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What are the shopping options like in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental?

12 local experts

From buying a car to purchasing groceries to following the latest fashion trends, here's what 12 local experts had to say about shopping in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental.

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The people are heartwarming and friendly. The city has many tourist spots to see. It is also near beaches that people can go to if they want to go unwinding or simply do swimming. There are mall to go to too. There are highland resorts people can go to for fun.

Angelika, says: 2020

Bacolod City is very beautiful and peaceful. It is accessible to all stores and malls for you to purchase your needs and wants. It is a big city after all. We have a lot of parks here where you can relax and we also have resorts if you want to just swim and chill. Everything you need is always available in our city.

Ashley, says: 2020

I reside in the city of Bacolod. It is named from the term buklod-buklod meaning hilly place. There are three markets in the city: Libertad market is where vegetables are delivered; the central market is where crafts are sold, and cheap fish. Burgos market is where expensive big fish are usually sold in the morning.

Miriam, says: 2020

Bacolod City is more livable because we have trees and greens everywhere, Malls that are within walking distance, hospitals, churches, resorts and restaurants that are near from where every you choose to live by walk or by transportation. And near our City we have other sites that have wonderful views and relaxing environment.

Our city has great tourist spots and events, two of those great events that many tourist and locals likely to join and witness are the Masskara festival and Panaad Sa Negros these events are not just to entertain the people but also to showcase the best natives and products our City has. Bacolod is not just a fun place but you can also find peace in this location since the area is quite and a less chaotic place.

Bethany, says: 2020

To get in the city, You must take the provincial bus, After you arrive at the station you must take a jeepney. And then you must get off in one of the jeepney stops that is near the city’s mall. There you will find many room for rents and hotels.

Hannah, says: 2020

Bacolod City, now, is one of the booming and considered livable cities in the Philippines. We can offer the ‘bests of the world’ from heritage houses to big malls due to rapid urbanization. Some of those are widening of roads, ambience of the beaches and resort suitable for retirement and the present of various medical, recreation, fitness and health facilities. The people of Bacolod also is fun, loving, hospitable, and very friendly.

Our city is the City of Smiles. It consists of more than 40 barangays. It has at least four universities and it has less than 10 malls.

Michaela, says: 2020

Bacolod City is called the City of Smiles for a reason. Bacolodnons are very cheerful and hospitable. You would immediately feel at home I you move to Bacolod City. It is an ideal place to raise your children. Considering that it is a small city, going to the school, mall, hospital or the park will only take fifteen to 20 minutes. It is also a very safe place for your children.

Bacolod City is highly urbanized and is the province’s capital. It showcases several local delicacies and the annual Masskara Festival, making it a famous destination among tourists. Also, huge malls and high-rise buildings/condominiums have been popping up in the recent years. Hence, one must consider a crowded city, filled with buildings and establishments, and moderate to severe traffic during peak hours and holidays.

Bacolod City is a progressive city. We celebrate our Masskara Festival yearly, where you could see every Bacolodnon’s resiliency – smiling through the pain and hardship. Unlike Manila, Bacolod is quite moderate when it comes to population but is almost equally advanced when it comes to leisure. They even said that Bacolod is a city with a high purchase of new cars.

Gabrielle, says: 2020

The primary transportation system is the jeepney which has various routes. know about the city’s different landmarks such as the Pope John Paul tower which can be found beside the SM City mall and the Plaza which can be found in front of the San Sebastian church.

Daniela, says: 2020
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