What are safety and crime like in Port Harcourt, Rivers?

15 local experts

From petty theft to violent crime, here's what 15 local experts had to say about safety and crime in Port Harcourt.

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It is a very enterprising town with a good entertainment life. However you need to be security conscious because some parts of the town are not very safe.

Henrietta, says: 2023

Port Harcourt is known as the “Garden City”. Although not all locations in it are admirable, there are beautiful place you should see. Try the markets in Port Harcourt. Organic foods are grown and sold. It may be dangerous, which is the same everywhere in the world, so, beware of the time to go out and where.

Joseph, says: 2020

Someone moving here should know it is largely dominated by oil and gas firms, financial services firms, and civil service. The people of warm and hospitable. The person should also know that her safety and security is his/her responsibility notwithstanding the efforts of Government and security agencies.

Security instability, they should also consider the power shortage and should be willing to buy fuel daily to run their houses. Scammers, thieves, and cultists are another thing to worry about. But it’s still a nice place because of nice places to visit, caring people, etc.

Muhsin, says: 2020

If you’re moving to Port Harcourt, you should brush up on your Pidgin English because that’s the lingua franca here. If you’re moving to Port Harcourt, you should get ready to be woken up in the morning by the sound of gunshots. Life in Port Harcourt is easy if you have a car and you’re a rough driver. Remember to avoid the police because they’re a special breed in these parts.

Victor, says: 2020

I recommend a high sense of security consciousness. However, this warning is not to create morbid fear but to heighten a sense of alertness in the individual considering the move. It is nothing new to see or hear cases of gang violence, police brutality or other social vices. An indifferent mindset would put one in harm’s way, hence the warning. Amidst all this, there are of still beautiful perks about moving here. Tourist attractions, buzzing nightlife and the warm hospitality of the natives are worth considering the move.

Chinasa, says: 2020

It is a very good city, in which there are different towns. There are numerous schools, churches, offices and organisation. This city is a place for people with good behavior and there are no social vices which includes; stealing, cultism, robbery, rape, racism etc. This city of mine is a city with good reputation.

Chukwuka, says: 2020

A good accommodation may be hard and expensive to come by, so it is advised that one secures a place before. Jobs are relatively easy to find. Port Harcourt has a lot of tourism and relaxation sites, however, one should always be security conscious because the security situation is not totally adequate.

Oreoluwa, says: 2020

A good accommodation can, sometimes, be difficult and expensive to secure. Job opportunities are relatively easy to come by, however, it is highly advised that one be security conscious. There are so many sites for relaxation and tourism. Port Harcourt is a nice place and work.

Port Harcourt City is a great City, the only downside to the city is the lack of proper power supply and provision of security measures to protect business owners and shop owners in the city. Another thing one should consider before moving to port Harcourt City is traffic jams during morning hours.

Eguare, says: 2020

Port Harcourt is a very dangerous city. Crime rate is 90%. Before you embark on a journey to visit Port Harcourt, you must make sure that you have contacted the security agencies to help you. However, despite the security issues, the city is a lovely place as it has many tourist centres.

Temitayo, says: 2020

A beautiful city, Port Harcourt offers a diverse range of culinary, emotional, and religious experiences that cannot be replicated anywhere else in Nigeria. Having said that, new residents should exercise caution while going about their businesses and other activities within the town as it is noted for having one of the highest crime rates in Nigeria today.

Power supply in my city could sometimes be erratic. However, there is maximum security in all the residential areas. Education here is affordable and the fast food services are to die for if you’re fan of Nigerian dishes. There aren’t many exotic sites in this city, but we do have a huge, functioning park and a zoo. There are, many malls and supermarket to cater for various needs.

Sunday, says: 2020

Port Harcourt is a city of commerce. It gets noisy. one moving in should know this coupled with that residents can be quite unreasonable. My city can be dangerous at night so one moving in should be careful and watchful.

Favour, says: 2020

The cost of living is pretty high but our top notch security more than makes up for that. We have lots of restaurants and malls. The population of the city is roughly 638,000. The neighborhoods are beautiful and the locals are friendly and welcoming. The downtown has a bustling and exciting nightlife.

Ozioma, says: 2020

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