of sea views and inland entertainment. It is great for individuals as well as families. It has amazing coastlines if you are a fan of hanging out at the beach, surfing, diving or fishing. The cuisine is combined western, Indian and local which works well for foodies.

Jeremy, says: 2020

My city is Durban, in South Africa. My city is known for being one of the warmest cities in South Africa. Durban has a lot of beaches and tourist attractions for one to explore. The cost of living in my city is not too high, therefore I would recommend moving to my city.

Durban is the warmest place to be, the weather is amazing. My city is very diverse, different people all over. It is a great place for businesses as it is the centre city for KwaZulu-Natal. All types of transportation are available, namely: trains, cabs, taxis and buses. Schools and universities are very close to the city as well, 2 minutes away to be precise.

Kgodisho, says: 2020

It’s a beautiful city, filled with adventures. There’s a sea, multiple beaches, lots of game reserves and lots of great opportunities. Durban is one of the biggest tourist attractions in South Africa, people visit this place for numerous reasons, some for pleasure and some for business. It is such a great place to be.

Thabang, says: 2020

There is a very high crime rate and the police sometimes do not help and you should be very careful when visiting the city. It is a very enjoyable place and it boasts several cultural experiences. Many people are so happy to stay in my city though there is a massive crime.

It’s a great city; it’s never too cold. We are on the coast of the Indian Ocean. We have great tourist attractions; some of the tourist attractions include the uShaka marine world, Oribi Gorge, etc. We have a lot of Zulu-speaking people that are very cultured.

Bhavta, says: 2020

Durban is a cultural and vibrant city that embodies the notion of the rainbow nation. The people are friendly and helpful and the climate is comfortable without being too warm or too cold. Durban has both an exciting and relaxed lifestyle with many scenic spots to visit and explore. I cannot think of any better place to stay.

Mosele, says: 2020

Durban is full of crime. It would be advised to carry self-protective items. I also advise to pack summer clothing as it gets incredibly warm. Look for an apartment approximately two months before deciding to move to Durban, as it can be quite difficult to find a good place to live.

Nontando, says: 2020

It is very vibrant city that is full of life. The sun is always shining and the people are always smiling. It a very good city to spend all your life. It also has many jobs and it is very accommodating to new people. It has open spaces, as a result it considered a good place to raise children.

Serial, says: 2020

Durban is a fantastic place. The residents are very welcoming and cool. There’s little or no crime incidents reported in the past three years. The city has many recreational activities including beaches, hotels, etc. Weather in Durban is suitable for people who hate cold temperatures. This city is a home of entertainment, with many artists being its residents.

It is an amazing city located on the coast. There are various activities that one can take part in, from cycling along the coast to shark diving and many more. With some of the best hotels in the country, one can be sure to enjoy a comfortable, luxurious holiday. It is also perfect for family vacations.

Jeshmika, says: 2020

Durban, on the east shore of South Africa, has regularly been dominated by its mainstream sisters, Johannesburg and Cape Town, yet this laid back ocean side town is gradually causing a ripple effect. There are a great deal of reasons one ought to consider visiting Durban, for example, its warm atmosphere consistently, sea shores, wellbeing contrasted with most urban communities in South Africa just as the way that it’s one of the Africa’s most mainstream visitor goals.

Samantha, says: 2020

In order to be a happy citizen of Durban, one must be prepared for humid weather. One of the best methods of doing research on the Durban climate is to check the local weather report for released information on the latest weather patterns. Another crucial point to consider is how closely you need the essential services to be positioned around your home as that will determine the area most appropriate to reside in, coupled with the need for some sea sand and waves.

Caitlin, says: 2020

Durban is one of the warmest places. The city offers beautiful coastal views. The people are very friendly and helpful. There are interesting events that happen throughout the course of the year and they include the Durban Fashion Show and the Durban July Horse Racing games. It is a amazing place. I recommend the place to people living alone or have a family.

Sibongile, says: 2020

Ensure to be in possession of a lot of swimming and beachwear, as it is often hot (even in winter). It is also important to never walk alone at night, as the crime rate is reasonably high. To be safe, it is recommended to stay indoors as soon as the sun goes down.

Durban, there are various places to go for sightseeing. Places such as museums. We also have a lot of amusement parks and circus shows in our city therefore, it is a wonderful place to visit whether it be for a vacation or to permanently reside here.

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