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Living in Yerevan, Armenia:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

ten local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Yerevan, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked ten people living in Yerevan what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:


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Yerevan is the capital of Armenia. It is one of the most amazing cities that I have ever seen in my life. Every season is unique. a favorite of mine is summer; tourists are flooding the city, the Republic Square, especially in the evenings, is crowded because everyone is hectic to listen to Armenia music while watching the fountains’ water rise and fall according to the music. At midnight, when the songs end, every teenager goes to Cascade, which is this long stairway, and when you get on top, you will see the whole city, including Mount Ararat. It is a city that is worth visiting, exploring, and eventually moving.

Araksya, says: 2020

Living in a city like Yerevan is interesting. It is the capital of Armenia and has a lot of tourist sites. The most famous place to visit while you are in Yerevan is the Republic Square of Armenia. In summers, the government plays Armenian and other International music from the Squares’ fountain. Then the water starts moving according to the bass of the songs that are being heard. Not to mention, there is also Cascade, which is another famous tourist site. At midnight, you will usually find teenagers hanging out with their groups of friends. It is a city that is worth visiting once in your life.

A person who wish to move to my city should know it is one of the oldest in the world, having 3000 years of history. The weather is sunny in summer and cold in winter. One of the remarkable things in our city is the water that you can drink even from the tap. Thanks to water, sun and soil fruits and vegetables are delicious.

If you’re moving to Yerevan, you should know that first of all the food is amazing (Armenian food in general) and if you are from another country you will try interesting food (maybe also exotic) for the first time. Then, Yerevan is known for its cultural role, there are many museums and interesting places, you should definitely see them all.

it is important to know you can’t cross the street on the red light, even if there are no cars on the street. It is still against the law. the living expenses are quite affordable, but only for people whose salaries are paid by foreign companies. The natives are not making much money, unless they work in the IT sphere.

The principal symbol of Yerevan is Mount Ararat which is visible from any area of city. The previous name of Yerevan was Erebuni. Yerevan was founded by the king Argishti 1. Yerevan is home to a large number of art galleries, libraries and museums. Along the Hrazdan river Yerevan is the administrative, cultural and industrial center of the country.

Araksya, says: 2020

Yerevan is usually called “Pink City”, since the citizens use a “pink” stone for construction. It is the capital of Armenia. In my city you can find everything starting from a simple cafe, restaurant to a rural place. Tourists mainly enjoy the city and especially the hospitality of the nation.

Yerevan is the capital of Armenia, and it is the biggest city. Yerevan is famous for being a tourist place. If you visit during summer, you will see a large amount of tourists from all over the wold. One of the famous sightseeing places is Tsitsernakaberd, it was built for the memory of the millions of Armenian victims that were killed during the Armenian Genocide in 1915. Madenataran is also an interesting place for tourists who are interested in learning about the history of Armenia and the culture of the Armenian people.

Yerevan is a capital of Armenia. It is 2801 years old. I ancient times it was called Erebuni. It was established in 782 B. C. by urartian king Argishti II. Now, in the place of the ruins of the ancient city there is a fortress with cuneiform inscriptions and ruined temples of Susi, dedicated to ancient gods of Haldi and Ivarsha.

To see the heart of my Yerevan you should visit Khond. it is very old district which shows our history. You can find their old machines, houses and church. Here people are very hospitable and cheerful. I do believe that you can “smell” the real Armenian breath. We have another beautiful places but they are well built such as Opera, Cascade, The Republic Square and so on.

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