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Safety and Crime in Bangalore, Karnataka

six local experts

Here's what 6 local experts had to say about safety and crime in Bangalore.

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Anyone willing to move to Bangalore should be aware of high cost of living, high crime rate and fast paced life in the city. Bangalore is also a very beautiful city with many Gardens, Educational institutions, Temples, Hospitals and IT companies. It helps a person to build up an independent life.

The weather is pleasant and a cool breeze often wafts through the city bringing joy to those inhabitants who do notice it. Bengaluru is also termed the Silicon Valley of India due to the preponderance of Information Technology (IT) companies and world class educational institutions in the city. Traffic is a threat to life and limb and, as is true of most Indian cities, can be loosely described as taking the form of Brownian motion with a slight bias to the left!

Priyanku, says: 2020

In Bangalore, distances are measured by time and not miles. The weather is pleasant throughout the year. However, people with asthma get affected by pollen. The city has a good nightlife. But with increasing migrant population, there are some criminal and offensive incidents, which have occurred in recent times. one needs to be careful.

Abhishek, says: 2020

Bangalore is one of the most outgoing cities in India, however, one must be careful of their surrounding as certain parts of the city is prone to theft and scam in terms of housing. It would be to one’s advantage to familiarize oneself with the area chosen. This can be done via the internet or by contacting an acquaintance already living in the city.

Bangalore is the IT hub of India, a cosmopolitan city indeed full of greenery. It is known as the garden city. It is a clean city with law abiding citizens. All sorts of medical facilities are available here. It is also a famous tourist spot in South India. There are a lot of weekend getaways near Bangalore like Ooty, Coorg, Chikmagalur kind of hill stations. All sorts of food varieties are available here. A cool place to work and settle.

Gowtham, says: 2020

Bangalore has the worst traffic across the world. If you are willing to move to Bangalore, be prepared for higher rents and huge security deposits. But it is one of the pleasant places in South India. You can enjoy the late night parties and you have lot more to explore in the city.

Ratnesh, says: 2020

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