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Safety and Crime in Delhi, Delhi

18 local experts

Here's what 18 local experts had to say about safety and crime in Delhi.

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Delhi is a huge metropolitan city which is the best out of all the other metropolises in India.

Its pros are wide roads, a good variety of food and a vibrant nightlife. Plus the metro rail ensures good connectivity to the NCR regions of Gurugram and Noida. It also has lots of historical monuments and temples which one can visit.

Its cons are pollution (it’s the most polluted metropolis of India), traffic (it gets really difficult to move around during weddings and festive seasons), crime rate is still pretty high (that is due to high population of 32 million compared to all of Australia’s 25 million or Canada’s 38 million).

Residence location – Select a location that is closest to your workplace. Traffic during peak hours is horrendous and must be avoided. If you can’t find a suitable location nearest to your workplace, then look for a location that will be opposite to the peak hour rush.

Metro Access – Select your residence and work location where Metro is easily accessible.

Food – Delhi has various options to tickle your taste buds. But if you like Indian street food, you should definitely visit Old Delhi.

Language – The majority of people speak English and Hindi. But you might see many people talking in their native languages such as Haryanvi, Punjabi, and others.

Safety – According to my perspective, Delhi is worse than the rest of the country. If you plan ahead of time you’ll save yourself a lot of risks and have a trouble-free life.

Travel/Connectivity – If you are a wanderlust person, Delhi is blessed. You can visit Rajasthan in the West or Himalayas in North just in 6 hours travel. Plus Delhi has a excellent connectivity with others country too.

Consular Access – As Delhi is the capital of India. All countries that have diplomatic relations with India have their presence in Delhi. So, if you are a foreigner and you miss your home culture. You will benefit from this proximity.

Jayati, says: 2020

Delhi is a very beautiful city but anyone considering moving to Delhi should know it is very crowded city and it’s hard to find jobs here, night time in the city could be dangerous. Life here is very fast and whoever is moving here must be responsible and must know time management.

Amrita, says: 2020

Delhi is the capital of India. It is unfortunately unsafe for women. If you a woman, don’t step out late at night alone. Be aware while travelling in public transport as many cases of theft have been reported. Few bad points aside, it is a beautiful city with old world charm. There are hundreds of historical forts to visit to enhance one’s knowledge. Remember to take off your shoes when visiting any temple. Locals are delightful. Anyone moving to Delhi will surely settle down comfortably and feel at home.

Varuna, says: 2020

Delhi is a really crowded city and one of the most polluted. To begin with be ready to face the tussle when using public transportation. The isn’t the safest place at night, there have been a few incidences of theft and some other crimes. When moving to Delhi one must already have looked for a place to stay in a safe locality.

Delhi, India, is relatively safer and among the developed areas in the country. The person should always have a phone with them when moving alone and do not freak out when people are staring. The city provides excellent facilities of healthcare, employment, education and transportation. The city has a heart of people belonging to diversified cultures.

Sonali, says: 2020

Delhi is the best metropolitan city in India one can move to. There are ample work opportunities for everybody, ranging from domestic work to jobs in Multinational corporations. The rent is among the lowest in the country. The districts are extremely well connected through the Metro system and the bus services operate in a timely and efficient manner. The street food is cheap and internationally renowned. The major problem with this city though, is that the crime rates are also the highest in the country. It’s a great place to work and live a meaningful life.

Santhosh, says: 2020

Delhi has the best metro facility in India, which helps in better connectivity. Secondly, it has an abundance of jobs as it is the capital of India with this in terms of safety and pollution Delhi might fall back in the list as the crime rate and pollution level is above the median average due to high-density population.

Hitesh, says: 2020

Travelling is convenient and cheap throughout the city, and to neighbouring cities as well. My city is not as safe as you would want it to be. It is among the highest rated crime regions within the country, especially for women. The southern area of Delhi is relatively safer. One thing with pride is, the street food will blow your mind.

Climate is extreme there, cold winters, very hot summers. Pollution level is too much. Living cost is less, many jobs are there. Corruption level is there in police. Crime rate against women is high. avoid going outside in nights if you are women. It is the most developed city in India.

Bhavya, says: 2020

Health services: These are available easily and at cheap rate. Mohalla Clinics provide basic healthcare to residents of a colony. Many world level hospitals are also there to provide emergency services.

Education: Many world class universities, Delhi University, JNU and IIT Delhi are in the city. Many world class schools are also there for kids.

Law enforcement: Delhi being the capital of India, you can be assured of best law enforcement is in place.

Recreational activities: A lot of cultural and artistic performances are organized by different organizations across the world.

Transport: Delhi metro, one of the cheapest system in its class across the world. The cit has almost all the cab aggregators service round the clock. It is also connected by many railway stations and two international airports.

Employment opportunities: Delhi NCR being an industrial center, there is no dearth of job, if you have required skills.

Manjushree, says: 2020

If you’re looking or a rented space, you should consider the locality before giving any advance to the landlord. If it is a particularly crowded residential area, deposit only a month’s rent as security. Connectivity to metro is a must in Delhi, unless you live within 2-3 miles to your workplace or college.

Shivani, says: 2020

Delhi is famous for her monuments and the vibrant, vivid culture, and so it’ll be a really good place to move. Apart from that, one should also know that Delhi is becoming more and more unsafe for women and other minorities, including religious ones.

Pushkar, says: 2020

Local language is the important thing to move in the city. Friendly nature is appreciated by everyone and must be aware towards girls safety. Many historical places are there with deep history inside them. You must have one partner with you for moral support as strong person also drives his life through moral support.

Ayesha, says: 2020

It is polluted and dense. Crime rate is high. It is a city of varying economic diversity, and despite the negatives it has a cultural heritage being one of the most ancient cities of the world. It’s the capital of India, and has a thriving migrant population from people all across the country coming to visit it.

Saumya, says: 2020

Delhi is a city of diverse cultures. People from all the states in India have migrated to Delhi in recent years. Delhi is also known for its delicious street food. A person moving to this city must also be aware of its crime rate as its not considered safe to roam in the streets after midnight.

Tamsila, says: 2020

Delhi is full of hustling and bustling life as it is the Capital of India. It has resemblance with NY’s life style in monetary terms. There are quite a few famous historical monuments, museums and markets of India. It is also polluted, crime prone and high cost city of India.

If moving to Delhi, you must be careful to move closer to your place of work. The metro facilities are widely used for transportation. You might want to move to safer localities that has access to all the basic amenities. if you like to travel and explore the city there are plenty of cultural and heritage sites.

Anupama, says: 2020

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