Safety and Crime in Manzini, Manzini

three local experts

Here's what 3 local experts had to say about safety and crime in Manzini.

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My city is the most busiest in the country. It’s the center city of the country. Different kinds of people from different backgrounds and countries can be mostly found in my city. In all the cities in my country my city is the one leading in crime rate. If you move here make sure to be always on the lookout.

Nothando, says: 2020

It is the hub of our country and densely populated thus resulting in high crime rate, however, it is known for its warm weather and moderate temperatures. Manzini is a beautiful city with a lots of opportunities, people all over the country come in search of a better life.

Sibanesenkhosi, says: 2020

Manzini is a very peaceful city that you can enjoy doing anything you enjoy. The city is very beautiful. It got very humble individuals. It also crime free. The mayor of the city tries by all means to provide all necessary resources needed by everyone in the city including water, food and shelter.

Ayanda, says: 2020

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