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Living in Pasig City, Philippines:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

96 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Pasig City, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 96 people living in Pasig City what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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96 comments on “Pasig City”

Pasig offers a diverse food scene, from local eateries serving traditional Filipino dishes to international restaurants and trendy cafes. Additionally, the city provides a vibrant nightlife with various bars, clubs, and entertainment venues, ensuring residents have plenty of options for leisure and relaxation.
While each person’s preferences and priorities may differ, Pasig City offers a dynamic and fulfilling urban lifestyle with a variety of amenities and opportunities. Whether you’re a young professional, a family, or someone looking for new experiences, living in Pasig can provide a unique and rewarding experience in the heart of Metro Manila.

Abegail, says: 2023

Our city is known to be one of the cleanest and greenest cities in the Philippines. It is also the home of many historical landmarks and tourist spots in the metropolitan area such as the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, the popular RAVE (Rainforest Adventure Experience) Park, Tiendesitas, Tanghalang Pasigueño which caters to the culture and the arts of the city, and Ark Avilon Zoo. If you want to take your gastronomical experience to a whole new level then the neighborhood of Kapitolyo is the perfect place to visit.

Kristel, says: 2020

Pasig city is a very diverse city. You have your high-end villages on the one hand, and the slums in the other, interspersed with everything in between. Living in one of the more fortunate barangays, it is a wonder to see that the division between the classes is in the same locale.

Lourraine, says: 2020

One important thing to consider if someone is planning to move in Pasig City, is that he/she should be ready for the traffic jam because of all the establishments around the city. With that being said, the advantage of it is everything is accessible like groceries, pharmacies, hospitals etc. Pasig is one of the nicest city in Metro Manila.

If you want to stay at Pasig City you should consider first the location. If it’s near market, grocery or any other establishments, it will be helpful as well if it’s near hospital or pharmacy. Maybe it’s quite traffic most of the rush hours but people at Pasig City is very lively and fun to be with.

Be aware that commuting to and from work can be challenging. Vehicular traffic is usually heavy during the morning and afternoon rush hours. There are a lot of food establishments which cater do different tastes, and different forms of entertainment are available. Lastly, the weather can be humid during the summer months, and cold during the holidays.

People who are planning or considering to move to our City should know that traffic schemes in Pasig. Especially if they own a private vehicle. There are traffic schemes that are being implemented every other day or depending on your plate number. You don’t have to worry coz you can always check the traffic scheme or policy online.

Kimberly, says: 2020

In our city we are trained to practice the clean and green program. We have a lot of beautiful spots located at every corner of our city. Our museum for instance, being toured by those who came from different places. Our city may appear to be small compared to other cities in the country but it is significant especially in philippine history.

Shiela, says: 2020

People seeking to move to our city should consider the traffic and the cost of living. Pasig is very accessible, but roads in and out of the city are usually jammed at any time of the day. And despite being accessible, the cost of living in Pasig is higher compared to where we used to love in the province. So these two, I think, are the biggest factors that people need to consider before moving to our city.

Pasig City is one of the busiest business district in the Philippines, If you move here, it will be easier for you to find a job. There are many restaurants and amusement park for a family to enjoy. People here, are nice, kind, and friendly. It’s also near to the other cities, hospitals and other establishments.

Pasig is situated in between the north and south areas of Manila and thus may be considered in the center of the metropolis. The city is in a fast developing economy governed by a young but forward looking and honest mayor. Pasig also boasts of having several major malls and entertainment centers.

Hermosa, says: 2020

Pasig City has one of the most competitive local governments in our country because of our very own leader, Vico Sotto. He is a Filipino Politician who is the incumbent Mayor of Pasig, Philippines. When he ran for Mayor in Pasig in 2019, he has this campaign about universal health care, housing programs, education, public consultation, and anti-corruption efforts. With this consistency in doing such campaign and tasks many people have gained trust with the local government.

Jericho, says: 2020

My city is one of the cleanest cities here in Metro Manila. Eco-green projects have been the top priority of the local government that’s why keeping the city at all times has become an ordinance. You can also find labeled trash bins to segregate your trash. There is also a schedule for garbage pick up depending on the days of the week.

Pasig City was called as the green city because of its cleanliness. It was known for its young and active mayor. It was known for being one who has the most population in the Metro Manila. Pasig was a part of Rizal province before the Metro Manila was founded. It was one of the most active city in Metro Manila.

Pasig City has its own business district and serves as the hub of several local and multinational companies. It is home to several shopping malls and has rows of restaurants that draw people any day of the week. Most residents here live in condominium buildings and gated communities. Cost of living here is higher than comparable cities in the metro.

Leanne, says: 2020

My city is located where there are many low cost commercial and residential buildings for rent. There are also a lot of easy access terminals for commuters. Most of the highways have pedestrian sidewalks and bicycle lanes whenever you want to ride your bike to work or to the grocery stores.

Regine, says: 2020

Pasig is one of the oldest towns in the Philippines. The Augustinians created it in 1572. In June 1901, Act No. 137 of the Philippine Commission incorporated Pasig in the newly created Province of Rizal. It became the Provincial Capital of Rizal until 1975 when the Metro Manila Commission was created under Presidential Decree No. 824. Pasig is a hospitable, a busy city.

Reyshamel, says: 2020

Pasig City is an ideal place for work and play. It is nearby large shopping malls like SM Megamall and Shangri-la Plaza where you can shop for your various local and international needs and enjoy a very wide selection of food and drinks at different restaurants and cafes. You will not get bored with the city.

Pasig City is a large district with a mix of offices and upscale housing, popular for mall complexes in and around the Ortigas Center area. Hip eateries serving modern Filipino fare cluster in Kapitolyo village, and parks like Greenfield District host weekend markets with local food and crafts. Cultural sites include the Pasig City Museum, exploring local history, and the stone Immaculate Conception Cathedral.

Kristelle, says: 2020

There will be many people here that would be willing to mug you. Stay cautious every night but be courteous every morning. The people are nice but they can be really annoying. All in all, everyone here are just too mysterious and annoying that you would hate living here. Try and go somewhere nice instead of going to this city.

Or City is considered and awarded to be The Green City in the Metro, due to literally green trees that surround the busy business district, have a low crime rate, a friendly neighborhood, a lot of bike lanes, and elevated walkways. Our local government-mandated the segregation policy to recycle and reuse, plastic bags, no longer allowed.

Fatima, says: 2020

It’s a wonderful city, the city government has always rendered help to those in need and the people knows how to extend a helping hand and unite to obtain a specific goal. cleanliness of the whole city is remarkably stressed by the City Mayor by making sure garbage trucks goes around everyday.

The city is highly urbanized so there are big areas for residential and commercial areas where you can pick a place or decide to either put up a business or work altogether. Everything that you would need would be readily accessible. There are areas for food, like supermarkets, hardware stores for your home improvement needs, manufacturing and everything under the sun you can think of.

Precious, says: 2020

Pasig City is a large district with a mix of offices and upscale housing, popular for mall complexes in and around the Ortigas Center area. Hip eateries serving modern Filipino fare cluster in Kapitolyo village, and parks like Greenfield District host weekend markets with local food and crafts. Cultural sites include the Pasig City Museum and Rave park.

Marian, says: 2020

Pasig City is a vast city where you can live comfortably. It has a good environment and has a complete necessities that you will need from the exterior to the interior of your house. Pasig City is accessible to other cities as well. They provide 24 hours service of transportation in every area that you will want.

One thing about Pasig City that people should know is how it is one of the business centers in Metro Manila, meaning that its location could provide convenience to those who hold corporate jobs in the Ortigas area. Being near a business district, there is a diverse variety of housing, from commercial high-rise condominiums to townhouse areas. It is a lively city with multiple places to eat and many jobs. The city holds a lot of history, being around 400 years old so even history buffs would enjoy this commercialized area.

Anjelane, says: 2020

Pasig City is one of the oldest cities in the metro. It was established in 1572 by Augustinian Friars who have stayed in the Philippines for 400 years. The word “Pasig” means “flowing river”. True enough, the Pasig River is one of the longest rivers in the city. If you are a foreigner, you would enjoy the site along the river.

Pasig City is divided in two areas. Western Pasig where we can find the business district and high-end subdivision. On the other hand, Eastern Pasig is the area where middle and low class lives. Public transportation is the best way to go around the city. This place is one of the youngest city in Manila.

Pasig City is known for ages to be the ‘Green City.’ It is currently managed by the incumbent Mayor Vico Sotto who put an end to the 3-decade political dynasty of the Eusebios. Mayor Sotto, despite being a neophyte in the field of public service, hasten the hearts of the citizens of Pasig. His friendly approach to the masses has been praised nationwide.

Our city is well-known and advertised for being a “Green City.” One of the pros of moving to Pasig is how modernised and up-to-date it is. With its location being near famous tourist spots and gorgeous places, Pasig is an ideal city to move to. But with every positive aspect comes a negative one. Despite being the urbanised city it is, Pasig is also notorious for being one of the most heavily flooded cities in the Philippines. Living here is no easy task once the rainy season arrives. Not only does the heavy rainfall cause chaos, it also brings forth a problem for most people; heavily congested traffic.

Romaye, says: 2020

Pasig City is one of the most prosperous cities in the National Capital Region. There are numerous malls and offices. It is a good city where opportunity lies everywhere for people looking for a job. If you are moving to Pasig City, make sure to visit one of its historical landmarks like the Plaza Rizal.

Danica, says: 2020

Apart from its yellow and white scheme, our city is also known to its famous tourists attraction (Rave of Pasig City) and Ortigas, where most people work to earn a living. Pasig is known as one of the most populous cities in Metro Manila, one of the busiest cities that causes traffic all day. There are a lot of great opportunities to consider in moving here, such as employment, a good and compassionate mayor, and the people, all are resilient and hospitable.

Pamela, says: 2020

I want them to know my city has a very effective and active mayor. My city is now the envy of most Filipinos because he works efficiently. My city is also one of the most progressive cities in my country and the location is very convenient because it is in the center of the metropolis.

Liahona, says: 2020

The current leadership in Pasig is something that goes beyond the past. You can look forward to a beaming progress where the priority is given to proper management and governance. The world is changing and this city is right at the center where it actually belongs. The people in this city exhibits positiveness towards future goals and that’s something to look forward to.

Someone who wants to move to Pasig should now that every student in public school receives a bunch of free learning material. Books, notebooks, uniforms, and even bag are given away for free. The local government also provide a scholarship program for outstanding students maintaining a grade. If evicted, another program is available. It requires lower maintaining grade.

Sharmaine, says: 2020

Pasig City is “The Green City”. Pasig City is also famous for its ‘Ilog Pasig’. It has been abused by the people living there before but now, it was renovated. We currently have a very good leader whose name is Mayor Vico Sotto. When you visit here, I recommend you go to Rainforest Adventure Park because it is really beautiful there.

Johanne, says: 2020

Pasig City is home for a lot of malls and business centers. It is also very crowded. You must consider looking for a spacious apartment. Also, traffic is always heavy during rush hours. I strongly recommend that you must familiarize your route going to school or work and give one hour and 30 minutes allotted time before your class or appointment.

Pasig City is very fun and has lots of funny people around, the only downside is that it’s not completely safe with many children running around stealing stuff. My tip for you is to never use your phone out in the streets so kids don’t randomly grab it.

Alyanna, says: 2020

In order to be relieved of our daily struggle with surviving life, we need to be able to feel safety and reliability on the person who is in leadership. It is a role greatly fulfilled by our mayor and continues to eradicate the past corrupted systems left by the late officials. There has been no disappointment so far and he continues to lead the people by his duties and responsibilities, not just his heart.

Vincent, says: 2020

Pasig City is now a progressive place. With our new Mayor, Vico Sotto, he has put new reform programs in the place making it above the normal. Transportation is very accessible with our own modern jeepneys and mini buses. It is also a bicycle friendly place. Pasig is known as the Green City as it puts a remarkable importance in the environment for planting trees and effective waste management disposal. Safety and risk is also the city’s priority so, a 24/7 police mobile is circulating the place. It is a good and happy place with your whole family.

Alexandria, says: 2020

Pasig City is one of the highly progressive city in Manila. People here have an easy access on transportation. It is known as the Green City as it gives importance on the environment- planting trees and making the place safer and eco-friendly. The new mayor of the city, Mayor Vico Sotto, has a good reformation plans for the whole city’s security and safety. he put a market scheme schedule and ensures that Pasigueños will have a safe and convenient shopping on days. We are living the life in Pasig and our leader makes it a better home.

The city is surrounded by malls and businesses that is highly convenient, especially to those who seek for jobs and easy access on their needs. It is also considered the green city, because of its green landscapes and roads that contains trees and plants to help lessen the effects of pollution.

Raissa, says: 2020

I think that one of his information are already known round our country but to whoever wants to move to our city, they should know our city cannot be considered as safe place. Various crimes have already resurfaced on a lot of local news portals in this country where most of these crimes have occurred in our city. Visitors of this city may fall in love with how it looks but the should know the ‘darkness’ lurking behind that beauty.

Pasig City is a very safe place, especially when you consider staying in the Ortigas Center area. The place is very clean, well-kept and safe. Since Ortigas Center is also a BPO hub, it has 24-hours food shops, convenience stores and restaurants that you can easily find in almost every block in the area.

Ariana, says: 2020

Pasig city is a melting pot of several cultures, wherever you go you will always find traces of places afar, whether it be culinary, architectural, or for entertainment purposes. It’s a city where you can find both the buzzing of a fast-paced and lively city, and the peace and quiet similar to the countryside.

Pasig City should be considered by many as a great place. Why? First, the city is properly governed by the new city administration. Second, the city’s proximity to the business centers in the Metro is quite near, so the hassle should be minimal. almost every districts here have their neighborhood tagged as friendly! The only cons while living here is that traffic intensity during rush hours. Pasig is a great city.

Dorothy, says: 2020

Pasig City is a large green district. The government is doing their best they can to promote a green living opportunities. Although, Pasig is one of the cities that has a huge number of buildings and businesses. There are a lot of city ordinances that needs to be followed by business owners to maintain the cleanliness of the city. It is one of the cities that you can rely on when it comes to living the life the fullest.

Pasig is a small city, yet there are so many people. Sometimes I feel like we’re just packs of sardines due to its rising population, plus the country’s temperature doesn’t help at all. Nonetheless, the people here are rather friendly, and people would welcome you into their homes with open arms.

Pasig City is one of the major cities of the National Capital Region of the Philippines. Our city has many business districts and home to one of the largest malls in the country. It is perfectly situation between two major cities as well making it convenient and accessible for business and leisure. It is also currently known as one of the most outstanding and safest city. Pasig City is also a Green City which encourages its residents to go green living with its ordinances and government projects.

Emerald, says: 2020

Pasig City is considered the “Green City” of Metro Manila. Our city has a very strategic location. Major establishments are in Pasig City like schools, hospitals, and supermarkets. The local government keeps on improving the services to its citizen for better living. The crime rate is less in our city.

Traffic on our roads is very heavy especially during weekdays. wake up and leave their house hours before his or her meeting to be able to arrive on time at their meeting place. A lot of people in my city have private cars that add up to the heavy traffic.

Someone who is not afraid of taking a risk especially in some places in our city that is prone to pollution and traffic jams. our city has a dump site. But there are also some place that is nice to Visit like our museum and our rainforest park. The people also are very friendly and kind.

For someone who will moving here, hospitality and warm smiles will be wherever he/she goes. Filipinos are well-known for being hospitable and friendly, so it will be easy to make new friends and build rapport among the neighbors. The location is also perfect for night-outs because there are a lot of late night restaurants and pubs that offers different cuisines at affordable prices.

Monaliza, says: 2020

Pasig City is one of the central hubs in the Philippines for casual strollers and avid shoppers. With gorgeous landmarks and modern infrastructure, there is surely a personal haven for everyone. One can expect thrift stores selling high quality, vintage clothing, refreshing parks to spend the day with the family in, pieces of vital history, and upscale hangout spots.

Bernadette, says: 2020

Being one of the prominent cities in the capital region, Pasig is where you can possess a quality of life where citizens are not only hospitable but also treat others as family. With the resources being rightfully allocated for the welfare of the people, living in the city is mostly desired for it cannot be guaranteed in other places. In a country where there is a concurring chaos, cities with disciplined citizens and enthusiastic leaders deserve to be recognized for their unswerving dedication to change the system; ultimately, it is the kind of peace any citizen would want to secure.

Eunice, says: 2020

Pasig City is one of the most popular cities in the Philippines. One of the reasons is that we have a very respectable mayor who is the son of a popular artist in the country and can also relate to the people’s concerns about our city. Pasig also has many small businesses–whether it be small fast food restaurants to small salons we have them.

Pauline, says: 2020

Our city is one of the most active and competitive city in our region. We don’t lack in facilities and everyone here is really friendly. security is really tight that’s why everyone is really safe. You can start your business here because our mayor is really good in handling our economy.

Djemnah, says: 2020

Moving in our place is a great and a clever decision. The location is very nice. Accessible to schools, churches and malls. Raising a family here is really favorable. especially with children. I really love everything here because I can go and choose shops since I enjoy shopping a lot. I can choose where to eat and the people are friendly. Honestly anyone will enjoy staying here and leaving in our city.

Maxene, says: 2020

Pasig City is accessible to all the cities around it. All transportation vehicles are accessible within the perimeter. All basic needs are all available and its within reach in a matter of a minute walk or via transportation vehicles. The city is also a progressive city.

Alyssa, says: 2020

Pasig City, or commonly known as the Green City of Metro Manila, purely live up to its title. It is a highly urbanized city with neighboring malls and the proliferation of parks filled with green trees, and the home of the Pasig River. Aside from the healthy living environment, the local government of Pasig ensures the safety of its citizen by providing efficient contingency plans. As a resident of the said city, I can fully say that it is the city for a safe, harmonious and convenient living.

Keep an eye out for pickpockets and scammers. These people often victimize foreigners, especially those who do not look Asian. Rarely is anyone mugged or violently confronted, but these incidents can happen in any country. It would be best to avoid small spaces, especially at night.

Evangeline, says: 2020

Pasig city is a very crowded place. Early in the morning to late at night, the city never sleeps. It is the heart of Metro Manila beating life into its economy through business and commerce. As crowded as it may seem, the people of Pasig City are people of warm and hospitable hearts. Carefree to the stress and obstacles life hits them.

Rainier, says: 2020

Manila is the capital of the Philippines. It is a diverse city where dreams can and will come true. It is open for tourists, investors, or people with big dreams to be successful. Being able to go to this city will let you experience different things. From busy streets to corporate buildings. Manila is a wonderful city.

Clarisse, says: 2020

Pasig is culturally diverse. People who consider moving here would not run out of activities and things to see daily. Like any other city, everything in Pasig is unique on its own, the food, architecture, and people. Living in this city for more than half of my life I could say that it’s one of the safest cities and one of the most developed in Luzon.

Aubrey, says: 2020

One of the two primary business districts in Metro Manila is in Pasig City. One will find a lot of corporate buildings, condominiums, malls, and restaurants in the area. Also, Pasig City has one of the best if not the best, most upright, mayors in the country. The country is proud of him, mayor Vico Sotto.

Pasig City is to be one of the most civilized and richest city in Metro Manila. Ortigas Center is one of the business center in Metro Manila, and happened to be in Pasig City. Pasig City also has big and famous buildings and establishments. And also, our city has a famous mayor.

Marvin, says: 2020

Someone moving to Pasig City must know that it is a green city which means that we are a nature loving city despite being an industrial city with a lot of buildings. That is why they must always keep the city’s cleanliness in mind whenever they walk around.

Our city is one of the biggest city districts in Metro Manila. It is headed by Vico Sotto, a very competent city mayor, who implements policies that are effective and helpful. If one prefers a business district with a competent local government, then Pasig City is the perfect place to move.

Pasig City is known for its good local governance. It is also actively pushing for a “green” campaign, evident in its lush rainforest. Pasig is also known to house the capital district “Ortigas Avenue”. However, Pasig is known for having a much higher tax rate on real-estate properties than other cities.

Jerome, says: 2020

Pasig City is one of the cities in Metro Manila that considered most outstanding, safe and environmentally friendly city. Like from the other cities, we also had a fast growing business district, which is the Ortigas Center. Pasig City is also known for having lots of basketball court where others are visiting for their practice and training.

Hannah, says: 2020

Pasig is a city that is near Antipolo. There are a few rivers that run through the city, but none of them are safe to swim in or drink from. During summer, Pasig can become very humid because of these rivers and its proximity to Manila Bay. Pasig is one of the greener cities in Metro Manila.

Cheska, says: 2020

Pasig is a green city. It is clean and organized. This city is managed by Mayor Vico Sotto. Pasig is a residential and industrial city but it is gradually becoming a commercial area. Since it’s the former capital of Rizal, the former Rizal provincial government is located here, at the end of Shaw Boulevard.

Cherrylyn, says: 2020

Pasig is the Green City under the division of Metro Manila. It is known for its outstanding, safe, and eco-friendly environment. The city stands beside the popular Pasig River that connects Laguna de Bay to Manila Bay. In terms of economy and infrastructure, Ortigas Center is certainly a must see for its bustling business trades. Pasig City is also competing in the food industry in serving exquisite Filipino cuisine in Kapitolyo Village, parks in Greenfield district, and cultural sites such as the stone Immaculate Conception Cathedral.

Allyson, says: 2020

Pasig city is a pleasant city and convenient city to. It is known for its wide ranged selection of food stores and vendors. The people in the city are disciplined and well mannered. Our Mayor takes care of his constituents very well. You can easily find a friend in the city since we are all friendly.

Czarina, says: 2020

One considering to make this decision should know traffic is very common in the city as it is one of the region’s busiest cities. he/she must be willing to balance his/her choices of whether to go to work in a stormy day as flooding is also very common in some areas which could make going to work or school very risky and difficult.

Kriszha, says: 2020

Pasig city is said to be the “Green City”. While that can be proven by the several plants all around the city, there is something more abundant than plants here, and that is traffic. In my mind, I like to call Pasig as the “City of Cars” for you will never ever see more care than there is in Pasig city.

Beatrix, says: 2020

In the Philippines, people are cheerful and hospitable. people are also resilient that whatever comes, they are always ready to face them. In terms of business, there is much lower manpower cost and manufacturing is best while workers ensure quality products. Foreigners love visiting Philippines for a number of reasons.

Jonathan, says: 2020

Pasig City is one of the rising city in the Philippines. People here are friendly and hospitable. It is safe to live in Pasig. We have a good mayor and councilors. There are many establishments to choose from. There are many foods and restaurants that will cater your craving.

Joerick, says: 2020

Pasig City thrives along the banks of one of the most important water systems in Philippine history, the Pasig River. Owing its proximity to the river, Pasig City has long been a hub for commerce as even before the arrival of the Spaniards in 1521, merchants from China, Malaysia and other neighbouring Asian countries have freely established trading relations with its residents. Today, Pasig City yearns to be a metropolis that not only embraces business but also advocates for the care of the environment and sustainable livelihood.

Trisha, says: 2020

Pasig CIty is a city in Eastern Manila. It is particularly divided into two parts, the residential part and the business part. The business district is densely populated by malls commercial buildings and condominiums. The residential district is composed more of villages and your usual town scenery. If you work in the business district and would not want to commute, the condominiums and apartments in the business district are your best choices. If you would want a peaceful refuge after working but do not mind to travel and face everyday traffic, then the residential houses and apartments are for you. Pasig City will always be home. Choosing which areas to consider home will all depend on what you just think is important.

Franceen, says: 2020

If you’ll be moving in Pasig City, it wouldn’t be that difficult because the people here are hospitable and easy to approach. Another thing is the government in our city well responsible for its actions and it is one of the most civilized city in the Philippines.

Michelle, says: 2020

Our city is the “green city” of Metro Manila. If you’re looking for a healthy environment to reside, this city will be a good choice for you since it is dotted with trees and plants. It is ideal place to stay since industrialism is also booming. You can see a lot of businesses opening up in Ortigas.

Camille, says: 2020

Pasig City is often referred as the “Green City” in Metro Manila. I can guarantee that establishments that provide basic necessities for our daily lives are within reach. Also, our city is one noted as one of the most progressive cities in our region. if someone is willing to invest or make a business, rest assured that it is a strategic idea to do so.

Johanne, says: 2020

it is one of the most populated cities in the country. Heavy traffic is very common and time management should be considered. Waking an hour or two before the working hours is not practical if you don’t want to be late.

Pasig City is a place you’ll love to live in as it is a combination of so many things. There is a business district where businesses proliferate. There are places where you can also feel like you’re living in the countryside. Our mayor is also one of the best leaders in our country as he’s young, dynamic and service-oriented.

Margaret, says: 2020

Pasig City is a large district with a mix of offices and upscale housing, popular for mall complexes in and around the Ortigas Center area. Hip eateries serving modern Filipino fare cluster in Kapitolyo village, and parks like Greenfield District host weekend markets with local food and crafts. Cultural sites include the Pasig City Museum, exploring local history, and the stone Immaculate Conception Cathedral.

Janelle, says: 2020

Pasig City is a rising green city, that offers sprawling commercial and residential space throughout its vicinity. There are high-rise office buildings that houses the BPO industry. there are also places for recreation such as amusement parks and world-class shopping mall. At night, you can indulge yourself to some cool clubs and disco bars that offers unlimited cocktails and liquors. In terms of living, the city offers condominium units offering a spectacular view of the city. The subdivisions are quite peaceful with lovely houses and 24/7 security.

Pamela, says: 2020

Pasig City is one of the safest place in Metro Manila. Pasig City has a number of historical spots. These include houses that were built during the 1880s such as the Bahay na Tisa, an antique house made of adobe and capiz shells, and the Guanio Residence, also known as the Cuartel del Guardia Civil.

Pasig City is one of the booming cities of the Philippines. There is a lot of major business infrastructure that is located here and I love it since I really appreciate the urban feel of the city. Since there are a lot of up and coming local businesses, it is really convenient to find and easily shop for what you are looking for and to think of places to meet up with your friends.

Lanice, says: 2020

Pasig City is one of the most outstanding, safe, and environmentally friendly City of Metro Manila. Ortigas Center is considered the business district of the city, a fast-growing district of Pasig growing like Makati in terms of economy and infrastructure. It is also the recycling capital of the Philippines.

he should consider the heavy traffic during rush hours especially on a Monday morning. The movements during rush hours, can take up two to three hours of ride from one point to another–wherein you can reach your destination on a lazy day in just 30 minutes.

If you go to our city, Pasig City you will see the wondrous cultural sites. And our city is known for the most outstanding, safe and environmentally friendly city. And one fact, Pasig City is called the green city. Great food is everywhere, you can never get hungry. It has cool transportation alternatives.

To someone moving here, one must know how to be patient with the heavy traffic that happens in the city. He/she must also be aware of the city’s temperature, for it could be really hot at some days. It is also strategic to live in my city since it is the central point to reach other cities or region. And since this is an urbanized city, one must consider the cost of living, for it is more expensive compared to other cities.

Angelica, says: 2020

Pasig city is one of many cities in Metro Manila. It used to be part of Rizal province, but when Marcos was President, it was cut off from Rizal province and added to Metro Manila. The city is named after the river which runs all the way to Manila Bay. It is a place bustling with business, and with many establishments springing up in many key areas of the city.

Janine, says: 2020

Pasig City is one of the industrial centers in Metro Manila. It has been at the forefront of economic growth and development. Many big factories are in this city which offers jobs for Filipinos.

Pasig City is also famous for its Pasig River which stretches in the entire Metro Manila. It is one of the longest rivers in the province. The river used to be an important transport route for the people in Pasig but due to industrial development in the area, it was slowly destroyed.

Kathreen, says: 2020

Central Business District is in our city, therefore, there will be a lot of working opportunities for you. It is highly urbanized and commercialized. Everything that you will need is just within your reach. Though the city is commercialized, there are still green parks on where you could enjoy being with the nature amidst the skyrocketing infrastructure.

Marissa, says: 2020

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