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Living in Islamabad, Pakistan:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

72 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Islamabad, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 72 people living in Islamabad what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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One should be aware that Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is famed for its picturesque landscapes and carefully designed layout encircled by the majestic Margalla Hills which earns it the name of the second most beautiful capital of the world. It has a multicultural expat community and houses a range of international schools and leisure opportunities. For one considering to move to Islamabad, an insight of potential job prospects in their sector, a knowledge of available healthcare facilities and an understanding of public transportation options for moving around the city, is imperative. Additionally, it should also be known that Islamabad offers a reasonably high level of residential expenses. Not forgetting that Pakistan is a predominantly Muslim society, it is vitally important to familiarize yourself with the Islamic culture and its significance in daily affairs.

Zunair, says: 2023

Islamabad is beautiful and peaceful. Best of all the cities of Pakistan in terms of infrastructure and cleanliness as well as less traffic.

When it comes to the most livable cities in the country, Islamabad definitely tops the list. Not only does the federal capital boasts high-quality health care, education and lifestyle but it is also famous among travelers for its picturesque landscape and various tourist attractions.

Islamabad is famous for tourist spots. It is a city with beautiful places to visit like Faisal Mosque and Shah Allah Ditta caves. Islamabad is the second most beautiful city of the world, not just because how clean and beautiful it is but for the food as well. Hotels ranging from five stars to one star all have the best food.

Sandia, says: 2020

It is the capital of Pakistan and is beautiful and green, having numerous famous places to visit such as Shah Faisal mosque, Pakistan monument and so many others. It is known for its high standards of living and greenery. It also has numerous beautiful parks and gardens which add of the beauty of the city.

Islamabad is very beautiful and neat and clean. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. Its is one of the beautiful cities in the World. There are many beautiful places to visit such as Pakistan Monument, Margalla Hills etc. The tallest building in Islamabad is Centaurus.

Islamabad is the capital city and because of the lush green Margalla Hills, it’s considered the most beautiful city. Air pollution is comparatively very low. Also, Islamabad is the home to many foreigners, military, and government officials. Islamabad also has a number of national and multinational companies, and because of that, there are a lot of job opportunities.

If someone is moving to Islamabad, he must be aware of the weather here. Islamabad has hot and cold weather. In winters, it can be very chilly and summers can be quite hot. Apart from the weather, another important thing about Islamabad is its business hours. For instance, in winters after eight pm it can be difficult to find a place to eat.

Our city has wide, clean roads and has historical places like Pakistan Monument and museums. It also has parks for picnics like Lake View Park. Our city is the capital of Pakistan and the cleanest city of Pakistan.

Zebaish, says: 2020

Margalla hills are the beauty, 2nd beautiful city in world jobs easily available, great tourist place. Educational facilities are also available, one should must visit this city as it is a complete package for various fields of life, further more excellent apartments and guesthouses are also available, it’s a fantastic city.

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and it is one of the most beautiful capital cities of the world. Famous places like Faisal mosque add in the beauty of this city. Currently, Imran khan is the PM of Pakistan. Islamabad is the most appealing city among all the cities of Pakistan.

One must know that he moves to the World’s second most beautiful capital, which is surrounded by Margalla Hills. The World’s fifth largest mosque “Faisal Mosque” is here! All trails are in this city. Most of the population of this city speak Urdu. It covers an area of 220 km square.

Ayesha, says: 2020

The weather here is unpredictable in winters, so it’s best to keep an umbrella with you in case it starts raining. If you like hanging out late at night then you should keep in mind that the most of the city shuts down at 11 sharp. other than that it’s an amazing city with most fascinating view points.

Muhammad, says: 2020

For anyone moving to Islamabad, the thing to consider is the quality and atmosphere that the person will experience. The freshness of air and quality of life in Islamabad, willbear positive impact on the person’s mental and physical health. according to my opinion, moving to Islamabad will be a great decision.

My city is Islamabad which is the capital of Pakistan. Islamabad is the third most beautiful capital in the world because of its natural beauty. It is perfectly planned by the government of Pakistan. It is proud for me to live in the heart of Pakistan. Anyone who come to Islamabad enjoy the beauty of Islamabad.

Islamabad has a very uncertain weather. It may rain tonight and the next morning, it won’t seem like it has rained. However, Islamabad has some very beautiful tourist spots as well. It is full of greenery as it was a jungle in the beginning. it is a great place, but it is expensive as well.

Farhat, says: 2020

Islamabad consists of multiple tourist spots from Faisal masjid to Neel Kund. Its over all a peaceful place, where people don’t believe in staying up late. They are early risers and early sleepers. People here are well mannered and literate. My advice to someone moving here would be to have savings because living cost in Islamabad is quite high. Every cuisine is available here but it is expensive.

Zainab, says: 2020

strict rules-traffic rules are followed strictly. Islamabad is capital city. It is very beautiful city well managed and very much greenery. It provided top class medical facility. It has very top class universities. Islamabad has a big metro bus services with very reasonable rents. It provides very safe and secure environment to all citizens.

Farisa, says: 2020

Islamabad is the city of greenery, where nature and modernism come together with a beautiful twist. Out of the different landmarks of the city, the Faisal Mosque is the most celebrated. Lying in the midst of a lush green background, it is indeed a beauty to behold.

Islamabad is the capital of the country and was built and developed recently. Therefore, it is a little expensive to live in when compared with the rest of the cities. It is a relatively small city so transportation is accessible and easy. Traffic rules are strictly enforced and the city has the lowest crime rate in the country.

Taghreed, says: 2020

Islamabad, being the capital of Pakistan, consists of breathtaking views because of its high altitude. Islamabad is known for its quality living standards and clean environment. Margalla hills are a go-to place for the people of Islamabad for eating, hiking, and camping. A fun fact: Islamabad was previously named Raj Shahi and it was designed by a greek architect.

Muhammad, says: 2020

Islamabad is a little expensive compared to other cities but the environment and the cleanliness is great. The education system is pretty good. There are lots of jobs out there.

Mariam, says: 2020

Islamabad is very beautiful with refreshing scenery. Islamabad is known as the world most beautiful capital of any country. It is totally developed area with all resources. It is capital of Pakistan. It is a great place for tourism. All facilities are available such as Schools, Colleges, Universities.

Waleed, says: 2020

Islamabad is the second most beautiful capital in the world. Surrounded by lush green trees and mountains, it’s a heaven However, before moving here, know it is quite an expensive place to afford. Residents of this city usually don’t bother with strangers so it won’t be easy to make genuine friends.

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and is known for its scenic beauty and breathtaking views. It comes in the list of “most-planned capitals” in the world. It is home to many lakes, mountains, parks, and caves. It is also known for its pleasant weather. That’s why many people commute to Islamabad daily, either for work purposes or leisure.

Anyone moving to Islamabad can be assured that unlike most other cities in Pakistan, Islamabad is a safe city. The crime rate is low and there is no need for security systems inside the house or added vigilance outside. It is also a great city for hiking and walking as it offers five different trails which go up to the mountains.

It is the second most beautiful city in the world, with modern infrastructure without compromising its serene and natural forest. It is like a valley, which has been turned into a city, portraying a heavenly image running through the mind of the settlers or the tourists. Besides it’s majestic views, it is also the capital of the country, making it a significant topographical and political headquarters for the country.

Islamabad is a city full of energy and passion. apart being capital it is One of the world’s most beautiful capital city. The city is full of beautiful views and areas. Islamabad is the best place to visit, there are many historical places also like Faisal masjid etc.

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. With 2,000,000 population, high mountains, and several sightseeing places, the city offers a great aesthetic value. The city is safe to live in, and one can easily roam around on its roads. The health facilities are the state of the art. The only problem one can face is the living cost that not everybody can afford.

There are lot of work opportunities, it has good food. There are reasonable prices for your favorite product. You can visit some beautiful places with family. View is so good. Everyone is so helpful her. You can do anything you want to. Things are cheaper. People are so caring.

There can be traffic in work hours causing a delay. The public transit system is in place but is insufficient. The rents are high but cheaper places to reside are available at a little distance from the city center. Islamabad is picturesque with a lot of outdoor activities. The food is great and so is the ambiance.

Abdullah, says: 2020

Before moving to Islamabad you must know there are no night hangouts or parties here as this city sleeps by nine pm. you might be bored here. Also, weather here is unpredictable. It is clear in the morning but by 12 pm it could be raining heavily. If you can take care of these two problems, then this city is the best place you can ever live.

The nature is impeccable and the greenery always leaves you feeling fresh. It’s important to remember that shops and restaurants close early if you want groceries or food, better stay prepared for scarce shopping choices at night. The mountain trails are nature’s gift but be on the lookout for wild animals near sunset.

Abdullah, says: 2020

Islamabad experiences less traffic jams. Islamabad is filled with greenery, It has proper sports facilities, It is one of the cleanest cities in Pakistan, Islamabad is a scenic city, people in Islamabad are very well off, at least from Pakistani standards. Even if they are not financially well off they still have a stable income from government jobs or if they are into some business their customers do have some disposable income.

Muhammad, says: 2020

Islamabad is a good place for elites. If you cannot afford expensive living, you should not consider it. The city offers great aesthetic values and safe living. Nobody can get bored here. The entertainment facilities are the best ones of all the cities in the country. You will never have to worry about good schooling of your kids and the health facilities.

The city is known for several parks and forests, including the Margalla Hills National Park. The city is home to several landmarks, including the Faisal Mosque, the largest mosque in South Asia and the fourth largest in the world. The city’s site was chosen by a commission in 1959 after Karachi was found unsuitable as the capital. Construction began in 1961 with an effort to blend traditional Islamic architecture with modern patterns and requirements.

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is known for its mountainous range of Margalla Hills and beautiful scenery. It has a peaceful and attractive neighborhood which is dominated by well-planned road infrastructure. The place has some great restaurants with amazing Asian and continental food. The people are vibrant and culturally rich. The city has all the making to become one of best metropolitan cities in the near future.

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s atmosphere is clean and calm. It is rich in greenary. Crime rates are very low. There are many jobs and health facilities. A number of renowned universities and colleges are there.

he/she moves to one of the most beautiful capitals in the world and should expect some eye soothing scenes. Also, he/she will need to have a complete knowledge of transport system as one cannot live in the city without a conveyance. Best of luck to him/her.

Islamabad is one of the most beautiful capitals in the whole world. It has beautiful scenery ranging from mountains to plain areas. There are a lot of places to hang out with friends or family. The best thing about my city is that it is very calm and peaceful city.

Islamabad is one of most beautiful capital city of the world with scenic view of Margalla hills. The city is composed of well planned sectors following the sustainable goals of UN. Apart from that, this city offers you variety of shopping opportunities. Most of the foreign offices are in Islamabad and usually you interact with foreigners in tracks of Margalla Hills.

If you are moving to Islamabad, always use Uber or Careem for travelling purposes. Being capital of Pakistan, there are many hotels in Islamabad that are expensive. I recommend hotels which provide customers with same facilities cheaply. There are many good places to visit like Faisal Mosque, Monal and Lake View Park.

Islamabad is the federal capital of Pakistan. As a result, one may find it costly to reside here compared to neighbouring cities. Nevertheless, the breathtaking view of the Himalayan mountains surely makes up for it. The beautiful valleys and hill stations that we boast of as our treasure to tourists are in this vicinity, too.

Abdullah, says: 2020

A city with rich history and different cultures combined as it is the capital of Pakistan. People are generous and helpful toward each other. Life style is fast and modernized with every facility available with in the city. The city can be describe in these words Calm, quiet, peaceful, green for any one want to live here.

Walizeb, says: 2020

As Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan, it is expensive Majority of the people come from different cities and thus, Islamabad is a multicultural city. When compared to other cities of Pakistan, Islamabad is cleaner. The city experiences cold weather in winters and hot weather in summers.

Maheen, says: 2020

Islamabad has a lot of picnic spots like Lake View Park, Daman-e-Koh, etc. The people of Islamabad are friendly and well mannered. We also have shopping malls.

Taimur, says: 2020

One moving Islamabad should know the weather of this city is unpredictable as it changes suddenly which is for some people is not appropriate. while driving one must have a valid driving license and seat belt is compulsory while driving. If you want to live in a rented house the rent varies from sector to sector.

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. Islamabad is one of the most beautiful city of our country. Pakistan monument is famous place in this city. This is ever green city which was particularly designed with ratio of 40 percent green and 60 percent covered area. This is not just all about Islamabad city.

Islamabad though is a peaceful city, but life here is quite slow and people are laid back. The people do not mingle quickly and like to mind their own business. Being not able to speak urdu, the national language would not be a problem, as people here can communicate in English.

The people here are multicultural. Most people follow western culture. Most people in ISB are higher middle or high-class people. The people here are very generous and are welcoming. The mountainous part of the city is the most beautiful and mesmerizing part. The city is a metropolitan city and is under constant change.

this city is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and people enjoy coming here from all over the country. know to respect people of every cast, color or religion as everyone is considered equal here and there is no discrimination. be helpful to the environment.

Muhammad, says: 2020

People planning on moving to Islamabad should know they are making a wise decision as Islamabad is a place for a person to find peace. Islamabad is a city that was founded on the mountains and is therefore a steep place. Islamabad is a green city as the city lies along the green belt and you can see plenty of plantation as you ride along. Air pollution is less compared to other cities so therefore the weather is mostly pleasant here.

Muhammad, says: 2020

When it comes to the most livable cities in the country, Islamabad tops the list. Not only does the federal capital has high-quality health care, education and lifestyle but it is also famous among travellers for its picturesque landscape and various tourist attractions. And it is save to live in Islamabad.

Islamabad is a great place to move because everything is easily accessible. You can get a good neighbourhood and still have schools, offices, entertainment centres and shops at a small distance. Islamabad has many societies all of which have all facilities and are amazing for raising children. I recommend moving here.

Zebaish, says: 2020

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and is simply the most dynamic city here. It ranges from the abundant green and lush mountains to the hustling shopping heaven. Without a doubt, it is the cleanest and safest city to move to. The infrastructure of Islamabad amazes everyone that sets foot into the city. It is city which has everything to offer.

Islamabad is my city that is ranked as 2nd most beautiful capital in the world. It contains different scenic and beautiful places like Faisal masjid, Rawal lake, Simly dam, Pakistan Monument and Daman-e-Koh which attract the visitors towards it. This city is the focal point of law and orders as it is the seat of Government in Pakistan.

Kashif, says: 2020

It’s one of the safest and most organised capitals in the world. It’s surrounded with mountains and greenery which makes it more beautiful. Living in this city is not less than a blessing. It has the urban and rural touches which adds to its beauty and serenity. The variety of restaurants and food places of this city is also a key factor to make this place liveable.

Islamabad is the Federal Capital of Pakistan. The city was brought into being in 1960, and is one of the few cities of the world, for which a proper master-plan had been devised. It is one of the main global-hubs of the country as it has been exposed to many cultures of the world over the years. It’s a tranquil city unlike most other urban cities of the world, with less traffic and a clean, green environment. Property has become quite expensive in recent years here, so check your bank before moving in.

Kashif, says: 2020

There are many sectors in Islamabad. If someone wants to live in a peaceful environment then sector E-11 would be a good choice. If one has a low budget and cannot afford high rate flats then I-10 is a good option. whoever is planning to live in Islamabad then they should go for sectors despite remote areas of Islamabad like Barakhau or Chatta Bakhtawar.

Muhammad, says: 2020

The weather of this city is extremely unreliable. Cost of living is higher, so one must plan his/her budget accordingly. The culture and traditions of this city are eastern, it is, therefore, requested to all visitors to respect the culture.

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. This is very best place for studies. anyone can easily access to education and modern lifestyle here. This is cheap and adorable for students and others who want to live here. It has all facilities which is very good to maintain healthy lifestyle. This city has also very refreshing points and restaurants. It has many historical and other visiting places. It has diverse environment and very friendly for visitors. This is capital so here for everyone job opportunity arises daily.

Muhammad, says: 2020

Islamabad is enclosed by the mountains on two sides, third side is closed by Prime Minister’s residence while fourth side is expanding rapidly. While moving to Islamabad, you should remember that living is not cheap here. Houses alone cost a lot. You will find a lot of parks and schools spread across the city. The city has an efficient transportation system. Overall life is very comfortable here.

Sandia, says: 2020

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. It is well-organized city divided into different sectors and zones. Urdu is predominantly spoken within the city due to the ethnic mix of populations. It also has become more lively with many an new restaurants and hotels springing up to service this new wealth.

Hassan, says: 2020

He should know Islamabad is one of the most beautiful capital of the world. One willost himself/herself in the beauty of it landscapes. Secondly the life is very smooth and in a proper manner. One will feel very healthy and comfortable. The capital is in almost the center of the country. All the areas of country are accessible from the location.

Islamabad is the idyllic capital of Pakistan. The city has a suburban feel and many Americans who come here, say it reminds them of Washington, DC. The population is a blend of expatriates from around the world and Pakistanis from all over the country. The city is ideal for anyone who likes to spend their free time indulging in nature-related activities. There are hiking/cycling trails all along the northwestern ridge of the city. Rocking climbing and cliff diving at the nearby Khanpur Dam are also popular weekend activities.

Islamabad is famous for its natural beauty and spectacular tourism spots. The fresh air of my city is am example of its own. I would like to mention the Faisal Mosque; one of the best assets of Islamabad. Besides, the food you must try in Islamabad includes Biryani, Shawarma, and Nehari.

Waleed, says: 2020

It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is the capital of Pakistan and a very well planned city. There are a lot of jobs in Islamabad as well. It is in the footsteps of the Margalla hills which makes it even more wonderful.

Ayesha, says: 2020

Islamabad is among one of the best capitals in world not only due to its position as a capital but also because of beauty it posses. It is the hub of government where all important decisions take place and that why you can see beautiful offices here. Along with those there are many to 8 attractions like shah Faisal mosque, monument etc.

Aasher, says: 2020

Islamabad is the modern capital city of Pakistan. As the country’s economic, administrative and political heart, it provides several advantages to expatriates looking to settle here for professional opportunities, low cost of living, quality living among huge green spaces and architectural gems. This place is an ideal destination for those who aspires to a peaceful urban life in a mild climate.

Maryam, says: 2020

It is the capital of our country and a very beautiful city. The most visited monument in this city is Faisal Masjid. Most of the population lives in this city and according to the government, it is a very businesslike city. There is a wide range of opportunities to start and expand your business.

Shazmah, says: 2020

Islamabad is known for its beauty, and someone moving to this city should know it is expensive to reside here. Being the Federal Capital of Pakistan, Islamabad is a wonderful city to explore. It is also a proud owner of one of the top universities in the world, the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST).

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