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Ho Chi Minh City
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What are the shopping options like in Ho Chi Minh City?

six local experts

From buying a car to purchasing groceries to following the latest fashion trends, here's what six local experts had to say about shopping in Ho Chi Minh City.

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You never need a car to get food because everything is within walking distance or might even be in your own house. It is part of the culture that people are allowed to sell food in our homes, even with just 2-3 tables. There are all kinds of street food, from savory to sweet, like bánh tráng trộn, bánh sữa chiên, tré trộn… whose prices never exceed $1. There are free drinking water fountains and free bread stations on the street, where the homeless or the poor can come and take what they need.

Ho Chi Minh City or previously known as Saigon is swarming with motorbikes and pop-up sidewalk coffee shops and eateries. The majority of the population does not speak English and the few who do cannot carry a long conversation, just the basics.

Ben Thanh Market is located in the center of the city. This market so far has the most unique structure in the city. It was built at a prime location which is accessible via four main streets. The market includes 4 big main gates and other 12 small sub gates. Ben Thanh Market offers a wide variety of products from clothes to food, services, fresh ingredients, handicrafts, and authentic taste of Vietnamese cuisines. HCMC offers great cultural experiences that other places cannot.

Thomas, says: 2020

Ho Chi Minh City has low cost of living. They have affordable house rent and cheap food. Transportation fee is also cheap. People are friendly and English-speaking Vietnamese are mostly in the foreigner-packed areas. There are also a lot of tourist attractions within the city such as the museums, Cathedral, and souvenir shops and most importantly their healthy food selection.

The air quality in HCMC is not so good. You probably cannot see the blue sky above for it is always covered by a cloud of smoke. Secondly, traffic jam is a common practice in megacities in general, especially during rush hour. Above all, foreigners might be taken advantage of. Given that expatriates do not really know the real price of the products, they might be charged higher than their real values.

The food here is amazing. Secondly, we have all kinds of activities from day to night. Last but not least, price is very affordable. people from Ho Chi Minh City are very friendly especially to foreigners, so if you are wondering about something, just ask someone around the corner. Not all Vietnamese speak English, but most of us are.

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