What are safety and crime like in Pasig City, Metro Manila?

11 local experts

From petty theft to violent crime, here's what 11 local experts had to say about safety and crime in Pasig City.

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Or City is considered and awarded to be The Green City in the Metro, due to literally green trees that surround the busy business district, have a low crime rate, a friendly neighborhood, a lot of bike lanes, and elevated walkways. Our local government-mandated the segregation policy to recycle and reuse, plastic bags, no longer allowed.

Fatima, says: 2020

In order to be relieved of our daily struggle with surviving life, we need to be able to feel safety and reliability on the person who is in leadership. It is a role greatly fulfilled by our mayor and continues to eradicate the past corrupted systems left by the late officials. There has been no disappointment so far and he continues to lead the people by his duties and responsibilities, not just his heart.

Vincent, says: 2020

Pasig City is now a progressive place. With our new Mayor, Vico Sotto, he has put new reform programs in the place making it above the normal. Transportation is very accessible with our own modern jeepneys and mini buses. It is also a bicycle friendly place. Pasig is known as the Green City as it puts a remarkable importance in the environment for planting trees and effective waste management disposal. Safety and risk is also the city’s priority so, a 24/7 police mobile is circulating the place. It is a good and happy place with your whole family.

Alexandria, says: 2020

Pasig City is one of the highly progressive city in Manila. People here have an easy access on transportation. It is known as the Green City as it gives importance on the environment- planting trees and making the place safer and eco-friendly. The new mayor of the city, Mayor Vico Sotto, has a good reformation plans for the whole city’s security and safety. he put a market scheme schedule and ensures that Pasigueños will have a safe and convenient shopping on days. We are living the life in Pasig and our leader makes it a better home.

I think that one of his information are already known round our country but to whoever wants to move to our city, they should know our city cannot be considered as safe place. Various crimes have already resurfaced on a lot of local news portals in this country where most of these crimes have occurred in our city. Visitors of this city may fall in love with how it looks but the should know the ‘darkness’ lurking behind that beauty.

Pasig City is considered the “Green City” of Metro Manila. Our city has a very strategic location. Major establishments are in Pasig City like schools, hospitals, and supermarkets. The local government keeps on improving the services to its citizen for better living. The crime rate is less in our city.

Our city is one of the most active and competitive city in our region. We don’t lack in facilities and everyone here is really friendly. security is really tight that’s why everyone is really safe. You can start your business here because our mayor is really good in handling our economy.

Djemnah, says: 2020

Pasig City, or commonly known as the Green City of Metro Manila, purely live up to its title. It is a highly urbanized city with neighboring malls and the proliferation of parks filled with green trees, and the home of the Pasig River. Aside from the healthy living environment, the local government of Pasig ensures the safety of its citizen by providing efficient contingency plans. As a resident of the said city, I can fully say that it is the city for a safe, harmonious and convenient living.

Keep an eye out for pickpockets and scammers. These people often victimize foreigners, especially those who do not look Asian. Rarely is anyone mugged or violently confronted, but these incidents can happen in any country. It would be best to avoid small spaces, especially at night.

Evangeline, says: 2020

One considering to make this decision should know traffic is very common in the city as it is one of the region’s busiest cities. he/she must be willing to balance his/her choices of whether to go to work in a stormy day as flooding is also very common in some areas which could make going to work or school very risky and difficult.

Kriszha, says: 2020

Pasig City is a rising green city, that offers sprawling commercial and residential space throughout its vicinity. There are high-rise office buildings that houses the BPO industry. there are also places for recreation such as amusement parks and world-class shopping mall. At night, you can indulge yourself to some cool clubs and disco bars that offers unlimited cocktails and liquors. In terms of living, the city offers condominium units offering a spectacular view of the city. The subdivisions are quite peaceful with lovely houses and 24/7 security.

Pamela, says: 2020

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