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Living in Dhaka, Bangladesh:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

49 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Dhaka, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 49 people living in Dhaka what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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Dhaka City has a lot of traffic jams, but it also has the best recreational places like restaurants, malls, etc.

Dhaka is growing fast to embrace rising demand of people. It is already a crowded city but one can enjoy vibrant life and hospitable people.

Mainul, says: 2023

Anyone who moves in to my city, should know that there are many things to experience here. Such as, riding bus full of people, eating street foods, visiting local restaurants, shopping from the local vendors etc. All in all, it’s a very exciting place to visit if you are looking for adventure.

Tanjeel, says: 2020

From other countries, you can directly arrive here through the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. It is a busy city overcrowded with people, and traffic jam is common in every part of the city. You will find people very much hospitable in our city, particularly if a person from a foreign country is seeking help.

Ashiqur, says: 2020

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. Dhaka is the most populated city in our country. Our country’s economy mainly depends on agriculture. Dhaka city has many historical places. Dhaka is the oldest city in our country. Dhaka has many great educational institutions.

Dhaka, the heart of Bangladesh, is a bustling city with people from various class, race, and ethnicity; a city of joy, festivity, and colors. Here, people are friendly, helpful, co-operative than any part of the world. To experience this diverse group of people and enjoy the festive mood year-round, one can make the right decision to move to this city.

Traffic is a major issue in this city. It’s pretty much exhausting. people have to go out with a lot of time in their hands. And he/she should be aware of people on streets. Because they are highly judgemental when it comes to clothes.

Dhaka is the capital Bangladesh. It is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, with a population of about seven million people. Though my city has many problems like traffic jam and pollution, it is well known for its natural beauty and it is popular among the tourists.

Abdullah, says: 2020

Take a rickshaw ride with the hood down on an open road on a rainy day before you die; if you don’t, you will have died without living. There are millions of rickshaws in Dhaka and the art on the back represents how most people in this city live their lives – colorful and cheap. Only in Dhaka will you see dogs and cats roam the streets as they own it, littering where they want. These animals are stray not because the people are too heartless to take them in, but because animals need to be free and the confines of assured care and food will destroy them, which the people of this city understand. The mama haleem, the chotpoti fuchka, and the jhalmuri are few of the things that define Dhaka’s street food scene (food carts can rot in hell). In the old town, there’s biryani being sold out of shops that have been there for centuries. In a way Dhaka is like Hogwarts – help will always be provided in Dhaka to those who are lucky enough to get it. The others get mugged, obviously. you could go drive around Hatirjheel at night.

Traffic jams are one of the biggest problems here. This is the bad part. The good part is in Dhaka there are many popular restaurants, shopping malls, historic places and there are some good place for living like banni, dhanmondi, etc.

Dibakar, says: 2020

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. It is the most important city in Bangladesh. Almost 20 million people live in this city. The air pollution is very high here and especially in winter it becomes worse. Most people live here to earn a better livelihood. There are also so many beautiful and historical places in this city.

My city is heavily populated city. For moving there someone have to know about here’s environment. There have also highly traffic problems vehicles can’t move in this city like others countries city. As a overpopulating city It’s have over humidity and have dust problem. Dhaka become the top in dust problem. These things is enough to know for moving here.

Nuzhat, says: 2020

Dhaka is a beautiful city, but it is highly polluted. There are a lot of businesses to take part in and there are a lot of job holders here too. The citizens aren’t too mindful of littering junk on the road and other places, making the city a bit dirty.

Fatima, says: 2020

There is a lot of traffic in this city. The weather is extremely hot and humid in here. If a person is does not speak bangla, then they should consider learning it since very few people something else. There is a possibility of being pickpocketed in crowded places if one is not careful.

Dhaka, my city is known for its notorious traffic congestion. Air pollution and sound pollution are also there. The weather is hot. On positive note, one can find myriad historical and beautiful places. Foods are excellent here. One can also enjoy all civil amenities since it is a capital city.

Dhaka, my city, though not quite big enough, serves all people with residencies, accommodations and natural resources. As over 40% of the country’s population lives here, the city always remains alive. You will always have someone to help you and support you. Very good isn’t it? During festivities our city literally never sleeps and the roads remain packed with people.

Rehuma, says: 2020

Someone visiting Dhaka, Bangladesh, must make sure to visit the “Lalbagh Fort” at Old Dhaka that has the history of the Shah Dynasty. The construction began under the rule of Mughal Subahdar Muhammad Azam Shah. Being constructed right by the “Buriganga” river, it is further beautified by the emerging trees that surround it completely. Tourists and local people flock this establishment daily since it has been turned into a museum now.

Dhaka is a city of many virtues as it draws you in with a irrevocable promise of never letting you down. Although, you may have to tolerate an hour or two of traffic everyday which sounds exhausting and it honestly is. Yet, sitting in that traffic you will surely see this: a city full of life. Street hawkers toiling day and night, people travelling to and from work, children with no one to look upon them playing on the streets without any care in the world, and more.

Dhaka, the city where technology and nature reside side by side, the busiest city of the country filled with people of all classes working together and considering the festivity time it is the most wonderful place on could live in, just how the color changes throughout the day make the heartthrob to just witness it.

Maliha, says: 2020

It is a quite populated city. The people are very friendly. Communication to other places are easy. Rent is quite low. There are lots of shops. There are all sorts of facilities available. Lovely environment. There are parks and lakes. Transportation facilities are great. Lots of jobs available. There are playgrounds for kids. Great city all-together.

Before moving on to Dhaka city, one must remember that it is a densely populated city of Bangladesh. here traffic jam and environment pollution are main factors which should be look upon mainly. Besides, the living cost is very much expensive. On the other hand, the accessibility of things are easily available.

Tazrina, says: 2020

Someone moving to Dhaka, Bangladesh, should prepare for traffic jams. It’s a great city with interesting people, interesting places. And the food is just amazing. It’s a great place. But moving here, living here, finding a job is a tough work to do. The city is already overpopulated already. And there are more people than there are opportunities. And even if you manage to find a job then starts the struggle of working. But apart from traffic, I love this city.

Dhaka is one of the biggest and densely populated cities in the world. It has over 20 million people living right at the moment. It’s a poor looking city overall. I should not say this but living or moving to Dhaka city is like a bad dream for anyone. It’s very hot city in manner of weather.

Have a good sense of direction, and an ability to follow directions well. They need to be patient to successfully tackle traffic issues. They might consider knowing how to cook, to save expenses, since food over here is quite expensive. They would need to have some sort of savings before, since landing a job is a bit tricky.

Farzana, says: 2020

I recommend moving here. Because Dhaka is the most populated city in Bangladesh and there is a huge job opportunity for people. The lifestyle of the people of Dhaka is different. They are very busy with their job all time. Though it is a most traffic always here.

Tasfia, says: 2020

Dhaka is a metropolitan city which is not for everyone. Amidst the city’s urban growth, the city has undergone massive development both in terms of technology and infrastructure since the year 2000. Although it is filled with these improvements, it is also a city that can leave you frustrated. Long hours of traffic jam, unpredictable load shedding, poor traffic communication and poor pollution treatment can lead to believe that Dhaka still has a long way to go for development.

The top of the list is always traffic jam. It has reached to a level, which is often unbearable for citizens living for ages here. hygiene is also a major concern along with poor safety. The concern for the demand of clear water is also not functioning.

Shahnaz, says: 2020

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. Dhaka has known the world over as the city of mosques and Muslims. Today it has grown into a megacity of about 16 million people, with an area of about 1353 sq. km. becoming the hub of the nation’s industrial, commercial, cultural, educational, and political activities.

Rehuma, says: 2020

To moving here, people first need to know the accommodation of the city. Because my city is an overpopulated city. And must have to hire a guide who has a good knowledge of the city. But the people in my city are very friendly and the hospitality of the native people is incredible. We are not rich in money but our heart is very rich to welcome anyone in my city.

Nazmun, says: 2020

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. There will be numerous working opportunities. Whoever wants to move to my city will find tremendous apartments to settle. Transportation system is easy. Restaurants are available. Security is well furnished.

Sudipta, says: 2020

The Traffic spots and the Mosques reviews shall be known since Dhaka is called the city of mosque. Again, the nature of people shall be known so that you don’t fall into wrong hands. My City has several tasty cuisines that you must try and I bet if you once eat it you’d die to try it again.

Dhaka is actually an overpopulated city, so people’s living standard is not up to the mark. Traffic is always heavy and the house rent or other expenses are high too. Also, because of overpopulation, the working opportunity is less too. for the person considering whether to move, I’d suggest to look for other options.

Ishtiak, says: 2020

Dhaka is a city of huge population. It’s heaven for foodies. Best place of the world to explore is this with a rich cultural background. It’s very overpopulated and has reputation for bad environment and crime. But the welcoming people and culture will make you fall in love with this place.

People should know about the transport facilities. We have many historical places where people can travel. We also have many tourist spots. We have the largest sea beach in the world. Besides we have many cultural diversities. For easy transport we have rickshaws which cost less. To save money people can travel through rickshaws. people can easily travel.

Maliha, says: 2020

Dhaka is the capital of bangladesh. It’s the most industrialized city in bangladesh. Dhaka is the chief economic, political and cultural center of Bangladesh. Though it’s densely populated city, it is mostly characterized by its busy urban life with vibrant and versatile culture including many festivities, variety of cuisine, entertainment industry and sites of interests.

Fatima, says: 2020

Dhaka city is a noisy but enticing place. Due to the abundance of jobs here, it is an extremely congested city. To be specific, it is home to over 20 million people. be prepared to deal with crazy traffic every rush hour or otherwise.

1. It is one of the dirtiest cities in the world.
2. It is land of opportunity.
3. It is the capital of our country.
4. It is the land of higher education.
5. It is an overly crowded place with hours of traffic jams.
6. Dhaka has Dhaka university which is Oxford of the east.

Dhaka is a city traffic jams and a lot of people. It is full of people and life, but if you are not a fan of crowds, you should reconsider your decision moving to this city.

Oishee, says: 2020

Dhaka also spelled Bangladesh’s capital and district Dacca. It is in the south-central part of the world just north of the Buriganga Dam, a channel of the Dhaleswari Dam. Dhaka is the most populous city in Bangladesh and is one of South Asia’s largest metropolises. Dhaka is an ideal town.

Shameema, says: 2020

Dhaka is the rickshaw capital of the world. The rickshaws provide comfort to the common people while providing employment to 100,000s. Even rickshaw art is a great business now. Dhaka city, the capital of Bangladesh, is best known for: Its Traffic and Crowd: No wonder, Dhaka is best known for the excessive population and the unplanned distribution of crowd and traffic.

Tazrina, says: 2020

Dhaka’s size and density make visiting the city a hyper-real urban experience, in which the whirlwind of metropolitan life is magnified to an extreme degree. It is also a city marked by the complex cultural, religious and social history of Bangladesh, and exploring the streets of this thriving megacity offers a fascinating insight into the rich panorama of Bangladeshi culture and history.

Dhaka is a densely populated city. It is quite unorganized and dirty. But if the country is considered, Dhaka is the best option. Dhaka has more of the options that you’d want than any other city. It has its faults, but living in Dhaka has its own perks. Traffic jam is the main issue, but if you can find a lot of stuff within walking distance of your home.

Rezwana, says: 2020

Anyone moving to Dhaka should really be prepared for the noise and infamous traffic that persists all day. However, the city life is great and they will never be bored as countless entertainment opportunities are present including malls, movie theatres and cafes. if they do not mind the hustle and bustle of city life, they should fit in just fine.

Tahidul, says: 2020

The lifestyle of Dhaka city is very expensive. Excessive population lives here with unplanned economy and traffic system need to be improved. Too much pollution creates medical hazard. The atmosphere may be a little overwhelming. Still, if someone seeks an active and adventurous experience, the city is exactly what you need.

Tahidul, says: 2020

Dhaka is an assault to your senses. You will welcomes with a cacophony of honks, bells, chimes and people as Dhakaites hurry to and fro. Infinite jams of vehicles of all sizes and shapes, some motorized while others are not. Dhaka is called the City of Mosques and a City of Rickshaws too. It’s not the city of Joy but a city that will give you joy, tears, love and heartbreak. We have it all.

Istiuk, says: 2020

One must know about the house rent the transport system and different markets to buy the necessities of daily life. It is important to know how how are the people of this city deal with strangers. One must also understand that as a newcomer he or she should take some extra time to adjust with the place and people.

Dhaka is a megacity and it is densely populated. rickshaws, which used to be the main form of transportation for centuries in the past, still exists and is still widely used. Street food is something visitors we should look out for as they’ll find a wide variety of popular street foods, like “Fuchka” or “Bhelpuri” and more and their taste buds will not be disappointed (can’t say that about the stomach though…).

Shanto, says: 2020

Know some of the local language here as many people don’t know English. They might also try to get you to pay more so always haggle with transporters. Try the local food, it’s delicious but avoid street food as they contain a lot of oil and spice, and are unhealthy. There are corner shops all around, so even if the supermarket is closed, small stores might have the item you need.

Riomon, says: 2020

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