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What are transportation options and challenges in Auckland?

12 local experts

Are there taxis in Auckland? What about scooters? What are the public transportation options? Here's what 12 local experts had to say about transportation methods in Auckland.

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Auckland is one of the largest cities in the southern hemisphere. It is very spread out and as public transport is not fantastic, you will need a car. At its narrowest point Auckland is only two miles from one coast to the other! Auckland has a stunning waterfront and many wonderful restaurants.

Juliette, says: 2020

Auckland is beautiful, balanced between an ocean (the Pacific) and a sea (the Tasman). It is quite spread out geographically, for the size of its population, so you may decide to buy a car, after you’ve been here a while – the public transport service isn’t great. Housing costs in Auckland are some of the most expensive in the New Zealand, so be prepared to pay a huge deposit to rent a flat or an apartment.

Serena, says: 2020

In the city of Auckland, the public transit system can be rather unreliable and infrequent I would highly recommend considering using alternative transport where possible. Services such as Uber and private taxis and rental vehicles would be a good choice for a more trouble-free travel experience around city.

People moving to Auckland should be prepared to have long commute times. It is advisable to have one’s own car; while there are buses and trains, the distances are so large that it can be hard to reach everywhere in the city easily by public transport. However, given the climate and and pleasant environment, it is a highly recommendable place.

The city is a very fast-paced city, traffic is tragic because it causes traffic jams and it can be awful to be stuck in those peak hours. The best part of Auckland would be the sightseeing views, Auckland is known for the city of sails, so looking out at the sea and seeing boats arriving from the other side of the world is amazing.

Mitchel, says: 2020

Living in the central city can be very expensive, however, living in the suburbs is much more affordable. The commute from the suburbs into the central city will often take a lot longer than expected. There are beaches all throughout the city, but the best beaches are at least an hour’s drive out of town. The weather in Auckland can be very unpredictable, it is best to always pack a jacket or an umbrella.

A person moving to Auckland should know it is not the Capital City of New Zealand. They should also know that the city is on a harbour, making yachting a popular pastime with its residents. Cycling is also a popular pastime with most residents owning at least one bicycle, if not two.

Auckland has an increasingly alarming housing problem. The infrastructure cannot keep up with the growth of the population. Immigrant workers pour into New Zealand by the 1,000s yearly. The cost of living is also higher in Auckland compared to other cities and/or regions in New Zealand. If moving to Auckland, be prepared for some long trips during peak traffic.

Serena, says: 2020

Traffic is congested, and the public transport available is limited to buses in some areas, and trains in others. There is no subway system. The city is surrounded by water with a major port adjacent to the CBD, and New Zealand’s biggest international airport positioned 45 minutes south of the CBD by bus. Housing is always in demand and prices are high.

Mitchel, says: 2020

Auckland is small but has more people living there than any other city in New Zealand, even more than the capital of Wellington. There is also a lot of traffic in Auckland because the city is built around one of the narrowest parts of the country. Some of the beaches around the Auckland coast are lovely, and there are many beautiful views across Auckland Harbour.

Aswani, says: 2020

It is a huge change to move to a big city. Traffic can be busy and you need to organize your time when you want to leave for work especially if you stay on the other side of the bridge. But while driving in traffic towards Auckland Bridge you will take in the scenery of the beautiful view of the sea and the white yachts on the water. Depending on where you stay there are wonderful views of the sea. Absolutely gorgeous and green scenery is one thing that will make you want to stay.

Auckland is a beautiful city with two picturesque harbours. Housing in Auckland can be expensive and if you wish to live near the sea, you will pay top dollar for the privilege. You should consider buying in a suburb with reliable and frequent public transport as traffic can be heavily congested, especially during peak hours.

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