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What are medicine, hospitals, and health issues like in Manila?

ten local experts

From healthcare costs to how easy it is to find a doctor, here's what ten local experts had to say about medicine and health in Manila.

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Manila is the capital of the Philippines. When planning to move here, one should consider the cost of living in the capital. You should always pick an apartment near hospitals and business establishments. Another thing is, knowing where public transportation is located and if it accessible. It is fun living in Manila, but it is not easy.

Manila is considered as one of the progressive cities in the Philippines. It is usually crowded and busy. However, it is very accessible to hospitals, schools, restaurants, and business establishments. Many people dream to experience living here as they believe that there is a better future here. You should try living here.

Our city is everyone’s dream place. People will welcome you warmly and with a smile. It is an ideal place because we almost got it all for you – hospital, school, mall, supermarket, park and playground are available and accessible which are the common needs of a person. Transportation is also available everywhere.

Melissa, says: 2020

If moving to Manila, you should think and really assess which area is very accessible to supermarkets, malls, gym, restaurants, pharmacy and hospital or clinic. That way, you will be very comfortable and it will be convenient. You do not have to go far, everything is there.

Aubrei, says: 2020

Moving in Manila can be very difficult for people coming in from the province. From the noise of the cars to the sheer amount of people, it can catch anyone off guard. However, moving in the city has its merits. Everything is accessible: malls, parks, restaurants, and hospitals/clinics; everything is so near. Also, Manila has a great deal of tourist spots, like Quiapo Church and Rizal Park. It also houses the National Museum, which is further divided into four separate structures.

The place is at the heart of Manila. It is near shopping malls, hospitals, schools and universities and the local market where you can buy hustle for prices of fruits and vegetables. It is a quiet place and people are friendly and hospitable. It is safe to even walk at night because of the CCTV and local community volunteers making rounds around the neighborhood.

It is the capital and it’s near the business district. Everything here is accessible, because all the things that you need is just around the corner. Whether it be a school, hospital, restaurant or a mall, you’ll never run out of places to go to and things to do.

Bituin, says: 2020

Manila is the capital of the Philippines. Hence, it is heavily congested with people. Because of the large population, there is also a greater amount of pollution, compared to rural areas. Despite these issues, the city of Manila allows their residents to have a wide access to institutions, such as education, health, banks, and others. It is a city teeming with life and abundant opportunity.

the place where I live is the capital region of this country. For a person who would want to move here, he must know that everything that is essential to make a living is here. There are nearby hospitals, malls, universities,, etc. But, one thing that must be considered is traffic that is evident in the city.

Transportation may be an issue for someone who values his personal space, as mass transport in the city is quite behind cities of similar size in other countries. Medical needs may also be a challenge as there are only a few good hospitals in Manila and medical cost here is expensive, too. Weather is also something to consider, as it can be wet and rainy for a day and hot and humid the next.

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