What are safety and crime like in Valenzuela City, Metro Manila?

nine local experts

From petty theft to violent crime, here's what nine local experts had to say about safety and crime in Valenzuela City, Metro Manila.

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My city is very clean and organized. Everything is within your reach. It is quiet and has a low crime rate. The local government ensures the safety of everyone in the city. It has accessible transportation but the only problem is it is in a flood area.

Valenzuela City is a safe place because the overall rate of crime appears to be a lot lower than other cities in Metro Manila, Philippines. It has developed into a successful metropolitan, as many establishments were built around the city. There are malls surrounding it and it’s a great place for business and marketing.

Valenzuela City has a compassionate and responsible mayor. He is strict in disciplining Valenzuelanos and ensures everyone’s safety. Education is also highly valued in Valenzuela City so schools are being checked regularly. You are assured that your children get quality education even when they’ve in a public school.

Valenzuela City is known for its disciplined citizens; therefore, one can observe the peace and order in our town. From littering to loitering, our city does not worry from any of these. The crime rate is also comparatively low among other cities. Thus, you can have a peaceful stay in this place. Our municipality also ensures the welfare of the people. They prioritize the health, education, and the overall well-being of each person. I can confidently say that I live in a good city.

Rodanthe, says: 2020

Valenzuela strictly values discipline and obedience. Laws implemented by the local government shall be followed by Valenzuelanos (people of Valenzuela). Stubborn people have no place in the city. People follow a mantra: “Valenzuela, may Disiplina!” (Valenzuela has Discipline!). One must behave to enjoy his journey in Valenzuela.

Valenzuela City is a highly urbanized city in Metropolitan Manila, and has a lower crime rate compare to other cities. The City government of Valenzuela is also cares for those who are less fortunate; they are offering a scholarship program for the member of the community who are classified as poorest of the poor and they also offer livelihood program for the out of school youth.

Our city is a very organized city compared to our neighboring cities. We owe it to the incumbent mayor, who has done a very great job in making sure regulations governing Valenzuela are up-to-date according to the needs of the community. They also make sure the laws are strictly implemented. Saying this, there are stern punishments for violators to ensure that they learn their lesson well and avoid repeating the same mistakes. One example I can cite is the implementation of the no-contact apprehension for all motorists traversing the city. I myself had a dose of this medicine after receiving a violation notice late last year. The violation notice came in complete with a link of the video showing how violated a traffic sign as I went home one day after work. The fine for the violation was high and I must say it made me become more careful and mindful of traffic signs within the area. This a great tool to urge discipline among the citizens of Valenzuela.

It’s safe in our city. We have a mayor that thinks about his people. Especially these trying times. The crime rate in our city is much lower than people think it is. The city’s process has been innovated to the extent that business permits can be processed by just 10 seconds.

Mikhaela, says: 2020

The city has a respectable mayor, who puts the citizen’s needs before anything else. Despite it being prone to flash floods, there are emergency lifeboats ready to be deployed at each area. The community is welcoming, and the city is branded to be one of the safest cities in the Philippines. This is due to that the mayor highly emphasizes the safety of each citizen.

Janelle, says: 2020

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