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Living in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

30 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Jamshedpur, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 30 people living in Jamshedpur what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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My city Jamshedpur, also known as the steel city of India, is situated in the state of Jharkhand. It was founded by Ratan Tata who established the very famous first steel plant in 1907 in India. It is one of the most industrialized city also known for its planned structure. Famous for its cleanliness, Jamshedpur also excels in higher school education.

Meghna, says: 2020

Jamshedpur is the largest city in the state of Jharkhand. It was named after the industrialist Jamsetji Tata and is home to such industrial giants as Tata Steel and Tata Motors. Jamshedpur is one of the ‘Industrial Cities’ of India, being known by many simply as “The Steel City”. It’s known for huge, tree-lined Jubilee Park, where the Tata Steel Zoological Park has resident species including tigers and leopards.

Maheep, says: 2020

Jamshedpur is known as the steel city because of Tata Steel plant. But contrary to that, they emerges huge amount of greenery. A person moving to my city should feel lucky for having a chance to live in such a place that has strong foundation as well as mental peace to give to the people.

Aravind, says: 2020

If someone is planning to move to Jamshedpur, know despite our city not being a metropolitan one, we have the access to all basic and most of the luxurious needs that one may come across. This city gives you peace and gives you an inside story of how the iron and steel industry work.

Sushila, says: 2020

The city is called “Steel City” and by this name one can under what this city is famous for. It contains industrial giants such as tata motors and tata steel, it is the safest and largest city of Jharkhand. It was named after the industrialist Jamsetji Tata.

Manish, says: 2020

Jamshedpur is a small industrial town with auto rickshaws being the only form of public transport. One will need a car if they decide to settle here. Also, it is not connected by airways. The nearest airport options are Ranchi (a 3-4 hour drive) or Kolkata (6-hour journey by train). It has one of the best MBA institutes in the country. The entire town is built around the biggest factory of Tata Steels, so corporate job options are limited to Tata, and real estate is expensive. However, it is home to a lot of small businesses and is a great place to start a new venture.

Shikha, says: 2020

Jamshedpur is known as clean and green city as there is greenery all around and the city is also very well planned. jamshedpur is famous for the Tata Steel, the first Iron and Steel plant of India. One can reach Jamshedpur via railways and national highways. Any one moving to Jamshedpur can easily find accommodation at a very affordable price. Since it’s a small city so one can also cut down on transportation expenses. Jamshedpur is a cosmopolitan city where we celebrate all the festivals with joy and peace.

Shwetha, says: 2020

Jamshedpur is known as a clean and green city as it is very well planned and there is greenery. Jamshedpur is accessible through railways and national highways. People at Jamshedpur have moderate standard of living. One can easily get accomodation at a very affordable price and since it is a small city one can also cut down on the transportation expenses. It’s a cosmopolitan city where we celebrate all the festivals with joy and peace.

Bansari, says: 2020

Jamshedpur is a cosmopolitan and a very well planned city. One who wants to visit my city must visit the famous Jubilee Park and must also try the street food as it is very popular among people. The standard of living is quite moderate as one can easily get accomodation at a very cheap price and since it’s a small city so obviously one would easily be able to cut down on transportation expenses. It was also said by Mr. Derek O Brien that in whole Asia the best education that one can receive till Std 12 is none other than in Jamshedpur. One can also consider Jamshedpur as mini India as we celebrate all the festivals with peace and joy.

Gurpreet, says: 2020

Before moving to Jamshedpur, one thing know first about the company Tata Steel. Jobs in Jamshedpur is directly or indirectly interdependent on Tata Steel so before moving to city you must take a look at your jobs and job security.

Nishant, says: 2020

Jamshedpur is very well known for the famous Tata Steel company where it is located. It also has plenty of awesome street food shops. There is a big mall newly built in our city. It has a very big park called the Jubilee park right in the centre of the city.

Mohammad, says: 2020

Jamshedpur has very bad traffic rules. Accidents are on the rise. People riding bikes hardly wear helmets. Traffic police is extremely inefficient and corrupt. However, my city has good eating joints. There are multi-cuisine restaurants as well. Local food is delicious here. People are very warm and welcoming. The climate, though is bit hot and humid.

Jamshedpur is managed and run by TATA STEEL. It is well planned and managed by the company with many centre of attractions and tourist places. Jubilee Park, Dalma hills, Dimna Lake and Hudco dam are the most popular spots. Jamshedpur is surrounded by scenic beauty, mountains and greenery. It is the best tourist attraction in Jharkhand.

Rituparna, says: 2020

The weather my city is moderate. It is neither too hot nor too cold. My city has a very low crime scores which is good. You can also find variety of foods available easily and tastes good. The cleanliness is maintained all over the city strictly.

Shilpi, says: 2020

There are quite some astonishing infrastructure and roads in comparison to the surrounding cities. People are welcoming, friendly in their behaviour and are open and are respectful towards all cultures and religions. There are many sites to visit which are refreshing to the mind, body and soul of a person.

Jamshedpur is known as a Steel City. Mainly our city is famous for Tata Steel company. My city has a zoo which is made by the Tata steel company and many other things are also made by them. There are many places in my city to explore. The dimna dam in our city is famous for his uniqueness and many things apart like are there.

Avinash, says: 2020

Jamshedpur is a very well known city for steel production as the famous industrialists the Tata group has their steel production plants over there. Though, it is known as “Tatanagar.” It is the cleanest city in India under the population of 10 lakh people. Apart from the pros there are some cons i.e., being an urban area the pollution level is high and the city is without any municipal corporation but still outperforms. Hope you should visit my city and enjoy its diversified culture and cuisines.

Himanshu, says: 2020

I’m from Jamshedpur and it is usually known as “Tara’s home or Tatanagar”. Someone who wants to be a part of the City must remember that this place is really hot in summers but the best part about this place is food. You get amazing food and people are very friendly and helpful.

Pratiksha, says: 2020

Jubilee Park is a must see garden if you are in Jamshedpur. Rose garden and Jubilee lake are two attractions which give freshness to the environment. Fountain works on Tuesday and Sunday; it gives immense pleasure to visitors. Don’t forget to see the big statue of founder Jamshed Jee Nausherwan Jee Tata. If you are going to Jamshedpur, visit Jubilee Park during evening.

Aswitha, says: 2020

Jamshedpur is a large city set between the Subarnarekha and Kharkai rivers in the east Indian state of Jharkhand. It’s known for huge, tree-lined Jubilee Park, where the Tata Steel Zoological Park has resident species including tigers and leopards. To the east, the hilltop Bhuvaneshwari Temple has an elaborate 5-story entrance tower. North of the city, elephants roam through the forests at Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary.

Jamshedpur is the steel city of India. It is the first industrial planned city of India. It was founded by Jamsetji Tata and was also named after him. Know about the dalma sanctuary of the city. It is ranked as fifteenth cleanest city in India in 2019. It is the headquarters of the East Singhbhum district of Jharkhand.

Rajika, says: 2020

Jamshedpur is called the green city. It’s full of nature and trees. We have two rivers in our city. The street food of our city is the best thing. We have lots of different street food from every region around the country and they taste better than their native states.

Jamshedpur is the birthplace of Tata steel, one of the largest industrial corporations in my country. My city has a hot climate, although there are many trees and forests surrounding it. It is on the confluence of two rivers and is one of the major industrial towns of our country.

Suresh, says: 2020

As one of old industrial town in India, jamshedpur provide with the opportunity to be an entrepreneur and raise your family with decent living standard. It is an epitome of legacy left by the industrialist such as Jamshedji Tata, Ratan Tata, which as an motivating factor to achieve and contribute to the society.

Ananya, says: 2020

I stay in jamshedpur which is a city between subarnarekha and kaveri rivers hence this is a city with beautiful atmosphere with huge, tree-lined jubilee Park gives it a beautiful scenic view and in the north of the city lies the forest of dalma wildlife sanctuary. Jamshedpur is known as tatanagar it’s an industrial town with many large and small scale industry.

Jamshedpur is also known as “Steel City.” There are many ore mines found in this zone. It is famous for its steel plant established by Jamshedji Tata, a parsi having a dream of a beautiful city, with enormous employment and a lover of greenery. There is also a zoo famously known as jubilee park.

Mukteshwar, says: 2020

JAMSHEDPUR is a renowned industrial city. TISCO, one of the biggest steel production company, lies in my city. It provides a lot of employment to the people. The city is named after the founder of TISCO, Jamshedji Tata. The company is now run by his son, Ratan Tata.

Sudheer, says: 2020

Our city is the Jamshedpur has many best places to view. The most posh areas are Bistupur in our city. Tata steel is the most interesting thing in our city and our city is developed due to Jamshedji Tata and on his name the city is also named as Tatanagar Or Jamshedpur. May 3rd is celebrated very cheerful manner, the whole city is decorated that day.

Khushi, says: 2020

Jamshedpur is known as ‘Steel City’ of India. Therefore, anyone moving my city can expect a lot of greenery around and the Tata Steel and Tata Motors Companies. Besides, it is a very neat and clean city. The multicultural atmosphere here makes it worth living in this city.

Nikhila, says: 2020

When any person considering to my city. First he see the eco natural environment greenery surrounding. And city is covered by three sides of rivers then the meet the full industrial are first he will see Tata Steel which is India’s largest steel production company. The he saw the TATA motors which make the Land Rover and jaguar.

Mohammed, says: 2020

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