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What are transportation options and challenges in Belgrade?

three local experts

Are there taxis in Belgrade? What about scooters? What are the public transportation options? Here's what three local experts had to say about transportation methods in Belgrade.

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Belgrade is very lively city, we have a lot of clubs and the near river clubs so it is deal for younger population. Also, people are very friendly and always ready to help. There are plenty things you can do to spend your free time. You can go and ride a bike near the river, visit Avala, Museums, go to one of the many Theatres or Cinemas, or just chill with your friends in cafe. You can never be bored here.

My city is not a big city, although it is a capital city of Serbia. It has amazing things to see and interesting sights to discover. There are plenty stores in each part of a town and traffic is easy to find. The population is not that big and you can find interesting and friendly citizens.

Mladen, says: 2020

Belgrade is a very beautiful, historical city. Summers are sunny and warm, while winters can get very cold, with lots of snow. People are extremely friendly and helpful, always willing to help tourists and foreigners. However, the public transportation is not great, so owning a car would make your life a lot easier.

Marija, says: 2020
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