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What's weather like in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh?

four local experts

Does Bhopal get rain? Snow? Hail? What's summer weather like? Here's what four local experts had to say about weather and precipitation in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

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Pros: moderate weather, good infra (roads, electricity, hospitals, schools, etc.), connectivity to other parts of country (being in central location), cost of living is medium (as of 2022). Cons: lack of centralized IT and other high-paying jobs, pretty homogenous Hindi speaking belt (not really the melting pot of different cultures).

Saurabh, says: 2022

Bhopal is known a the city of lakes. It is also known as the city of Nawabs. The environment here is very friendly and the beauty of this city, the weather and the greenery will make you fall in love with it. The city is famous for various tourist spots.

Weather of Bhopal is said to be one of the pleasing one in central India. The city is called “city of lakes” and is famous for its tourist spots and greenery. Living in Bhopal is cheap and people are friendly. Traffic in the city is not heavy even at peak hours and one can commute without any hassle. Public transport system is widely stretched.

The town where I live is full of people who are kind and generous and has all the basic necessities but doesn’t have the glow and charm of a big city. The scenery here is beautiful and the weather is comfortable. You can get varieties of food and a good crowd to mingle with.

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