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If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Ranchi, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 21 people living in Ranchi what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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My city is very beautiful surrounded by green plants, You can see waterfalls and feel the natural beauty. You can visit dense forest with wild animals. Dams and river are also very beautiful. It is a small city but it’s really beautiful.

Rachi is called, ‘waterfalls’. There are more than eleven dams and waterfalls combined. The city is beautiful and full of beautiful scenery. It also is the capital of an Indian state Jharkhand. The city is rapidly developing and might soon become an educational hub. The city is also famous for the local food ‘duska’ and a type of mushroom ‘rurka’ indigenous to Jharkhand.

Karthikeya, says: 2020

Ranchi is known for waterfalls. It is a hub of education. “Adivasi culture” is being born here. People of different culture live together. Ranchi is a capital of Jharkhand. MS Dhoni belong to this city. Ranchi has different colors when it comes to the culture. All the festivals are celebrated whether its Eid or Ganesh Chaturthi or Holi.

Manish, says: 2020

Ranchi has almost perfect weather. In the 1800s, it was also one of summer capitals in India, when the British living in the adjacent warmer areas needed an escape the heat. In May-June, when the majority of my country experiences extremely hot and dry weather, my city remains breezy and pleasant. Weather profoundly affects our mental health. This might be the reason why the British chose my city to establish the first mental hospital with modern facilities.

Nikita, says: 2020

Ranchi is known for waterfalls, mountains and plateaus. There is abundance of greenery in this state. It is a developing city, so you can find a lot of great restaurants and resorts around the city. Tourism is also major industry here, with so many attractive places. Patratu valley, deori temple and jagannath temple are a must visit for tourists.

This place is renowned for good climate. It is also known for nice cultural and lovely people. This place has green scene and lovely places to explore life. Place is well known for ancient monuments and playground. You can see both the mixture of tradition and modern values.

Bibhuti, says: 2020

It is the capital City of Indian state of Jharkhand. It has a very moderate climate compared to many other cities. Being surrounded by hills, the outskirts are very scenic and the city also has some premier education institutions like BIT Mesra and IIM Ranch. Ranchi constantly rates high in terms of ease of doing business.

Dhiraj, says: 2020

If the person is traveller he should must visit tigore hills and there are historical temples as well. city is known for good educational institutions. The city is crowded but there are many places where you can enjoy and relax. It is famous for its handicrafts and metal work.

Ritesh, says: 2020

In Ranchi, One should consider to visit at least the natural beauty i.e., seven falls surrounding city, science city, museum, temples etc. For them moving to city should also know the local streets and market as well like church road, shastri market, daily market also ranchi is education hub so for learning purpose lalpur is well know there. And after residing there one will feel more pleased as ranchi is also famous for its beautiful climate.

Dhivya, says: 2020

Ranchi is capital of the state Jharkhand. It is a beautiful city with very warm hospitality. It has a diverse culture and one can find different cuisines here. Famous Cricketer MS Dhoni hails from this beautiful city. It is surrounded by beautiful waterfalls and mountains. The weather is mostly rainy and there is magic in the air. I love this city.

Sreeja, says: 2020

At very first Ranchi is one of the beautiful city in India. Ranchi is famous for its climate and natural greenery. Ranchi comes under 2nd tier city. Mostly all the necessary things are available in the town. Ranchi is also famous for good quality of fruits and vegetables. People here are very much helpful.

Ranchi is famous for MS Dhoni and it’s also the capital of Jharkhand. Earlier my city is hill station but now it’s too hot here also. As Ranchi has many hills and tourist places but due to summer no one comes but when winter comes all the park and malls are full of publics.

See, the most popular thing my hometown is known for all over the country is its pleasant weather throughout the year regardless of the season. Also, it has managed to attract more external investment than the city where TATA Steel emerged from, i.e., Jamshedpur. And this makes it one of the few best options available for contributing to India’s economy through its innumerable white-collar and blue-collar jobs and even the budding culture of entrepreneurship.

Ranchi is a small city with a weather similar to that of Pune, comfortable and pleasant throughout the year. Though a small town, it has an exposure to the modern lifestyle. People here are very warm and welcoming and make efforts to know about each other. A population with diverse culture in terms of food and language live here.

Jaheda, says: 2020

Ranchi is a very nice city. The weather of this city is awesome for all seasons. The nature of this city is beautiful. Everyone should have visit this City once in their life. There are many falls and parks in the city. A lot of job offers in this city.

Subham, says: 2020

The main attraction of Ranchi is the climate here. A hot and humid morning converts to a beautiful rainy afternoon. With all the basic facilities and less crowd Ranchi is a developing city. With air connectivity across India, we all Ranchi citizens are blessed with a beautiful culture, weather and less crowd.

The first thing my hometown is known for is for its comparatively pleasant weather throughout the year. Also, outsiders perceive it to be one of the fastest-growing urban areas emerging out of the 2000 split of state of Bihar into two parts. But, the most important thing that bothers me is that it is a town present in one of the most backward states in India.

Nikhil, says: 2020

Ranchi is known for its good climate. If there is one word, it is blessed with the pleasant climate year-round. Cost of living index is low. Ranchi is it not as expensive as other cities. If not the safest, Ranchi has a lower crime rate compared to other cities. Ranchi has good schools, colleges and for those who are preparing for competitions, Ranchi serves as a hub of coaching institutes.

Deepanshu, says: 2020

Ranchi is a small town, barely a city. It’s in an underdeveloped state so the facilities we quite numbered. The weather is allergic but pleasant all year long. It’s a hill station you see, winters are extremely cold while summers can come with usual evening showers. Air isn’t polluted and greenery is prevalent throughout. It’s the city of waterfalls.

Premanshu, says: 2020

Ranchi is a city of waterfalls. It is over hill. It is one of the great source of minerals in India. The climate over here is very pleasant. One who have visited Ranchi can never forget. It is the capital of Jharkhand. The famous personality MS Dhoni resides in Ranchi.

Mehala, says: 2020

Being familiar about the laws regarding the native tribal people. Having the capacity to cope up with the instant weather modulations. Should be comfortable with close neighbourhood. Should have the idea of accepting all walks of people right from orthodox to well educated. Should never mess up with any native tribal family living near them.

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