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If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Vereeniging, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 11 people living in Vereeniging what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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Our city has more than one University if you would want to further your studies. We also have beautiful parks and a built in aqua dome. We are one of the cities situated near a river. Not only is our city safe but it is also clean. There are houses that are in areas that are more closer to the mall, but the ones that are a but far one can access the area by using any mode of transportation.

Ntswaki, says: 2020

This area is filled with a number of students which you are most likely to bump into, here and there. It is also a very quiet and peaceful environment; so if you want to be away from city lights and busy traffic, it is the best place. There are townships within the area, for the likes of great meals and entertainment.

Ashley, says: 2020

It is highly populated and there are many shops where you can do shopping for groceries and clothes. There is also a taxi rank, where you can take a taxi to any destination of your choice. We also have quite a few of car dealerships where you can purchase a car of your choice.

Chisai, says: 2020

It is a very lovely and quiet place for family to move too. lots of fun places to explore like the vaal river, through fun and exciting boats cruises. Have schools and shopping centres. It looks really amazing. We have lots of different cultures coming from all walks of life, basically Gauteng province if where people make their dreams come true.

The city where I live has traffic. They should know that there are cases of robbers in the city so they shouldn’t wear anything expensive when leaving their house. The person should go to the supermarket early in the day and not on month end, because the supermarkets are then crowded with people.

The city I am living in is best known of its beautiful river called Vaal River where there are boats as you can cruise around the river, depending on the time you have requested. There is also a nice casino around the area. We also have Vaal mall. The area is miles away from the city of Johannesburg.

It is located in the south of Gauteng. It was one of the cities where coal mines were discovered, and currently has a lot of factories which manufacture iron, bricks and steel. It also has the well known “vaal river” situated in it, where you can go for leisure boat rides with friends or family.

Gillian, says: 2020

The Vaal triangle is known for its proximity to rivers so this affects how cold it gets in winter. Though visitor find it colder than usual don’t be surprised when you see farmers wearing shorts and short sleeves as they have gotten used to this kind of weather. Apart from the cold winters the Vaal triangle is a tranquil place to visit.

Alulutho, says: 2020

When anyone considers relocating to Vereeniging, they should know the winter seasons tend to be very cold because the area is located near the Vaal river. This river separates the Gauteng province from the Free state province whilst Vereeniging is the last city near the Gauteng provincial border. Although Vereeniging might be considered to be a small town it is however rich in historical significance.

Lerato, says: 2020

Vereeniging is an industrial city, and is situated by the banks of the Vaal River. It is one of the oldest cities in South Africa. It boasts an eclectic mix of residents and it is also a great retirement city. The river provides the city with a unique advantage as it allows excursions and boat cruises.

Lungiswa, says: 2020

Vereeniging is a humble community however has occupants of numerous nations in it, the vast majority that live in Vereeniging have migrated from different parts of the nation and the landmass to come and work here, it is an extraordinary town, in the event that you are searching for cutting edge learning for your children rather than them being in municipality schools they could go to tuition based schools.

Gcobani, says: 2020

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