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Restaurant and Food Truck Options in Dhaka

six local experts

What are the fine dining options? What about the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants? Here's what six local experts had to say about restaurants and food trucks in Dhaka.

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Dhaka City has a lot of traffic jams, but it also has the best recreational places like restaurants, malls, etc.

Anyone who moves in to my city, should know that there are many things to experience here. Such as, riding bus full of people, eating street foods, visiting local restaurants, shopping from the local vendors etc. All in all, it’s a very exciting place to visit if you are looking for adventure.

Tanjeel, says: 2020

Traffic jams are one of the biggest problems here. This is the bad part. The good part is in Dhaka there are many popular restaurants, shopping malls, historic places and there are some good place for living like banni, dhanmondi, etc.

Dibakar, says: 2020

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. There will be numerous working opportunities. Whoever wants to move to my city will find tremendous apartments to settle. Transportation system is easy. Restaurants are available. Security is well furnished.

Sudipta, says: 2020

Dhaka is the capital of bangladesh. It’s the most industrialized city in bangladesh. Dhaka is the chief economic, political and cultural center of Bangladesh. Though it’s densely populated city, it is mostly characterized by its busy urban life with vibrant and versatile culture including many festivities, variety of cuisine, entertainment industry and sites of interests.

Fatima, says: 2020

Anyone moving to Dhaka should really be prepared for the noise and infamous traffic that persists all day. However, the city life is great and they will never be bored as countless entertainment opportunities are present including malls, movie theatres and cafes. if they do not mind the hustle and bustle of city life, they should fit in just fine.

Tahidul, says: 2020
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