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How bad is traffic in Pasig City, Metro Manila?

17 local experts

Nobody likes traffic. Not a single soul. Here's what 17 local experts had to say about traffic in Pasig City, Metro Manila. Perhaps you'll find some tips to avoid rush hour and some potholes.

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One important thing to consider if someone is planning to move in Pasig City, is that he/she should be ready for the traffic jam because of all the establishments around the city. With that being said, the advantage of it is everything is accessible like groceries, pharmacies, hospitals etc. Pasig is one of the nicest city in Metro Manila.

If you want to stay at Pasig City you should consider first the location. If it’s near market, grocery or any other establishments, it will be helpful as well if it’s near hospital or pharmacy. Maybe it’s quite traffic most of the rush hours but people at Pasig City is very lively and fun to be with.

Be aware that commuting to and from work can be challenging. Vehicular traffic is usually heavy during the morning and afternoon rush hours. There are a lot of food establishments which cater do different tastes, and different forms of entertainment are available. Lastly, the weather can be humid during the summer months, and cold during the holidays.

People who are planning or considering to move to our City should know that traffic schemes in Pasig. Especially if they own a private vehicle. There are traffic schemes that are being implemented every other day or depending on your plate number. You don’t have to worry coz you can always check the traffic scheme or policy online.

Kimberly, says: 2020

People seeking to move to our city should consider the traffic and the cost of living. Pasig is very accessible, but roads in and out of the city are usually jammed at any time of the day. And despite being accessible, the cost of living in Pasig is higher compared to where we used to love in the province. So these two, I think, are the biggest factors that people need to consider before moving to our city.

Our city is well-known and advertised for being a “Green City.” One of the pros of moving to Pasig is how modernised and up-to-date it is. With its location being near famous tourist spots and gorgeous places, Pasig is an ideal city to move to. But with every positive aspect comes a negative one. Despite being the urbanised city it is, Pasig is also notorious for being one of the most heavily flooded cities in the Philippines. Living here is no easy task once the rainy season arrives. Not only does the heavy rainfall cause chaos, it also brings forth a problem for most people; heavily congested traffic.

Romaye, says: 2020

Apart from its yellow and white scheme, our city is also known to its famous tourists attraction (Rave of Pasig City) and Ortigas, where most people work to earn a living. Pasig is known as one of the most populous cities in Metro Manila, one of the busiest cities that causes traffic all day. There are a lot of great opportunities to consider in moving here, such as employment, a good and compassionate mayor, and the people, all are resilient and hospitable.

Pamela, says: 2020

Pasig City is home for a lot of malls and business centers. It is also very crowded. You must consider looking for a spacious apartment. Also, traffic is always heavy during rush hours. I strongly recommend that you must familiarize your route going to school or work and give one hour and 30 minutes allotted time before your class or appointment.

Pasig City should be considered by many as a great place. Why? First, the city is properly governed by the new city administration. Second, the city’s proximity to the business centers in the Metro is quite near, so the hassle should be minimal. almost every districts here have their neighborhood tagged as friendly! The only cons while living here is that traffic intensity during rush hours. Pasig is a great city.

Dorothy, says: 2020

Traffic on our roads is very heavy especially during weekdays. wake up and leave their house hours before his or her meeting to be able to arrive on time at their meeting place. A lot of people in my city have private cars that add up to the heavy traffic.

Someone who is not afraid of taking a risk especially in some places in our city that is prone to pollution and traffic jams. our city has a dump site. But there are also some place that is nice to Visit like our museum and our rainforest park. The people also are very friendly and kind.

One considering to make this decision should know traffic is very common in the city as it is one of the region’s busiest cities. he/she must be willing to balance his/her choices of whether to go to work in a stormy day as flooding is also very common in some areas which could make going to work or school very risky and difficult.

Kriszha, says: 2020

Pasig city is said to be the “Green City”. While that can be proven by the several plants all around the city, there is something more abundant than plants here, and that is traffic. In my mind, I like to call Pasig as the “City of Cars” for you will never ever see more care than there is in Pasig city.

Beatrix, says: 2020

Pasig CIty is a city in Eastern Manila. It is particularly divided into two parts, the residential part and the business part. The business district is densely populated by malls commercial buildings and condominiums. The residential district is composed more of villages and your usual town scenery. If you work in the business district and would not want to commute, the condominiums and apartments in the business district are your best choices. If you would want a peaceful refuge after working but do not mind to travel and face everyday traffic, then the residential houses and apartments are for you. Pasig City will always be home. Choosing which areas to consider home will all depend on what you just think is important.

Franceen, says: 2020

it is one of the most populated cities in the country. Heavy traffic is very common and time management should be considered. Waking an hour or two before the working hours is not practical if you don’t want to be late.

he should consider the heavy traffic during rush hours especially on a Monday morning. The movements during rush hours, can take up two to three hours of ride from one point to another–wherein you can reach your destination on a lazy day in just 30 minutes.

To someone moving here, one must know how to be patient with the heavy traffic that happens in the city. He/she must also be aware of the city’s temperature, for it could be really hot at some days. It is also strategic to live in my city since it is the central point to reach other cities or region. And since this is an urbanized city, one must consider the cost of living, for it is more expensive compared to other cities.

Angelica, says: 2020
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