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Banking and Finance in Rawalpindi, Punjab: What do you need to know?

two local experts

From retail banking to investing, here's what two local experts had to say about finance in Rawalpindi, Punjab.

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Rawalpindi has a bold and bolshie character, it is in essence a vibrant but often merciless city. Named after a man, it’s befitting for people with wild roaming spirits. This city is a maze and a conglomeration of various classes. Fortunately you can easily find low rent places in the City. We are adjacent to the capital Islamabad and that’s where a lot of the universities, eateries, tourist sites, foreign embassies and government offices are. We have many colorful bazaars, Raja Bazaar, Tench Bazaar and Saddar, in there Bazaars you can find anything for whatever your budget may be, the metro bus service in Rawalpindi is something very helpful to people wanting to travel daily who may afford not be able to afford it. The city is at times brutal and unexpectedly kind at other times, that’s exactly how the weather behaves too.

Fatima, says: 2020

Rawalpindi is the tasteful mix of old and new. The central region mostly consists of 100-year old houses and markets and is quite congested. The cantonment area and suburbs are quite well planned and organised. One can find almost any thing from different large and small markets. Shortage of water in most areas of city is a serious problem. People belonging to this city are hospitable and good natured, always ready to help the new residents. Different branches of all the government offices, banks and other organisations are located here.

Maheen, says: 2020
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